Top 10 most iconic Red-Haired characters

Top 10 most iconic Red-Haired characters

There’s no end to imagination and that can be seen in the anime world. Ranging from wide eyes to colored hair, you name it and there will be a character like that. But the most iconic pattern that has been noticed in this world is that red-haired characters are either the strongest or the most understanding out of everyone in their verse. So, here are the Top 10 Most Iconic Red-Haired Characters without which the show would feel completely empty.

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Top 10 Most Iconic Red-Haired Characters


Shanks from One Piece
Shanks | Courtesy of Toei Animation

When it comes to red-haired icons, no list is complete without this enigmatic character. Shanks is one of the mysteries of One Piece and has a significant amount of influence in its story and world. His involvement with all the parties in One Piece makes him a truly terrifying character, which we witnessed when he stopped the Marineford War.


Shirayuki from Snow White with Red Hair
Shirayuki | Courtesy of Bones

One of the prettiest female leads in the anime world, Shirayuki from Snow White with Red-haired is a wonderful icon. She is kind, understanding, and a strong individual capable of standing on her own feet. After being rescued by Zen, she applied for the position of Palace Pharmacist to be as resourceful as she could for her benefactors.


Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter
Hisoka | Courtesy of Bones

This eccentric clown is one of the strongest characters in Hunter x Hunter. He might not be the main cast but he has tremendous importance in the story, being a character that could seemingly change the situation with his presence. His involvement in the story has made it as exciting and thrilling as it is now and would pale down with his absence.


Morgiana from the Magi series
Morgiana | Courtesy of A-1 Pictures

The fierce lady of the tribe Fanalis is one of the main cast of the Magi franchise, bending the story with her actions. She is strong, kind, and an empathetic character who understands the struggles of others. She is responsible for grounding both Alibaba and Alladin to reality and has consistently acted as a powerful force in their journey.

Suou Mikoto

Suoh Mikoto from K Project
Suoh Mikoto | Courtesy of GoHands

The Red King from the K Project is the most broken character in the series. He is calm and rarely gets frustrated. He is revered for his strength and is feared by many as the leader of the Red Clan HOMRA. His actions in the story have revealed one too many secrets behind the power of the Kings and he is a consistent favorite of the community.

Nakahara Chuuya

Nakahara Chuuya from Bungou Stray Dogs
Nakahara Chuuya | Courtesy of Bones

This gravity-manipulating beast from Bungou Stray Dogs is the former partner of Dazai, and has managed to save him countless times. His strength and involvement greatly tilt any situation to the side he is on. He has been a surprise delight whenever he has appeared on-screen, always pulling a twist with his entry.


Yona from Yona of the Dawn
Yona | Courtesy of Pierrot

She is the princess and the only heir to the Kouka Kingdom and has the ability to command the 5 Dragons of the Legend. She is also the reincarnation of the Red Dragon – the First King of the Kingdom. The betrayal she comes to face shapes her to be a strong and independent woman who is capable of defeating anyone who crosses her mind. She is a determined personality and truly an inspirational character from Yona of the Dawn.


Karma from Assassination Classroom
Karma | Courtesy of Lerche

The 2nd deadliest student of Koro-sensei, Karma, is a sadistic character. He is strong enough to play with his opponents, always having a nonchalant expression on his face as he deals with them. He always has a plan and is able to quickly shift through tactical maneuvers to use the best cards at hand.

Yoko Littner

Yoko Littner from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Yoko Littner | Courtesy of Gainax

Whenever there is a trio in an anime, one of them has to be the brain of the group. In Gurren Lagan, it was Yoko. Despite being the same age as Simon, she was more mature and rational in the group. She is also quite strong, having experience taking down Gunmen with her huge sniper rifles. She also carries handguns for close combat.


Rider from Fate Zero
Rider | Courtesy of ufotable

Not just any rider but the Iskander from Fate Zero. He is an icon, quite literally. Historically the conqueror who almost conquered the whole known world, he is a strong and kind ruler that one cannot help but love. He desires to conquer his enemies by winning without killing and controlling without humiliating. His speeches in the series are one of the best speeches, coming close to Erwin’s speech from Attack on Titan.


This list can only fit so much, however, all the characters listed are an icon like no other. Each has unique quirks in their personalities making them a delight to watch. What other character do you think should have made it to the list? Comment down to let us know!

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