Top 5 Demons from Demon Slayer with a tragic backstory

Top 5 Demons from Demon Slayer with a tragic backstory

Demons from Demon Slayer are infamous for killing off our favorite Hashiras and civilians in the most gut-wrenching ways. But some demons manage to tweak the favor of the fans on their side with their tragic backstories which just goes to show that the actions of people (and demons) are not always black and white, but tinged with red blood from their past lives.

Top 5 Demons from Demon Slayer with a tragic backstory

5. Kibutsuji Muzan

Top 5 Demons from Demon Slayer with a tragic backstory
Muzan | Image courtesy of Aniplex, Toho Co., Ltd.

Kibutsuji Muzan, the primary antagonist of Demon Slayer, has a tragic and mysterious backstory. Muzan was originally a sickly and frail human with a mysterious illness that weakened him severely. Desperate to find a cure, he sought the help of various doctors, but all of his attempts proved futile. Eventually, he encountered an unethical doctor who conducted experiments on him. In a cruel twist of fate, rather than being cured, Muzan was transformed into a demon.

The transformation into a demon granted him extraordinary powers, including immortality and the ability to heal himself. However, the process was excruciatingly painful, causing him immense suffering. This pain and his insatiable hunger for human blood fueled his desire for power and control over others.

4. Rui

Top 5 Demons from Demon Slayer with a tragic backstory
Rui | Image courtesy of Aniplex, Toho Co., Ltd.

In his human life, Rui belonged to a poverty-stricken family. His family lived in squalor and endured harsh living conditions. Rui suffered not only from poverty but also from constant abuse inflicted by his father. This continuous mistreatment left a profound impact on his young mind, distorting his perception of familial bonds and love.

As a result of the deep-seated trauma and the twisted understanding of family he developed, Rui committed an unthinkable act: he murdered his entire family, including his parents and siblings. Overwhelmed by guilt and sorrow, Rui’s emotions eventually attracted the attention of a demon, who transformed him into a demon himself.

3. Tamayo

Top 5 Demons from Demon Slayer with a tragic backstory
Tamayo | Image courtesy of Aniplex, Toho Co., Ltd.

In her human life, Tamayo was a highly skilled doctor known for her medical expertise and dedication to saving lives. She lived during a time when a devastating illness swept across the country, claiming numerous victims. Tamayo worked tirelessly to treat the afflicted, using her knowledge and skills to provide care and alleviate suffering.

However, tragedy struck when Tamayo herself contracted the same disease she fought against. Despite her best efforts to save her patients, the illness claimed their lives, and it seemed that Tamayo would meet the same fate. Consumed by despair and facing her own mortality, Tamayo found herself at the mercy of Kibutsuji Muzan, the progenitor of demons.

Unused to her new body, she inadvertently killed her own family to survive, as well as another group of people. This decision haunted her to no end and she became resentful and hateful of Muzan.

2. Gyutaro and Daki

Top 5 Demons from Demon Slayer with a tragic backstory
Gyutaro and Daki | Image courtesy of Aniplex, Toho Co., Ltd.

In their past lives, Gyutaro and Daki were siblings born in the Kirimise to a prostitute mother. Before she died, his mother tried to kill him many times, even after his younger sister was born. Due to his appearance and lack of hygiene, the young Gyutaro was bullied and detested by everyone he met.

Things began to change after his sister was born, as her beauty dismissed his inferiority complex, and he used his ugliness and his newfound fighting skills to become an efficient debt collector. However, the good fortune would not last for the siblings. When Ume turned 13, she blinded a samurai with a comb and was burned alive for her crime. Having been away on his job at the time, Gyutaro returned to find her barely alive and hugged her as she clung to life. He cursed the gods for treating them cruelly before he is attacked by the same samurai.

As Gyutaro tried to find help for himself and his sister, no one came forward because of their they didn’t want t associate themselves with them. He trudges on through the street until he ultimately collapses and bleeds out on the floor, as snow begins to fall. The siblings lay on the floor dying, until they are discovered by one of the Upper Ranks, who offers to turn them into Demons.

1. Akaza

Top 5 Demons from Demon Slayer with a tragic backstory
Akaza | Image courtesy of Aniplex, Toho Co., Ltd.

Akaza, a pickpocket, stole money for his sick father to buy medicine. At 11, he was caught and sentenced to 100 blows leading to his father committing suicide, leaving a letter apologizing for being a burden and urging Akaza to live an honest life. Enraged, he blindly beats up people seeking revenge and kills 7 grown-ups with his bare hands. This is where he meets Keizo.

Keizo takes him in to nurse Koyuki, his sickly daughter after her mother drowned due to stress. He was accustomed to caring for his father and agreed. One day, he discovered that Koyuki had been forced outside by the heir of a nearby kenjutsu dojo, which prevented Keizo from getting any students. Enraged, Keizo and Akaza fought the dojo and made them promise not to get involved with the rival dojo or Koyuki again.

Just when things were turning out for the better, a student from the dojo informed him that the rival dojo had poisoned the well where Koyuki and Keizo drank water, and the two died shortly after drinking the water. Going blind with rage, he killed all sixty-seven members of the rivaling dojo with his bare hands, pulverizing their corpses to the point where their corpses were no longer recognizable. Muzan Kibutsuji, disappointed to find it was a human rather than a demon, decided to make him one of the Twelve Kizuki. 

In conclusion, they say a person who turns into a demon deserves no place in heaven, but some of these characters make us wish they did. Watch the anime here to see if you would agree with us.

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