Top 5 characters who could manipulate Air

Top 5 characters who could manipulate Air

In the world of anime, there are countless abilities that are only restricted by one’s imagination. Ranging from manipulating blood to manipulating sound waves, there’s an ability for possibly anything. However, characters who could manipulate Air have been seen as some of the most powerful characters in their verse. In this article, I will list the top 5 characters who would manipulate the air to their will.

Top 5 Characters Who Could Manipulate Air

Yuno from Black Clover

Yuno from Black Clover
Yuno | Courtesy of IMDb

The young mage from Golden Dawn and Asta’s childhood rival, Yuno, has complete mastery over wind magic. Not only is he overly adept at using wind to his will, but he has also formed a contract with the Wind Spirit, Bell, bolstering his proficiency over the wind to yet another level. His offense includes ranging tornados, bow-shaped wind, an overpowered blast of air, etc.

He is currently the top 3 most powerful characters in Black Clover, which proves how strong wind users can potentially be. He has been able to defeat most of his enemies seamlessly as he outmaneuvers them with his swift and agile blows.

Wendy from Fairy Tail

Wendy from Fairy Tail
Wendy | Courtesy of IMDb

Wendy from Fairy Tail is a Sky Dragon Slayer with high proficiency in wind magic. Her ability lies in supporting her friends with heals and enchantments from her magic, exactly like a character in a turn-based RPG. She is, however, not weak and can dish out tremendous damage with Sky Dragon Roar and Sky Dragon Claw attacks.

She is a valuable member of her team and provides priceless support to her team. She is indeed one of the strongest characters in her universe being able to rival power parallel to those of dragons.

Howzer from Seven Deadly Sins

Howzer from Seven Deadly Sins
Howzer | Courtesy of IMDb

Howzer from Seven Deadly Sins is a Holy Knight who has contributed significantly toward the battle against the Demon King. He has been shown to grow stronger throughout the series, and has become an individual who could rival the strength of a Pre-power release Meliodas. His ability allows him to manipulate air into vortexes of rotating winds.

He could dish out aggressive winds from any part of his body and can extend this flexibility to his spiraled lance as well. He was able to defeat dragons on his own and could take an army of thousands single-handedly. He has become a force to be reckoned with and continues to contribute to the story after the war.

Wamuu from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Araki’s greatest gift to the anime community, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, does not shy away when it comes to abilities. Wamuu, one of the Three Pillar Men, can manipulate wind. This is possible due to his Wind Mode, which is a result of the Pillar Men being able to alter and freely control their bodies, which allows him to attack with razor sharp winds.

These attacks could shred any humans to pieces and it has multiple variations of it. Wamuu is already a monster in strength and with his ability to control winds, he is nigh undefeatable. However, he stood no chance against our favorite playboy Joseph Joestar, whose wit alone was enough to beat him.

Aang from Avatar The Last Airbender

Aang is possibly the strongest airbender in Avatar The Last Airbender and is the top 3 strongest wind users in the rankings of anime. His mastery over the air is impeccable and his imagination allows him to fully utilize the flexible nature of wind. He has a free and kind mind which restricts him from ever reaching his true potential as a wind user, however, despite these limitations, he could easily beat anyone in a fight with just airbending.

Aang could potentially become the number one wind user in the hierarchy of such individuals if he had the cruelty of Zaheer, who used airbending as a means to kill and torture others. He saw how powerful airbending could be as it was used to suck out all the oxygen in a human’s body, keen to blood-bending.


This list is in no particular order, however, it is clear how Aang would solo any other character who could manipulate air. If you think there should have been another character up on the list, comment down below to let us know, and maybe I could do a Part II.

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