Top 3 Coolest Moments in Ranking of Kings

Top 3 Coolest Moments in Ranking of Kings

The Ranking of Kings debuted in October of 2021 and has been the King of our hearts since then. Coming out of nowhere, this show rippled throughout the community with its sensational storytelling and a twist of a classic Hero story. So, in this article, I bring to you the Top 3 Coolest Moments in Ranking of Kings that left us cheering and wanting more!

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Top 3 Coolest Moments in Ranking of Kings

Bocchi vs. Daida

Bocchi vs. Daida
Bocchi vs. Daida | Courtesy of Wit Studio

This fight was one of the most memorable fights in the show, and honestly, one that made it so popular. This fight was our introduction to theย fact that Bocchi wasn’t weak. He was strong but not the conventional strong. Daida was looked at as the rightful heir to Bosse with his tremendous strength and swordsmanship, meanwhile, Bocchi was the second son and weak.

Their fight established that Bocchi could fight, maybe not the way others wanted, but he could hiss at the world with his fangs. He would have defeated his brother, but it would have come at the cost of his own people looking down on him. They could not understand the strength he had in him and how the way he fought was the most efficient way to utilize his abilities. This was truly a cool scene in a league of its own.

Bocchi meets the Giant Serpent

Bocchi meets the Great Two-Headed Serpent
Bocchi meets the Giant Two-Headed Serpent | Courtesy of Wit Studio

Bocchi’s meeting with the Giant Two-headed Serpent was a pure shocker, like who is this character and why does Bocchi know them? However, their meeting is the reason behind his strength. Saving the snakes even after their aggression toward him, he enacted the kindness of a King and showed how strong he was from within to forgive those who wished to harm him.

Growing up, he found comfort in them and as he spent more time, they helped him train to become as strong as he is. This is one of the most shocking meetings that we have seen Bocchi engage in in the entire story.

Bocchi vs. Bosse

Bochi vs. Bosse
Bochi vs. Bosse | Courtesy of Wit Studio

The most awaited fight between our loved protagonist and the most surprising antagonist, this fight did not disappoint us. What a choreography and what an amazing action sequence, this fight had it all. It gave off the vibe of the undefeated champion vs. the underdog match-up. Fighting a giant in his tiny body with all his inherent abilities locked out, Bocchi only had the skills he acquired in his life to lean onto.

Shunned as his fighting style was not as aggressive as his father’s, this fight clearly demonstrated that his fighting style was as capable as that of his father’s and that he was also strong enough to be a King. His determination to save others and not hurt anyone had formed his blade as one that breaks but does not kill.

A truly King Technique that admonishes all that is bad and enforces his will onto those in front of him, this fight was the coolest moment in the show.


These scenes have definitely given us goosebumps when we experienced them for the first time, marking their place in the coolest moments of the show. What do you think? Do you agree? If not, do let us know what other scene could have made it to the list by commenting below.

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