Top 5 Families in Attack on Titan Revolution – Ranked

Top 5 Families in Attack on Titan Revolution

In this intense and intricate world, these top 5 families in Attack on Titan Revolution could play a crucial role in your journey to the top. The legendary families has the most substantial buffs and abilities, offering several advantages. Whereas, the common families provides no special enhancements. Which one would you like to be a part of? 

You can even get chances to be part of a legendary family with a few spins, and start the game by visiting the official Roblox page. Some players even want to try Titan Shifting their characters, and if you’re one of them, then we have the perfect guide for you. Click here to read.

Top 5 Families in Attack on Titan Revolution

Attack on Titan Revolution Clan
Image Courtesy of Official Roblox Page

There are numerous family names in AOT:R, but we would recommend you to stick with the S-Tier and A-Tier families for the best experience. Other than the legendary and common families, there are epic families which could be another alternative for the legendary segment, and rare ones are also on the board. Just anything but common.

1. S-Tier (Legendary)


Yes, the very family based on the most liked character (is he?) Levi from the series. Although players have almost 0.05% chance of becoming a part of the Legendary family. You think you’re lucky enough? Try it our yourself.


  • Unlock a double jump
  • Rage Mode: Gives you a bar that fills up as you deal damage while fighting Titans.
  • Skill 1: Spin for exact 6 seconds to deal damage everything around you. The KO move to be precise.
  • Skill 2: Chain Titans together to defeat them.

Based on the most loved character (he is) from the show, Eren Yeager. 


  • Allows Titan Shifting.
  • Passive: Invigorate (Revive upon death)
  • Skill 1: Boosted Regen
  • You can replenish your HP completely plus replenishes 50% of your gas canister.
  • Skill 2: Berserk
  • Replenishes HP and increasing your damage by 25%
  • Skill 3: Shifter Regen
  • You can replenish 55 HP and dismiss 2 obtained injuries (has a cooldown of 100 seconds)

This is Historia’s family and even though the odds of rolling one of these families are slim, but if you do, you’re set for life!


  • All Reiss members get an additional slot for Support Perks.
  • Skill 1: Conquer
  • Stun Pure Titans for a total of 5 seconds
  • Skill 2: Command
  • Command 10 Pure Titans and order them to attack enemies (how cool is that?)
  • Skill 3: Arise
  • You can shift whenever, even if your Titan Shift bar is empty.

2. A-Tier (Epic)

Zoe's Profile in Attack on Titan Revolution
Image Courtesy of Attack on Titan Revolution

Here comes the A-Tier families who have an acceptance rate of 0.35%. A lot more then the legendaries though. These families are still very strong, offering excellent stats and features. More importantly, rolling an A-tier family is much easier than an S-tier one. If you manage to get any of these, you’ll likely stick with it for the whole journey.

Tybur (Warhammer Titan):
  • Skill: Shifter Regen (Replenish 50 HP and all injuries)
  • Cannot Titan Shift
  • Skill: Last Stand
  • A cutscene plays that is followed by 30% of your max HP replenishing.
  • All injuries are dismissed and your DMG is increased by 20%.
Galliard (Jaw Titan), Finger (Cart Titan), Leonhart (Female Titan), Arlert (Colossal Titan), Braun (Armored Titan), Ksaver (Beast Titan):
  • Skill: Shifter Regen
  • Replenishes 50 HP and all injuries

3. B-Tier (Rare)

In addition to Common families, Rare families have a reasonably frequent drop rate of 19.6%.

  • Smith
  • Braus
  • Springer
  • Finger
  • Grice
  • Kirstein
  • Azumabito
  • Kruger

4. C-Tier (Common)

Image of a Titan in AOT:R
Image Courtesy of Attack on Titan Revolution
  • Ral
  • Iglehaut
  • Inocenio
  • Hume
  • Blouse

5. D-Tier

Let’s say, the weakest families in the entirety of the game. Isn’t recommended at all.

  • Pikale
  • Bozado
  • Boyega
  • Reeves
  • Munsell

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