Top 5 Naruto Characters who deserve their own one shot manga

Top 5 Naruto Characters who deserve their own one shot manga

The world of Naruto is filled with a wide array of enigmatic shinobi who have intriguing backstories and characterizations that were only briefly touched upon in the main series. The reception of the recently released Minato One Shot has proven that the hype for Naruto content hasn’t died down since the end of the series. Let’s look at the Top 5 Naruto Characters who deserve their own one shot manga to further explore their narrative potential.

Top 5 Naruto Characters who deserve their own one shot manga

5. Onoki

Onoki the fence-sitter is one of the most battle-hardened Kage in the entire Shinobi World. Given his age, his life experiences ought to provide the grounds for some of the most interesting shinobi tales alongside a chance to explore the Shinobi Culture outside the Hidden Leaf.

A one shot could highlight his lengthy history, inner turmoil, and struggles to hold the Stone Village together during troubled times. Seeing more of Onoki’s interactions with his student Deidara or with the Second Tsuchikage Mu would provide insight into how he rose to power and handled threats to his nation.

4. Sakumo Hatake

Sakumo Hatake
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Sakumo Hatake, the legendary White Fang of the Leaf and father of Kakashi was said to be as powerful as the Legendary Sannin, but his legacy was tarnished when he abandoned a mission to save his comrades. Shunned for breaking the shinobi code, Sakumo took his own life.

A one shot centered on him could reveal more about his combat prowess, personal relationships, and the shame that led to his downfall. As a foil to Kakashi’s strict adherence to rules, Sakumo’s story is ripe for further dissection.

3. Orochimaru

The mysteriously sinister Orochimaru’s obsession with forbidden jutsu turned him into a crazed villain constantly evading death itself. While we know the key parts of Orochimaru’s backstory, he remains an enigma in many ways.

A one shot could provide missing details about his early studies under the Third Hokage, terrifying experiments, and mastery of techniques like the Living Corpse Reincarnation. It could also shed light on how Orochimaru became who he is today after defecting from the Leaf, not to mention the final battle between Jiraya and Orochimaru.

2. Tobirama Senju

Tobirama Senju
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The Second Hokage of the Hidden Leaf, Tobirama Senju is often overshadowed by his brother, Hashirama. Though respected as a skilled leader, he is mostly notorious for his prejudices against the Uchiha clan. One overlooked aspect of Tobirama is his intellect and ninjutsu prowess.

This man created a Jutsu that could literally tap into the afterlife and bring back the dead. A one shot could offer scenes of his unique ninjutsu inventions, political decision-making, and complicated relationship with the Uchiha.

1. Fugaku Uchiha

Most of Fugaku’s past remains shrouded in secrecy despite his pivotal role in the Uchiha massacre. This is a man who was considered to be strong enough to contend for the seat of the Hokage and was known as Fugaku of the Wicked Eye.

A one shot focused on his time as a jonin would provide a window into his personality, family dynamics, suspicions of the Leaf Village leaders, and the stoked tensions that led to the Uchiha clan’s demise alongside his powers and abilities. Glimpses of Fugaku’s stern but caring parenting of Itachi and Sasuke would also make for an emotional story.


Exploring such side characters individually would not only enrich the Naruto lore but also give fans a chance to experience the world from different perspectives and gain a deeper appreciation for the complexity of its characters. These characters are also perfectly reflective of Naruto’s philosophical nature, thereby enhancing the overall depth of the show.

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