Top 5 Anime that are Maid in Heaven

Maid anime

Maid animes have been a staple trope for the medium for decades at this point, they offer escapism with the cultural fascination they provide and the romantic tensions they introduce to a usual anime plot. It is a trope that is truly universal and can fit with almost any anime genre to speak of, but even with its homogenous application, there have been a lot of sleeper hits in the industry that rely solely on the Maid anime trope as its overarching backdrop

Top 5 Anime that are Maid in Heaven

1) Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Tohru dragon maid
Image Courtesy: Kyoto Animation
  • Studio – Kyoto Animation
  • Season – Winter 2017, Summer 2021
  • Genre – Fantasy, Slice of Life
  • Japanese Name – Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

Easily the most recognizable series from the Maid anime genre and one of its best, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is just a riot to watch from start to end. Not only does it host one varied cast of characters that could very well carry an episode on their own, but the premise is a perfect subversion of the fantasy genre.

Which provides some of the most hearty laughs and genuinely heartwarming moments you will find in any anime series, along with breathtaking visuals paired with perfectly illustrated fantasy literature art style which is paired perfectly with the clashing cityscapes the city provides.

2) Maid Sama!

  • Studio – J.C Staff
  • Season – Spring 2010
  • Genre – Romance, Slice of Life
  • Japanese Name – Kaichou wa Maid Sama!

Maid Sama! is the series that single-handedly revived the Maid anime trope and popularized the representation of Maid Cafes across the industry and has slowly acquired cult status in the anime fandom.

Highly praised for its progressive messaging regarding the treatment of women at the workplace and also hosting a strong female lead, the story is also chock full of really heart-wrenching romance that would make even an ice queen blush in the heat of the moment, while also maintaining a comedic tone that is highly complimentary to the romance.

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3) And Yet the Town Moves

Hotori working as a maid
Image Courtesy: Studio Shaft
  • Studio – Shaft
  • Season – Fall 2010
  • Genre – Slice of Life, Comedy
  • Japanese Name – Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru

A sleeper hit of the 2010s and one of the lesser-known Maid anime releases by the excellent Studio Shaft, if one is maid to explain (hah get it?) And Yet the Town Movies is what you get when you create a hodge podge of Maid Sama! and Nichijou with a hint of Kids on the slope, and the result is glorious!

The anime is chock full of grounded comedy that just flows well with scenes altogether, all the while it provides a very melancholic and ambient backdrop with its small-town setting which serves to further develop its commentary on social expectations and relationships. It is truly worth the investment.

4) A Little Princess Sara

  • Studio – Nippon Animation
  • Season – Winter 1985
  • Genre – Drame
  • Japanese Name – Shoukoujo Sara

This is not your typical Maid anime, we will assure you of that. Princess Sara is a story gripping with themes that will really make an individual rethink their lives and appreciate more the privileges that are handed to them.

It is based on the excellent novel by Sir Frances Hodgson Burnett and is a tale inspired by the Cinderella trope but it provides a far more realistic take on how such conditions can affect the mentality of a child, much less an adult. It is a tale filled with grief, loss, and injustice but it is a tale worth watching.

5) Emma: A Victorian Romance

Emma and william
Image Courtesy: Studio Pierrot
  • Studio – Pierrot
  • Season – Spring 2005
  • Genre – Romance, Drama
  • Japanese Name – Eikoku Koi Monogatari Emma

Here is a Maid anime that truly delves into the culture behind the trope that surrounds it. The setting is 19th Century England, Emma the Maid is a hardworking individual who has gained favour from her mistress but she soon dabbles in the act of forbidden love with a noble.

Indeed that is a classic romance tale brought to you by Studio Pierrot of the shonen side no less. The Victorian Romance of Emma is one deserving of the title, with its incredibly soft and traditional art style that heavily compliments the setting, as well as its accurate depictions regarding the social disparity between the nobles and lower classes that hinder those who are truly in love.


The Maid anime trope is an undying genre that will remain everpresent in shows to come due to its incredibly appealing aesthetic and highly flexible nature. It can provide genre-defining odes of love and drama, while also being a source of joy and laughter for the audience. It truly is a trope Maid in Heaven (get it?).

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