Top 10 most bizarre JoJo characters

Top 10 most bizarre JoJo characters

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is known for its creative and eccentric cast of characters. From vampires to assassins, the series features some truly unique and memorable figures. Even among Araki’s enormous roster of eccentric and enigmatic characters, certain names have become synonymous with the term ‘Bizarre’. Let’s look at the Top 10 most bizarre JoJo characters.

Top 10 most bizarre JoJo characters

10. Iggy

A Boston terrier with a bad attitude, Iggy has the mysterious ability to control sand. Despite his small stature, Iggy is quite powerful in battle and plays a major role late in Part 3. His abrasive personality, comic disobedience, small size contrasted with great powers, and sand manipulation abilities make him one of the strongest characters.

9. Pet Shop

Top 10 most bizarre JoJo characters
Image Courtesy of David Production

An evil falcon who guards DIO’s mansion, Pet Shop is highly intelligent and can mysteriously control ice. With his disturbing bird-like mannerisms, lethal ice attacks, intelligence, and ability to fly and kill with great precision, Pet Shop is a truly bizarre and deadly avian villain.

8. Oingo and Boingo

These wacky Egyptian brothers somehow have the unexplained power to predict the future. Their over-the-top reactions to events, goofy character designs, sibling dynamics, and future prediction abilities make them two of the most eccentric antagonists.

7. Yukako Yamagishi

Top 10 most bizarre JoJo characters
Image Courtesy of David Production

Obsessed with Koichi, Yukako can mysteriously manipulate her hair in versatile ways, using it as a tool and weapon. Her intense romantic obsession, eccentric hairstyle powers, and particularly unhinged personality regarding Koichi make her quite an oddity.

6. Guido Mista

A gunslinging mafia member, Mista has an extreme fear of the number 4 and believes it brings bad luck in irrational ways. His peculiar phobia leads him to go to absurd lengths to avoid number 4 through strange superstitions and habits.

5. Midler

Top 10 most bizarre JoJo characters
Image Courtesy of David Production

A seductive villainess from Part 3, Midler enjoys singing opera at loud destructive volumes while she battles opponents. The clashing blend of her deadly combat skills and odd affinity for passionate singing makes Midler a uniquely eccentric antagonist.

4. Anjuro “Angelo” Katagiri

After being mysteriously fused with a rock, Angelo becomes a crass sentient rock stuck in morbid limbo as punishment. His abrasive insults, begrudging occasional assistance, and the sheer strangeness of his disturbing situation make him a memorably odd sentient rock.

3. Rohan Kishibe

Top 10 most bizarre JoJo characters
Image Courtesy of David Production

An eccentric manga artist, Rohan mysteriously manifests the power to turn people into books by writing on them. His flamboyant personality, distinctive fashion sense, arrogance, and unique supernatural book-warping abilities make him one of the most bizarre heroes.

2. Gray Fly

A ruthless assassin, Gray Fly can somehow manifest a large grotesque fly that can fatally injure victims by attacking their heads. The disturbing fly, his head fixation, and his ability to easily kill in bizarre ways make him quite peculiar.

1. DIO

Top 10 stands in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
The World (Courtesy of David Production, Inc.)

The vampiric main villain with a flair for the dramatic, DIO’s ambitious quest for power leads to many strange situations. His arrogant personality, freezing his own head, taking over bodies, and becoming an immortal vampire makes him quite peculiar. We can safely say that the very definition of Bizarre as far as JoJo is considered has to start and end with DIO in some way, shape, or form.


From sand-wielding dogs to head-injuring assassins, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure never fails to deliver creatively absurd characters. Araki’s limitless imagination and flair for the unorthodox result in a uniquely engaging cast of weird, wild, and strangely memorable figures that stand out as some of fiction’s most bizarre.

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