Top 5 Masters in Fate

Top 5 Masters in Fate

While Servants and Heroic Spirits often steal the show as far as the Fate Franchise is concerned, there are many mortal human Magi who act as the said Servants’ Masters deserving of similar recognition. Some of these Masters might employ unconventional means or might even be outright evil, but their conviction has proven to be unshakable. Let’s look at the Top 5 Masters in Fate.

Top 5 Masters in Fate

5. Waver Velvet

Initially portrayed as a young, wimpy, and inexperienced apprentice-level Mage, Waver’s growth and development throughout the Fourth Holy Grail War was nothing short of extraordinary. Waver was stuck with the Servant Iskander during the Fourth Holy Grail War, who happens to be in stark contrast to his own personality. Still, through his intellect and resourcefulness, he proved to be one of the most efficient Masters in the War.

4. Rin Tohsaka

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Rin Tohsaka in courtesy of TYPE-MOON

As a member of the prestigious Tohsaka family, Rin possesses a strong magical lineage and exceptional aptitude for magecraft. Even though she fails to summon a Saber class servant, Rin’s abilities as a Master are far from useless. Both in terms of Magical ability and Wits, Rin has proved time and time again that she definitely is a worthy opponent for any Master in the war.

3. Emiya Shirou

Shirou finds himself thrust into the world of the Holy Grail War after accidentally summoning the Servant Saber. Despite lacking formal training in magecraft, Shirou’s strong sense of justice and determination act as his primary driving force. Shirou develops in different ways across the three different routes, but where he truly shines is his self in the Unlimited Blade Works route. By the end of that route, he was able to create his own version of his future self’s Noble Phantasm, Unlimited Blade Works.

2. Kotomine Kirei

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Kirei Kotomine from Fate/Zero. (Image credits Ufotable Studios)

Kirei’s command of magecraft and his association with the Church grant him unique advantages in the Holy Grail War. In the original Stay Night timeline, Kirei was the overseer for the Fifth Holy Grail War, albeit with undisclosed ulterior motives. His tactical acumen, combined with his ruthless nature, makes him a formidable adversary. Kirei’s psychological warfare and ability to manipulate those around him made it exceptionally dangerous for a normal Magus to face.

1. Emiya Kiritsugu

Renowned as the “Magus Killer,” Kiritsugu’s pragmatic and ruthless approach to the Holy Grail War sets him apart from other Masters. Kiritsugu isn’t confined by his position as a Magus, and often prefers using modern technology to get things done, relying on Magecraft just as a convenience-based support tool. He employs any and every tool available from Knives to Sniper Rifles, allowing him to gain the upper hand in battles through means unexpected of a Magus, much to the dismay of his foes.


The Fate series boasts an array of captivating Masters, each with their unique skills, motivations, and contributions to the Holy Grail War. While it might seem like most of them often live in the shadow of their epic servants due to the legendary Noble Phantasms more often than not outshining the puny Magecraft of Mortal Magi, some in this list have managed to beat even some of the strongest Servants and Spirits in the Fate Franchise.

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