Top 5 Cooking Battles in Food Wars!

Top 5 Cooking Battles in Food Wars!

Within the Shonen genre, Food Wars is truly an enigmatic anime. The whole concept of cooking and the culinary world might not intrigue everyone, especially as an anime. However, the one key aspect of this show that made it so entertaining and fun was the dramatic culinary showdowns called Cooking Battles or Shokugeki. Here are the Top 5 Cooking Battles in Food Wars.

Top 5 Cooking Battles in Food Wars!

5. Yukihira Souma vs. Ikumi Mito

This was the first official cooking battle we saw Souma participate in, and hence it stands as one of the most memorable ones in the entire series. Souma challenged Ikumi Mito, the “Meat Master,” one of Nakiri Erina’s associates. In this battle, Souma had to prove his ability to create a standout dish using beef, despite Ikumi’s mastery over the ingredient.

The battle pushed both chefs to their limits, with Souma concocting a delectable dish that showcased his creativity and understanding of flavors. Eventually, Souma’s dish reigned supreme and Mito lost the battle.

4. Yukihira Souma vs. Subaru Mimasaka

Top 5 Cooking Battles in Food Wars!
Image Courtesy of Crunchyroll

This culinary showdown between Souma and Subaru Mimasaka was more than just a competition to Souma. Mimasaka’s ability to mimic his opponents’ cooking styles was a style of cooking that lacked originality and innovation, which is the exact opposite of Souma’s style.

The fact that Takumi Aldini suffered a devastating loss against Mimasaka added an extra layer of drama giving Souma a personal reason to win this battle. Even though Souma managed to win the battle and retrieve Takumi’s Mezzaluna, Takumi refused to accept it and instead vowed to reclaim it in their own Shokugeki.

3. Megumi Tadokoro and Yukihira Souma vs. Shinomiya

In this battle, Souma teamed up with Megumi Tadokoro to challenge the formidable Chef Shinomiya. Although this was an unofficial Shokugeki, failure meant expulsion from the prestigious Totsuki Culinary Academy for both of them.

Souma and Megumi’s synchronized collaboration highlighted their individual strengths, bringing out the best elements of their individual styles. Even though they were clearly unmatched and Souma wasn’t allowed to be the primary chef, in the end, the Shokugeki ended as a draw.

2. Yukihira Souma and Erina Nakiri vs. Tsukasa and Kobayashi

Top 5 Cooking Battles in Food Wars!
Image Courtesy of Crunchyroll

This cooking battle brought together the talented duo of Souma and Erina, a long-awaited combination since the beginning of the series to face Tsukasa and Kobayashi, two elite chefs from the prestigious Council of Ten.

Souma’s team aimed to secure a victory against the top-ranked chefs and this time the stakes were higher than anything faced by Souma before. The fate of the Polar Star Dormitory was hanging in balance, and for the first time, Souma’s failure was about to have consequences far beyond just his personal career.

1. Yukihira Souma vs. Nakiri Erina

This was the Shokugeki that the entire series was moving towards. The climactic Shokugeki teased since the very first episode finally came to life at the end of the BLUE arc. Fans finally got to see the epic culinary showdown between Yukihira Souma and Nakiri Erina as both tried to prepare a dish never before seen on Earth.

In this case, both the stakes and the consequences of the battle were set to be astronomical. In the end, Erina Nakiri emerged as the victor but that was hardly the true charm of this battle. More than the outcomes, this battle was a testament to how the relationship and dynamic between Souma and Erina evolved throughout the series.


While they aren’t necessarily shounen ‘fights’ or dramatic ‘Wars’, the Cooking Battles in Food Wars have the ability to invoke a sense of anticipation and eagerness within fans through their over-dramatic shenanigans.

Even though the show does some outrageous over-the-top stuff with its liberal use of fan service, it remains to be one of the most unique and entertaining shounen out there. For more such lists, stay with Spiel Anime.

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