Top 5 Inuyasha Villains

Top 5 Inuyasha Villains

Inuyasha follows the story of Kagome who finds herself traveling and shifting between feudal Japan and the present day. Here, she encounters a world of yokai and other mythological creatures of Japanese folklore. Some of these creatures are horrifying, while others are friendly. In this article, we will look at the top 5 Inuyasha villains and get to know how scary these mythological creatures are.

Top 5 Inuyasha villains (ranked)

5. Soul Piper

Top 5 Inuyasha Villains
Soul Piper. (Image credit goes to Studio Sunrise)
  • Soul Piper is one of the scariest Inuyasha villains. While it possesses a duality of its being, the polarised outcomes exist in their extremes.
  • Soul Piper is known for taking children to the afterlife and also for eternal damnation. It is usually a friendly yokai when its eyes are closed, and it sends dead children into the heavenly afterlife.
  • However, when its eyes are open, it forces a soul to relive its death for an eternity in hell.

The Soul Piper only opens its eyes when the spirit turns to darkness and it simply drags that spirit to hell. Our protagonist Kagome also almost got sent to hell for helping one such spirit. Moreover, Soul Piper’s existence is eternal and it also exists in the modern era, meaning that its threat looms for an eternity.

4. Salamander Demon

Top 5 Inuyasha Villains
Salamander Demon. (Image credit goes to Studio Sunrise)
  • The Salamander Demon is a popular yokai who was trapped in a painting.
  • This became a popular form of worship for women who lost their husbands to war, and the Salamander Demon took advantage of this fact and manipulated the women by infesting them with parasitic eggs.

The Salamander Demon aimed to regenerate her skin and in this process she lured men to her shrine using her women followers. Here, she stole their skin and at one point even managed to put Sango under her control. Even after the defeat of this yokai, its influence and enchantment were still visible among the women who became its victims.

3. Bone Demon

Top 5 Inuyasha Villains
Bone Demon. (Image credit goes to Studio Sunrise)
  • The Bone Demon is one of the major Inuyasha villains and she often takes the form of a beautiful human woman who is appealing in her nature.
  • She pretends to be a princess in danger, and when her victims get closer, she rips their bones out of their bodies.
  • However, her main goal isn’t as sinister as her act, as the story suggests that she collects these bones for her aged and weak father who is also a bone demon.

Moreover, the Bone Demon lures her victims by leaving a trail of bones for the victims to follow. This is usually a trap that she sets and uses this to get a hold of her victims. The Bone Demon was eventually exorcised by her only weakness – sunlight.

2. Noh Mask

Top 5 Inuyasha Villains
Noh Mask. (Image credit goes to Studio Sunrise)
  • Noh Mask or the ‘Flesh Eating Mask’ is one of the most strikingly horrifying characters in Inuyasha.
  • It takes control of a woman’s body before she has the opportunity to exorcise it, and uses this body to feed on people’s heads by biting them off.
  • The main objective of this creature is to create a body for itself and it therefore turns into an amalgamated mass of human corpses.

While the manga was extremely gory in the presentation of the Noh Mask, the anime has managed to tone it down to a degree. The anime presented this figure with a wooden mask and a dark and fluid body, but even then the fact that it bites off human heads is a thought to stay away from.

1. Naraku

Top 5 Inuyasha Villains
Naraka. (Image credit goes to Studio Sunrise)
  • Naraku is a character named after Hell itself. He is the most mysterious and terrifying villain in Inuyasha.
  • Born as a human bandit, he fused with a Yokai to become an Inuyasha villain and the central antagonist of the story.
  • He generally resembles a feudal lord whose face he most certainly stole. Apart from that, he can also take various spider forms and wears a baboon pelt.

Naraku’s story is conflicted and the overarching conflicts within the story still haven’t given much limelight to his motivations and ambitions. However, it remains crystal clear that he is evil and has to be wished out of existence to be vanquished forever.


The top 5 Inuyasha villains are generally Yokai who aren’t friendly but possess sinister ambitions and interests. Their motivations are drawn from their hunger for a legitimate existence and it brings down their entire purpose to killing and making a mark for themselves. For more regular anime updates, subscribe to our newsletter on Spiel Anime!

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