Top 5 Assassins in Sakamoto Days

Top 5 Assassins in Sakamoto Days

In Sakamoto Days, the world of assassination is cutthroat and competitive. But there are a few assassins who stand head and shoulders above the rest. These are the top 5 assassins in Sakamoto Days, the only list you’ll ever need aside from our newsletter (unless you’re their target).

Top 5 Assassins in Sakamoto Days

5. Nagumo


As a member of the Order, Nagumo is one of the strongest Assassins in the JAA in Sakamoto Days. He was regarded as S rank in the hitlist given by Kashima, which gives an idea as to how skilled and dangerous Nagumo is.

  • Nagumo is capable of moving at blinding speeds, being fast enough to momentarily disappear. Assassins working under Slur were unable to pinpoint or react to him, even as he sat on top of and inside their cars and massacred them.
  • He is surprisingly strong. He was able to lift Minimalist, a large man, by the neck with one hand and stab through the roof of a car (and someone’s arm) with a casual stab.
  • He has the unique ability to perfectly copy other people’s appearances, which he used to fool Lu Shaotang by mimicking Sakamoto.

4. Satoru Yotsumura

As an ex-member of the Order, Yotsumura is one of Japan’s strongest-known assassins in Sakamoto Days. He was able to fight against Shishiba and Nagumo, both powerful active Order members and momentarily held his own when Osaragi, another Order member, joined the fight.

  • Yotsumura’s wife, who was fast enough to get behind Shishiba without him noticing, was instantly killed by Yotsumura despite using their son, Amane as a hostage (very twisted, we know).
  • He has enhanced strength which makes him able to slice through the support beams of a car carrier trailer and casually parry blows from Shishiba, Nagumo, and Osaragi.

3. Kei Uzuki

Kei Uzuki is a killer seeking to overthrow the JAA. Roughly around the same time Taro Sakamoto’s bounty was put up, Uzuki murdered a quarter of the assassin industry, leaving a large ‘X’ at the scene of his crimes. Due to his actions, Uzuki is currently the primary antagonist of Sakamoto Days.

  • He also provoked Sakamoto by mentioning his daughter when the latter refused to fight to take the former’s life, hinting that he may harm Sakamoto’s family if he were to be left alive.
  • He can move extremely fast, appearing behind his opponents without them noticing. He is so fast that he stabs the legendary (although out of shape) Sakamoto in the stomach, and can keep up with Sakamoto’s blinding speed during their brief fight.

2. Takamura


He is described as a “killer with no brakes” in Sakamoto Days. Takamura appears to act mainly on instinct, reflexively slicing a fly in half. Despite this, it can be inferred that he only kills people who bear ill will towards him or who have bad intentions.

  • Using his katana, Takamura was fast enough to stop bullets shot at him from point-blank range. His speed with his katana is so immense people can barely register his slashes.
  • Even in his old age, Takamura possessed overwhelming strength. He was able to block an overhead attack from Gaku with one hand using his sheathed katana. He possesses superhuman skills with a katana, even when fighting with his eyes closed. Despite the katana being of normal length, his slashes extend over a massive range and often completely decimate everything around him.
  • He is quick on his feet and has the experience range of an old and wise turtle. He saved the upper section of the Tokyo Tower from collapsing after slicing the base of the tower, causing it to tilt and balance the damaged structure. This allowed Sakamoto to stabilize the upper half of the tower with brute strength.

1. Taro Sakamoto


Even among the Order, Sakamoto is known to be the strongest hitman of all time, holding both immense skill in combat and excelling in all aspects of killing. He’s the primary protagonist of Sakamoto Days.

  • Sakamoto boasts incredible physical might, being capable of easily decapitating people and kicking Shin across his store through multiple shelves.
  • Sakamoto stabilized the collapsing upper section of the Tokyo Tower by pulling it with a steel cable, stopping a speeding bus with a street sign, holding a person aloft with one hand, and destroying Son-Hee’s chakram with just a frying pan.
  • Aside from being a phenomenal gunman, Sakamoto has incredible accuracy with regular objects. He hurled a rock up the barrel of Heisuke Mashimo’s rifle, destroying it, and casually flicked a cough drop at Shin’s bullet with enough force to halt it. It would be amazing to see all of his fight scenes being adapted into a Sakamoto Days anime.
  • He has phenomenal durability, being able to withstand a kick from Bacho, which sent him flying into an adjacent building with enough force to leave a crater.
  • Sakamoto’s use of anything within arm’s reach as an effective weapon demonstrates creativity, resourcefulness, and quick thinking under high pressure.

And there you have it, the top 5 assassins in Sakamoto Days. If you’re ever looking for a hitman, be sure to check out this list. But be warned: these assassins are not cheap. And they don’t take refunds.

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