Top 5 Fairy Tail Opening Songs

Top 5 Fairy Tail Opening Songs

The greatest element in Fairy Tail besides amazing fights and the power of friendship/plot armor is its groovy opening and ending songs. Hosting some of the most famous artists in the industry, Fairy Tail Opening Songs will make you groove to beats like you never thought. Here are the top 5 opening songs from Fairy Tail.

Top 5 Fairy Tail Opening Songs

5. Opening 1- “Snow Fairy” by Funkist

Natsu, Happy, Lucy, Gray, and Erza in a camp fire
A still from Opening 1 | Courtesy of A-1 Pictures

As the series’s first opening, this song holds a special place for many. But moving ahead of its emotional significance, this song is a banger. It truly is a Fairy Tail song. It brings the essence of the show out so that everyone understands that this will be a fun journey ahead.

The video highlights the main cast of the show: Natsu, Happy, Lucy, Gray, and Erza. The video also shows characters who will be significant in the first arc. All-in-all the opening song did its job amiably, to open the doors for everyone starting to watch Fairy Tail.

4. Opening 13 – Breakthrough by GOING UNDER GROUND

Team Natsu in Grand Magic Games
A still from Opening 13 | Courtesy of A-1 Pictures

The Grand Magic Games is a tournament that is held annually to decide the strongest guild in Fiore. For the last seven years, the title of the strongest has been held by Sabertooth, and the weakest has been held by Fairy Tail. Returning after so long, Natsu and his friends are determined to win back the title of the strongest.

The song portrays the grit and determination of both Team A and Team B to bring their guild back to the top. Meeting new adversaries as well as the old ones, this song is the one for this arc. Filled with twists and unimaginable power-ups, the arc is one of the most exciting ones, and the song complements it like no other.

3. Opening 21 – Believe in Myself by EDGE of LIFE

Natsu fighting Tartaros
A Still from Opening 21 | Courtesy of A-1 Pictures
As the dark guild wages war against the Magical Continent, Fairy Tail has no choice but to respond. Rilled up with friendship and the will to protect, Natsu and his friends attack Tartaros. Followed by exciting fights and unexpected revelations, this arc is easily one of the most important arcs of the show.
Such significant of an arc demands something of equal caliber to be its opening song. And so it has. This song has been able to show the emotional gravity of the arc in the best way possible. Untold secrets coming into light, the characters need to believe in themselves to not lose sight of who they are, and what better way than to “Just believe in myself…”.
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2. Opening 15 – Masayume Chasing by BoA

Finally reaching the top in the Grand Magic Games, Natsu and his friends are enjoying their victory with a celebration. While laughter roars the place, an impending doom slowly crawls near. Worried after his interaction with the hooded person, Jellal stresses the group to action. The arc had a lot of backstabbing and plot twists.

The desperation that the arc held, the hopes that its antagonist shattered, and the plot twists that it delivered, nothing could have summarised this better than Masayume Chasing. Although the song is groovy and will not make you think of sadness and despair, its lyrics will make wonder what the heck’s up with this arc.

1. Opening 16 – Strike Back by BACK-ON

The conclusion to the Grand Magic Games arc could not have been more chaotic. In an all-out fight in the capital against dragons and Future Rogue, Natsu isn’t backing down. Struck with fear, the magicians unite to defeat their unfathomable and worst nightmares.

This song will make you get up from a coma and vibe to it. This was the peak Fairy Tail opening, and nothing has ever come close to this. The song brings out emotions, riles you up, and makes you want to fight those dragons, all by itself. A masterpiece of an opening.


There are countless openings that are very dear to us, and these songs are some of them. If Fairy Tail made an impact in the community, it was surely through its sheer chaotic plot and its heavenly OSTs and openings. If you liked the list, comment down below which one is your favorite.

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