Top 10 Most Iconic Opening Songs

Top 10 Most Iconic Opening Songs

Anime has been a fascinating addition to our lives – the plots, the characters, the world – everything has made entertainment much better. But all of this would have felt incomplete if not accompanied by the badass opening and ending songs it has. So, I bring to you today the top 10 most iconic opening songs to date.

The list is purely subjective and contains only one opening from a series, otherwise, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure would have filled half the list. Ahem, moving on here we go!

The Top 10 Most Iconic Opening Songs

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Opening 1


  • Opening Song – Ao No Sumika
  • Artist – Tatsuya Kitani

The song has been treated as a love song and a letter from Gojo to Geto in the anime community. Besides its implied meaning, the song is a banger that everyone can bop their heads to. The song made it to the list instead of the first opening because I still cannot wrap my head around Inventory Arc.

Haikyuu!! Season 2 Opening 1


  • Opening Song – I’m A Believer
  • Artist – SPYAIR

Truly one of a kind, SPYAIR has produced some of the most banger music in the industry, and this is one of them. This opening will make you pursue volleyball professionally, so making it the opening song of the best volleyball anime, yeah definitely the right choice. The song is able to express the enthusiasm and the thrill our dear Karasuno team holds within their hearts.

One Piece Opening 1


  • Opening Song –  We Are!
  • Artist – Hiroshi Kitadani

I don’t think I have to explain why this song made it to the list. If we are talking about iconic opening songs, nothing screams more iconic than One Piece. This song will make you get your friend group together and go on a journey without deciding the destination. Truly the best start to one of the best anime in the industry.

Your Lie in April Opening 1


  • Opening Song – Hikaru Nara
  • Artist – Goose House

A music anime with an impeccable opening? Yeah, that’s exactly what this is. This song is a kicker right off the bat. It will make you experience happiness, sadness, trauma, joy, life, and death everything in the 1-2 minutes that it will be on. A ride to truly remember, like the show like the opening.

Assassination Classroom Season 2 Opening 2


  • Opening Song – Bye Bye Yesterday
  • Artist – 3-nen E-gumi Utatan

I am not sobbing, you are. If the final season of a show needed a song, this is it. A final goodbye to all the memories this show and its characters gave us, is what the opening expressed. This song is the clear definition of the bitter-sweet smile we carry when we say goodbye.

My Hero Academia Season 2 Opening 1


  • Opening Song – Peace Sign
  • Artist – Kenshi Yonezu

“A tournament arc of teenagers with superpowers? Yeah alright, hit them music” – this is what this song in a nutshell is. A banger in short is what you’d call it. This song is the best My Hero Academia has ever received, nothing has ever screamed Youth louder than this song, except maybe Might Guy.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Opening 1


  • Opening Song – Sono Chi no Sadame
  • Artist – Hiroaki TOMMY Tominaga

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has one of the best openings in the entire anime catalog. The only reason the first opening made it to the list is because it’s hard to choose from all the bangers it has released to date. Truly a sensational opening to the most sensational shows in the industry.

Mob Psycho 100 Opening 1


  • Opening Song – 99
  • Artist – Mob Choir

If badassery in this anime went off the roofs, this opening was sure to accompany it to the clouds. One of the most aesthetic opening songs in the community, this had to make it to the list. If counting down to the epic reveal ever felt so cool, this is when it did.

Food Wars! Opening 1


  • Opening Song – Kibou no Uta
  • Artist – ULTRATOWER

We all love cooking with some music in the background. For it is quite understandable when we hit the switch for banger songs when cooking gets competitive. This song has made Food Wars so much better than it already was. A muse to hymn to while we watch clothes get off by tasting food. Oh, the good old days.

The Rising of the Shield Hero


  • Opening Song – Rise
  • Artist – MADKID

This song screamed fight and that is so in line with what the anime is about. A revenge saga deserves its share of hardcore music that makes you stand up and dance till you have no energy left. Yep, the first season of The Rising of the Shield Hero was well treated.


This is the list, I hope you like it and agree to it. If not, do share what you consider more iconic than these songs. Comment down below!! If you did like it, subscribe to Spiel Anime’s Newsletter, where we bring even more exclusive content to your fingertips, not once but twice a week!!

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