Top 5 Anime OSTs that are more popular than Openings itself

Top 5 Anime OSTs that are more popular than Openings itself

While anime Openings add a layer of energetic anticipation and a means to connect to one’s favorite anime, there is another musical star who works behind the scenes to breathe life into animated artwork. And those, are Anime OSTs. Let’s look at the

Top 5 Anime OSTs that are more popular than Openings itself

5. L’s Theme – Death Note

This theme shatters the misconception that you need lyrics within music to deliver a tale through it. L’s theme is one of the most popular OSTs in the anime fandom and can be found deployed across several fan edits, AMVs, and memes. It can also be universally deployed as a background score due to its subtle yet mesmerizing composition.

What sets this theme apart from other thriller OSTs is how this theme made for one character carries the tone of the entire anime within it. This OST has the power to overturn the atmosphere of any scene instantaneously.

4. Kokuten – Naruto Shippuden

Kokuten is not just an OST. It is the symphonic representation of Sasuke Uchiha, his life, motives, and ambitions in their entirety. Naruto Shippuden houses a plethora of fantastic tunes and god-tier music, but what grants Kokuten a place on our list is the fact that it’s deeply personalized and rooted in Sasuke’s life.

The most crucial part of Naruto is its fights. Fans might have a variety of opinions on Sasuke Uchiha. But the one thing that no one can dare deny is that he is always behind the most interesting, intellectual, perfectly choreographed fights that never cease to amaze us. If Kokuten is playing, you know that the upcoming fight is going to be a  spectacle of the highest order.

3. Overtaken – One Piece

  • Any die-hard fan would be familiar with the “Walk” of the Straw Hats. This OST that accompanies that walk is regarded as one of the best-composed music in all of the shounen.
  • Every single time this OST plays, you know for a fact that something legendary is about to go down.

Overtaken exists purely to mark the grandest moments of One Piece. It is a musical bookmark that enriches the most anticipated and jaw-dropping key events over the course of the story. Also, the “To be continued” screen that every fan loathes is often displayed alongside this theme, making it even more memorable.

2. Ultra Instinct – Dragon Ball Super

If there is a theme that truly surpassed the anime’s opening, that would be this one. Every single Dragon Ball fan, whether or not they’ve heard the animes openings, would’ve definitely listened to the Ultra Instinct theme.

This OST is composed to be a complete encapsulation of all the complex emotions, anticipation, and expectations lingering around the outcome of the Tournament of Power. This theme not only marks Goku using the Ultra Instinct, but has gone beyond that and has become a symbol of power and determination all over the internet.

1. il vento d’oro – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

If this theme wasn’t on the first spot, the internet might burn down. It’s JoJo’s most popular theme, which itself speaks volumes about the significance of this particular OST. Often called Giorno’s theme, this is a bizarre symphony composed to be an amalgamation of various music genres across rock, pop, and jazz.

As with anything JoJo related, this OST also boasts a truly remarkable staying power. It has invaded almost every meme and post related to pop culture and beyond, even amongst people who don’t watch anime.


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