Top 5 Anime of Spring 2023 so far that will take you back to the Golden days of Anime

Top 5 Anime of Spring 2023 that you need to check

Spring 2023 is finally here. Spring anime will always be a special set of releases for fans of the medium across the globe. Partly due to the void left by Your Lie In April, and partly due to Spring being the season that embodies the spirit of anime, and by extension, Otaku and Japanese culture. So, that is why we’ve compiled the perfect list of the Top 5 Anime of Spring 2023 that you need to check out right now.

Past Springs have given us several fantastic animes fitting for the freshest season of the year, many of which are now considered the pinnacle of quality anime. Following them, the Spring of 2023 also has showered us with some of the best titles to come out in recent times.

It feels evident that the golden age of Anime seems to have passed. With Anime now being available to a larger plethora of audiences, we are wired between new shonen of similar tropes. It seems to me that when Your Lie in April came, it was undoubtedly one of the golden moments of the Anime industry. Is 2023’s spring Anime something similar?

Top 5 Anime of Spring 2023 that will take you back to the Golden Days 

5. Skip To Loafer (Skip and Loafer)

A group picture of characters from Skip To Loafer
Courtesy of P.A. Works Studios

While the entire world was waiting for new anime from popular studios and renewed seasons of popular anime, this unforeseen underdog of an anime came out of nowhere and took the season of Spring 2023 by storm, cementing itself as one of the best drama series out there.

Skip to Loafer follows the tale of a young woman, Mitsumi Iwakura, as she leaves her hometown behind in pursuit of her dream of bringing positive changes to Japan. Fans looking for a wholesome anime coated with a layer of authenticity will eat this series up.

4. Dr. Stone: New World

A Picture of Senku Ishigami
Courtesy of TMS Entertainment

Everyone’s beloved super-genius Senku Ishigami returns once again to teach fans more science than schools ever did. In Dr. Stone, science and consequentially knowledge, are practically superpowers.

  • A series with so many theoretical real-world applications is usually forced to tread very carefully, since balancing factual accuracy while telling an amazing story is an art form found few and far between.
  • In this season, we see Senku and his group trying to set out on a journey across the world to solve the mystery of human petrification, and just like the preceding seasons, each episode is nothing less than exhilarating.

3. Hell’s Paradise (Jigokuraku)

A picture of Gabimaru The Hollow
Courtesy of Studio MAPPA

Fantasy is probably the most over-saturated anime genre out there that also happens to be the most difficult to succeed in. A lot of new fantasy titles pop up not just every year, but almost every single season.

But only those few anime that showcase a certain level of staying power and innovation manage to garner a large following. In that regard, Hell’s Paradise quickly established its supremacy in being one of the best anime to come out not just in Spring 2023, but perhaps this whole year.

2. Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village Arc

Swordsmiths from Demon Slayer
Courtesy of Ufotable Studios

The golden child of the season, Demon Slayer, looks as beautiful as ever. One can never get enough of the gorgeous landscapes and the stunning visuals portrayed in this anime, not to mention the fluidity of the animation.

When Ufotable released Unlimited Blade Works, fans proceeded to call it Unlimited Budget Works, because the studio showcased a level of animation that was thought to be possible only with an infinite amount of money. That top-grade animation is what Demon Slayer fans are once again served with in Spring 2023, in every scene. Fans who prefer story and substance might find this anime lacking, but otherwise, it’s a true feast for one’s eyes.

1. My Star (Oshi No Ko)

A picture of Ai Hoshino, from My Star
Courtesy of Doga Kobo Studios

My Star is an anime that came and shattered the internet into smithereens with one single episode. Granted, it was a ninety-minute episode, more akin to a prologue. But still after the release of that episode, this flashy, cutesy, vibrant anime suddenly invaded all platforms, forums, and discussions across the anime fandom.

In hindsight, one might not realize why this is the case. Because on the surface, My Star is an anime about a teenage J-Pop idol’s life. At least, that’s what the anime wants the audience to think. The end of the first episode will make it very apparent why this anime flew up to the top of the charts.

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