Top 5 most satisfying moments in Demon Slayer (Manga + Anime)

Top 5 most satisfying moments in Demon Slayer

The world of Demon Slayer is quite grim and gritty, filled with all sorts of demons that terrorize humans who choose to linger after darkness sets in. However, even in such a diabolical hopeless world, there are some moments in both the manga and the anime that manage to be warm and satisfying. Here are the Top 5 most satisfying moments in Demon Slayer.

Top 5 most satisfying moments in Demon Slayer

5. Zenitsu Awakens

Zenitsu Agatsuma was introduced as a spineless coward who seemed like someone who’d have to stay far away from anything combat related. He was a crybaby and a scaredy-cat and his greatest ambition was to woo Nezuko.

However, this perception of Zenitsu was shattered when he awakened his true powers, ironically when he was asleep. Zenitus obliterating the spider demon was one of the most satisfying scenes in the series.

4. Death of the Upper Rank 6

Top 5 most satisfying moments in Demon Slayer
Image Courtesy of Studio Ufotable

The final battle of the Entertainment District arc was a long, gruesome, and will-shattering battle that should’ve killed the Tanjiro and the rest of the Slayers there at least seven times over.

Even Tengen, a Hashira could hardly do anything against the combined might of Gyuutaro and Daki. The battle’s finale where both Daki and Gyuutaro’s heads roll in sync after behind beheaded was definitely one of the most satisfying moments of the series.

3. Nezuko turns human

This was the moment that the entire fanbase was waiting for from the beginning of the anime. Tanjiro’s sole purpose in becoming a Demon Slayer was to avenge his family and find a way to turn Nezuko back into a human. This finally happened in Chapter 196 of the manga, cementing it as one of the most important and satisfying moments of the series.

2. Muzan’s Death

Top 5 most satisfying moments in Demon Slayer
Image Courtesy of Studio Ufotable

The Fall of the Demon King was by no means a simple event. To reach this point, countless Demon Slayers have sacrificed their lives over the course of the anime’s history. In the 200th Chapter of the Demon Slayer fans got to witness the glorious moment when Muzan got disintegrated at the end of the Sunrise Countdown arc. As the Demong King’s physical body fades out of existence, fans got to see his true self, which is nothing but a mere spineless mortal terrified of death.

1. Epilogue

Even though Muzan was killed at the end of the series, his death came at a price too steep to pay. The countless deaths and destruction caused by him and his Demons have robbed many kind and innocent souls of their lives.

This, however, was addressed in the epilogue of the series where we find out that everyone who died fighting Muzan eventually goes reincarnated and got to lead a normal, peaceful life in the future.


For Demon Slayers, the stakes are always high and every encounter with a Demon is a life-or-death situation. Few wholesome and satisfying moments like the ones on this list ended up being tiny slivers of hope through which normal humans can continue to live on in a world riddled with sinister monsters.

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