Top 5 Anime like Elfen Lied that leaves you grueling blood

Elfen lied

Elfen Lied (by Mangaka Lynn Okamoto and Studio ARMS) is a horrifying masterpiece that leaves the viewer on their toes, Its thematic depth and expertly written storyline about prejudice, nihilism, and race wars, are nothing short of thought-provoking and bloody. The world of Elfen Lied paints a world of self-preservation that is not so different from our own and not many anime have been able to capture a world like that since, but a few did rise to the challenge.

1. Akira

  • Japanese Name – アキラ
  • Studio – Tokyo Movie Shinsha
  • Season – Summer 1988
  • Genre – Sci-fi

Akira is a cinematic masterpiece for the generations to come. Set in a cyberpunk sci-fi society, Akira is a story that deals with societal disparity, corruption of power and ambition, and lastly, it deals with the very notion of the term “Humanity”. Along with thematic depth, the anime also welcomes you into a world of visual ecstasy and some of the best action scenes in the industry even today, with its creative use of psychic powers as a very ingenious connective tissue for both the plot and the action.

2. Serial Experiments Lain

  • Japanese name – Lain
  • Studio – Triangle Staff
  • Season – Summer 1998
  • Genre – Psychological

A psychologically haunting experience, Lain is heralded as one of the greatest introspective pieces in media. With a plot not unlike the likes of “The Matrix”, Lain deals with the subject of the fine line between fiction and reality, and how many times as we lose track of ourselves we also lose the perception that helps us distinguish between the both. It oozes a captivating miasma of mind-bending plot threads that leave the viewer with a sense of reality shock, unlike anything you will ever have experienced.

3. Made in Abyss

  • Studio – Kinema Citrus
  • Season – Summer 2017
  • Genre – Mystery

Don’t let the cute art style and upbeat-looking characters fool you, this anime is not for the faint of heart. Made in Abyss is a tale of discovery and loss, It also deals with the notions of found family and the lengths humanity can go to achieve their goals. It is an anime that portrays the brutality of its world with such detail that it might lead a viewer to choke in disgust but remain captivated all the same, The abyss is unforgiving and treacherous but the beings that roam those lands (monster and human alike) are even more so.

4. Parasyte: The Maxim

  • Japanese Name – Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu
  • Studio – MadHouse
  • Season – Winter 2014
  • Genre – Sci-Fi Horror

One of the better-remembered anime from the 2010s, Parasyte is a story of imposter syndrome and the barriers between human relationships. It challenges the very notion of human stagnancy and pushes the ideals of evolution in our society and ourselves as individuals, all the while it is occupied with telling a gripping tale of an alien invasion that threatens to push change in humanity for whatever the cost is.


  • Studio – Gonzo
  • Season – Summer 2004
  • Genre – Horror Sci-fi

What if death is not the end? what if life after death exists? This is the question that Gantz answers, but it’s unlikely to make you feel relieved, instead, it may just horrify your very soul. The afterlife in Gantz is a game of death that toys with your very existence in return for a few moments of salvation, It will make you fear life for the evil it nurtures and love death for the calm it provides, “Nothing is all good but everything is evil” is the lesson that this show tries to communicate.


Elfen Lied is one of a kind but that does not mean other creators are anymore lagging behind. Anime is an art form of boundless potential in storytelling and the creation of immortalized ethos, we hope this list of anime will help you understand that very notion. Humanity may be flawed but if we muster the courage to question ourselves, I believe that is the true key to our evolution as a society.

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