Top 5 Anime Openings with the Best Lyrics

Top 5 Anime Openings with the Best Lyrics

An anime opening is more than just a theme song. It’s a harmonious amalgamation of all the emotions, thoughts, patterns, and intricacies that make up the characters’ lives in an anime. Beneath all the fantastic beats and vocals, anime songs are surprisingly deep with lyrics that transcend beyond the limits of the anime’s world. Let’s look at the Top 5 Anime Openings with the Best Lyrics.

5. Seven Deadly Sins – Man with a Mission

Anime: Seven Deadly Sins

This beautifully written song tries to convey the cruel reality of the world that comes with the dichotomy of existence. The fact that it parallels the protagonists’ life makes it one of the best anime openings.

“The Pain and the pleasure all come together, there is no reason why.”

This song manages to delve deep into problems of existence without sounding like a complaint letter and it has a truly magical way of doing it with every verse.

4. Bye Bye Yesterday – 3 Nen E Gumi Uta Tan

Anime: Assassination Classroom

This song makes any listener who understands the lyrics inevitably look back and reminisce about their younger years and life as a student. The lyrics of this song make one understand the limitations that come with human mortality and the true value of time.

“Bye Bye Yesterday, it’s been a year of cramming through those lessons back when I was here with you. We’ll grow as time’ll pass us by, but still the colors in our memories shine.”

This song also happens to take up a whole new meaning when one listens to it after finishing Assassination Classroom. Bye Bye, Yesterday is the perfect expression of everything Koro-sensei stood for.

3. This Game – Konomi Suzuki

Anime: No Game No Life

Not everyone lives the reality of their dreams, and this song perfectly encapsulates that pressed feelings of wanting to escape the shackles of existence and the roles that society forces upon someone. On one extreme it brings out the inner passion within us while criticizing the mundane on the other.

“I never wanted to be another gear in that corrupted world’s machine. All my life felt like a dream, I was never who I really wanted me to be.”

In a way, this song also happens to be a wake-up call to those who are waiting for big changes without putting in the effort or acting upon one’s passions.

2. Unravel – Toru Kitajima

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul

There is a reason why to date this song is at the top of many fans’ playlists. For many fans, Unravel is the first song that they memorized. Even without understanding the lyrics one could know how powerful this song truly is. but when you read into the lyrics, you’ll start looking at life from a different perspective, as this song explains the clarity amongst the chaos of the world.

“The isolation spreads and tears, those happy days, pierce into me. These lonely memories cease to care, they spread throughout my history”

This song truly takes us into the mind of Ken Kaneki as he tries to come to terms with the fact that he has to now survive on human flesh and his past self is no more.

1. Guren no Yumiya – Linked Horizon

Anime: Attack on Titan

The reason why this takes the number one spot is simple, Gurne no Yumiya perfectly embodies the spirit of the entire Attack on Titan story. You can slap this opening on top of any AOT season, and it’ll still work as intended.

Scream and cry but none will hear you.  Plead and beg but none will help you.  You no longer live as cattle,  Will you rise and join the battle?

Apart from being in perfect sync with its show, this song also happens to be one of the most memorable, iconic masterpieces when it comes to anime openings. And that’s mot just for Attack On Titan fans, but anime fans in general.

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