Top 5 Coolest Fire Force Episodes

Top 5 Coolest Fire Force Episodes

If Fire is your favorite element, Fire Force is bound to be on your top favorite anime list. The show revolves around the phenomenon of combustion where humans are turned into pyro-creatures called Infernal. The Special Fire Force is tasked to handle the calamity and find a solution. With such a cool synopsis, the show is bound to be cooler. Here are the top 5 coolest Fire Force Episodes.

Top 5 Coolest Fire Force Episodes

5. The Damsel in Distress

Shinra's devil entry
Shinra’s entry | Courtesy of David Productions
  • Season 1 Episode 8

As the 8th Company tries to unfold the mystery behind the Combustion, they receive a lead that the 1st Company might be behind the occurrence of artificial Infernals. Investigating the matter, Shinra finds out that the Lieutenant of the 1st, Rekka Hoshi has been injecting young children with insects that turn them into Infernals.

This episode made a statement of its own. Tamaki’s cry for help and Shinra’s devious entry to the scene sent goosebumps down our bodies. The episode maintained a serious and mysterious tone throughout making the build-up to the fight between Shinra and Rekka even more satisfying. It was a beautiful blend of action and drama.

4. The Strongest takes the show


  • Season 1 Episode 14

The 8th Company moved to Asakusa, the district under the 7th Company to investigate the Evangelists. While their investigation led them nowhere, due to the lack of leads, in Asakusa, their journey was not a wasted effort. Working behind the scenes, the White Clad had prepared to attack Asakusa. Amidst the chaos executed by the Knights of Ashen Flame, the bond between the two Companies flares ever so strong.

The episode finally had Benimaru join the fray. Getting to witness the strongest firefighter in action was a treat to the eyes. As Benimaru clears through the district fighting Infernals, a sense of calm and peace rests upon the viewers. A force that cannot be taken down, he foils the Knights of Ashen Flame’s plans single-handedly.

3. Hellish Training

The Press of Death
Shinra during his training with Benimaru | Courtesy of David Production
  • Season 2 Episode 24

Pursuing the Hysterical Strength of a Fire Scene, Shinra and Arthur train under Benimaru. As they undergo proto-nationalist hazing, the Knights of Ashen Flame targets the Captain of the 3rd Company. The death of the Captain urges all the Companies to unite and prepare for the coming war against the Evangelists.

If protecting Asakusa was a trailer to Benimaru’s strength, this episode was the entire movie. From the beginning to the end, he maintained his title as the strongest. Shinra and Arthur went through a lot of development in these two seasons, having strength that easily rivals those with Adolla link. Even with such power, they were powerless in front of Benimaru, who did not have an Adolla link. The episode was also a perfect way to conclude the Stigma Arc and tease the upcoming war.

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2. Meeting an Old Friend

Burns and Joker meeting the Evangelists
Burns and Joker meeting the Evangelists | Courtesy of David Productions
  • Season 1 Episode 13

As Joker and Benimaru burst through the Holy Sol Temple to investigate the scripture, they meet Captain Burns. Getting ready for a fight, Burns instead lends them a helping hand, offering them leads he uncovered in his personal probe. Konro shares the leads they received allowing the 8th to decide on their next course of action.

Burns and Joker’s reunion gave us a glimpse of their past and a lot more weight to their characters. The scene where they are teleported to another world, where they meet the Evangelist is so beautifully animated that it is easily the most aesthetically pleasing scene in the entire anime.

1. A Quarrel between brothers

  • Season 1 Episode 22

Finally reuniting with his brother, Shinra receives not a hug but a beating from Sho. Standing on opposite sides of their world, both have different ambitions. Sho, linked with the Evangelists, uses his Adolla Burst to freeze time and beat his brother. Shinra keeps getting back up to fight his brother, only to use Adolla Burst unconsciously.

This episode is where Season 1 peaked. For Shinra to forgive his brother continuously despite being beaten to a pulp, just went on to show what a great brother he is and the lengths he would go for Sho. If the emotionally heavy dialogues and scenes were not enough, the fight between Shinra and Sho was on a level of its own. While one freezes time, one rewinds time. Both brothers break the rules of time to reach each other, what a beautiful show of an untainted bond.


Fire Force has some of the most hyped fights in Shonen’s history. While not talked about as much as the other big shonens, it surely deserves its fair share of respect and admiration. The list was a short glimpse of how fantastic the entire series is. Comment down below if you agree, or if you think some other episode should have made it up this list.

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