Top 5 oldest Demon Slayer Breathing forms (Ranked)

The oldest Demon Slayer Breathing Forms are intrinsically linked with elemental origins of matter. While it draws inspiration from nature and its elements, the breathing forms have evolved over the centuries and have been attributed with special and specific functions according to the fancies of the user.

In this article, as we explore the top 5 oldest Demon Slayer breathing forms we have to understand that these are the origins and foundations of the form of martial art which has been developed against demons. The analogy of being able to control one’s body and breathing to attain a heightened state of physical realism is truly a remarkable feat in itself.

Top 5 oldest Demon Slayer Breathing Forms (newest to oldest)

The Breathing Forms in Demon Slayer have evolved through centuries of experimentation and adaptation. This evolutionary practice has led to some of the greatest physical feats that humanity has achieved in the Demon Slayer narrative. Being a proponent of drawing strength through the natural inspiration of functionality, the breathing forms are in themselves an origin and a means of origin. Let’s look at the oldest Demon Slayer Breathing Forms:

5. Water Breathing

Top 5 oldest Demon Slayer Breathing forms (Ranked)
Giyu Tomioka’s Water Breathing. (Image credit goes to Ufotable)

Water Breathing is a prominent method derived from Sun breathing in the Demon Slayer Breathing Styles that incorporates graceful and adaptable properties of water in both movement and technique. Its practitioners use their bodies and weapons to simulate the fluidity and adaptability of water by attaining and establishing a state of calm and silence. It is a breathing form which demands an extreme sense of tranquility and unity of the mind and the body

  • The Water Breathing in Demon Slayer was created by a student of Yoriichi Tsugikuni who customized it to fit their own abilities.
  • Water Breathing in Demon Slayer has become the most extensively practiced Breathing Style due to its user-friendliness.

Sakonji Urokodaki is a well-known practitioner of this method within the Demon Slayer Corps and Giyu Tomioka is a practicing user and Hashira who has mastered this technique.

4. Wind Breathing

Top 5 oldest Demon Slayer Breathing forms (Ranked)
Sanemi. (Image credit goes to IMDB)

Wind Breathing is one of the oldest branches of the Sun Breathing. For a user of Wind Breathing in Demon Slayer, one must simulate the power and intensity of raging winds and whirlwinds. This style emphasizes offensive maneuvers, such as whirlwind-like slashes to expand reach and sickle-shaped assaults taken from the surrounding air. While employing such techniques, practitioners imagine themselves conjuring and manipulating wind.

  • Wind Breathing shows a remarkable resemblance to a real-life swordsmanship technique known as Jigen-ryu, which is notable for emphasizing the opening stroke and lofty stances.
  • Its roots can be traced back to one of Yoriichi Tsugikuni’s students, who, unable to perfect Sun Breathing like their mentor, developed their own style, which finally led to the origin of the formidable Wind Breathing in Demon Slayer.

3. Stone Breathing

Top 5 oldest Demon Slayer Breathing forms (Ranked)
Gyomei Himejima. (Image credit goes to IMDb)

Stone Breathing in Demon Slayer evolved from Sun Breathing and is currently the toughest breathing form to be manifested and practiced. Gyomei Himejima, the most powerful Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps is a user of this style.

  • It is inspired by a stone’s unwavering strength and resilience and it demands an intense amount of dedication and perseverance to learn.
  • It is a formidable Breathing Style that is undoubtedly also one of the strongest and the oldest, making it an original as well as a derivative which is tough to endure and practice.

Stone Breathing in Demon Slayer which is the final form in the elemental forms, embodies the stability of earth and stone, frequently utilising the ground in its methods. It is a well-rounded style with five distinct offensive and defensive forms. Gyomei’s unconventional Nichirin weapon, an axe attached to a mace, perfectly complements these unique tactics and cements his reputation as the Corps’ most powerful Hashira.

2. Moon Breathing

Top 5 oldest Demon Slayer Breathing forms (Ranked)
Moon Breathing. (Image credit goes to Bilibili)

Yoriichi Tsugikuni’s younger brother Michikatsu Tsugikuni invented Moon Breathing, a technique influenced by the original Sun Breathing approach. It is the second oldest breathing form in Demon Slayer and has remained impossible to attain and practiced by any Demon Slayer other than Kokushibo. This method emphasizes rapid and strong strokes that resemble the moon’s beautiful movements.

  • Moon Breathing user Kokushibo is the Upper Moon One demon who gave up his humanity for immortality.
  • Kokushibo has mastered at least 16 kinds of Moon Breathing over years of training and refinement, making him a formidable right-hand man to Muzan and the strongest among the high-ranking demons.

1. Sun Breathing

Top 5 oldest Demon Slayer Breathing forms (Ranked)
Tanjiro’s Hinokami Kagura. (Image credit goes to Ufotable)

Sun Breathing in Demon Slayer is the oldest and most powerful Breathing Form and was invented by the original Demon Slayer, Yoriichi Tsugikuni. This style, inspired by the sun’s elegant movements, has the unique capacity to permanently expel devils. Initially, Yoriichi’s disciples failed to learn its adaptability in a variety of scenarios for a variety of reasons.

  • To overcome these obstacles, they created elemental styles that represented various parts of Sun Breathing’s comprehensive strength, giving rise to all other breathing forms that we are aware of and that exist in practice.
  • Tanjiro’s Hinokami Kagura is a Sun Breathing dance form that demonstrates incredible power and the invincible ability to draw great energy as the original form.

Sun Breathing remains unrivaled as the finest Breathing Style for Demon Slayers and while forms like Flame Breathing are directly related to it, Tanjiro’s Hinokami Kagura is the closest association that can be established with the Sun Breathing in the Demon Slayer universe. The Sun Breathing therefore remains as the originator and the creator of the top 5 oldest Demon Slayer Breathing Forms and all of their variations later on.


The oldest Demon Slayer Breathing Forms are comprised of the originator and the ones closely rooted to the origins of it. While the Sun Breathing encompasses everything, it was extremely thorough and impossible to achieve, which gave rise to all of the elemental forms that we see in the present narrative. Therefore, one must remember that the top 5 oldest Demon Slayer Breathing forms are also majorly constituted of derived forms and all of their origins can be traced back to only one ultimate form of breathing – Yoriichi’s Sun Breathing.

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