Top 5 Most Iconic Anime Locations

Top 5 Most Iconic Anime Locations

Anime has captivated audiences worldwide not just through its stories and characters, but also its beautifully crafted worlds. The gorgeous backdrops and scenery of many anime series have become synonymous with their story and themes. From quaint towns to futuristic cities, here are 5 of the most iconic anime locations that have left a lasting impression.

Top 5 Most Iconic Anime Locations

5. Amestris (Fullmetal Alchemist)

The expansive country of Amestris is where the Elric brothers begin their tragic quest to restore their bodies in Fullmetal Alchemist. Amestris has a post-industrial revolution feeling with its modest rural towns and steam-powered transportation.

But it also contains more sinister secrets, like the nationwide transmutation circle used for alchemical domination. The detailed worldbuilding of Amestris adds realism to the series and highlights themes like military corruption and science vs. faith.

4. The Walls of Paradis Island (Attack on Titan)

Eren Yeager cried in the first episode. 
Still from ‘Attack on Titan’ first episode. (Image via Wit Studios)

The 54-meter walls, Wall Maria, Wall Rose, and Wall Sina serve as the last refuge for what remains of humanity in Attack on Titan. These massive circular walls protect the residents of Paradis Island from the man-eating Titans that have overrun the world.

For 100 years, these walls fostered an uneasy peace and sense of security for those living within them. The formidable presence of the walls represents hope and survival against terrifying odds. These walls have been cemented as one of the most Iconic locations in modern anime.

3. Soul Society (Bleach)

In Bleach, Soul Society is the afterlife realm where souls and Shinigami reside. It mirrors feudal Japan with its traditional architecture and districts styled like Edo period towns. Shinigami operates out of their headquarters, the Seireitei, at the center.

The different divisions of Soul Society showcase aspects of traditional Japanese culture and mythology through their design. This tranquil realm balanced by an undercurrent of danger makes Soul Society an immersive focal point in Bleach.

2. Valley of the End (Naruto)

Top 5 Most Iconic Anime Locations
Image Courtesy of Studio Pierrot

The Valley of the End is the site of the storied battle between Madara and Hashirama that shaped the ninja world. Two giant statues of these figures face-off, carved into the surrounding rock face.

It is also the location of Naruto and Sasuke’s first major confrontation when Sasuke defects from Konoha. The valley represents a crossroads and a turning point in the lives of these characters. Its majestic waterfall backdrop makes it an impactful setting filled with ninja history.

1. Pokémon Centers (Pokémon)

No Pokémon journey is complete without stopping at a Pokémon Center. These buildings offer lodging and medical care for trainers and their Pokémon. The familiar red roof and Pokéball logo immediately signify safety and respite.

Pokémon Centers are ubiquitous across regions, providing consistency in the diverse locales of the Pokémon world. Even people who don’t watch anime would recognize a Pokemon Center when they see one.


Anime has the power to immerse us in worlds vastly different from our own. These five iconic locations exemplify how evocative anime backdrops can become. They add depth and significance to their shows, making them feel more real. An iconic location is a cherished backdrop that completes an anime, and these five do it better than any others out there.

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