Top 5 Plot Twists in Anime

Top 5 Plot Twists in Anime

Anime has a unique talent for delivering jaw-dropping plot twists that redefine characters and the entire series. These unexpected turns in the story can be emotionally gripping, leaving a profound impact on the audience. In this article, We will share our perspective on five anime plot twists that left us astounded and forever changed our view of these iconic characters and their worlds.

Top 5 Plot Twists in Anime

5) Itachi’s Betrayal 

Itachi in Naruto Shippuden
Itachi in Naruto Shippuden (Image via Pierrot Studio)

Naruto Shippuden episode no.: 139

Itachi Uchiha, introduced in the early arcs of Naruto, initially appears as a ruthless villain who committed the heinous act of annihilating his entire clan, the Uchiha clan. This massacre includes the murder of his own parents and leaves his younger brother, Sasuke, traumatized and driven by a thirst for revenge.

The revelation of Itachi’s true motives is a monumental plot twist. Itachi’s actions, as we discover, were undertaken under the orders of the Konohagakure government to prevent a Uchiha coup d’état. He carries the burden of being perceived as a villain to protect the very brother he loves.

Itachi’s character transformation from a villain to a tragic hero make him one of the most loved characters of the series.

4) Ace’s Death

Ace's death in One Piece
Ace’s death in One Piece (Image via IMDb)

One Piece episode: 483

Portrayed as the fiercely independent and beloved brother of the protagonist, Ace is captured by the Marines and condemned to execution in the Marineford arc of One Piece. The relationship between Ace and Monkey D. Luffy is central to the series, and their brotherly bond is one of the key highlights in the One Piece. 

Ace’s death comes as a gut-wrenching plot twist. The once seemingly invincible character meets an untimely end, reminding viewers that even in the fantastical world of One Piece, characters are not immune to the harsh realities of their world. 

3) Aizen’s True Nature 

Sosuke Aizen faking his own death in Bleach
Sosuke Aizen faking his own death in Bleach (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Bleach episode: 60

Sousuke Aizen, the cunning and charismatic captain of the 5th Division in Bleach, is revered within the Soul Society. He initially appears to be a model captain, admired for his leadership and intelligence. However, his true nature is concealed behind a facade of loyalty.

The revelation of Aizen’s true intentions is a groundbreaking plot twist. It turns out that he has been orchestrating a master plan to overthrow the Soul Society and achieve immortality. This shocking revelation showcases Aizen’s unparalleled manipulative skills and the degree of his deception.

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2) Light Kills L 

Light Yagami and L in Death Note anime
Light Yagami and L in Death Note anime (Image via Madhouse Studio)

Death Note episode no.: 25

The scene where Light kills L is a major turning point in the Death Note series. 

This is the most chilling part of the series. When L was about to reveal Misa Amane as the Kira, Rem, the shinigami ally of Misa Amane, had no choice but to kill Watari and L. This was all Light Yagami’s master plan,as he recognizes that eliminating L is vital for his Kira persona’s survival.

What’s more disturbing about this whole scenario is that L dies in the hands of whom he considered a friend, Light Yagami. While Light is smirking at L to show that he was the Kira afterall. It marks a major turning point in the story, and it sets the stage for Light’s eventual downfall.

1) Reiner Braun’s betrayal

Attack on Titan episode no.: 31

Reiner Braun’s betrayal in Attack on Titan is one of the most shocking and impactful moments in the series. For much of the series, Reiner is portrayed as a loyal friend and comrade to Eren, Mikasa, and Armin. He is also one of the most skilled and powerful soldiers in the 104th Training Corps.

However, in the second season of the series, it is revealed that Reiner is actually the Armored Titan, one of the Nine Titans that possess the power to transform into humans. He is also a member of the Warrior Unit, a group of Eldians who were sent to Paradis Island to infiltrate the Survey Corps and steal the Founding Titan.

Reiner eventually becomes the reason for Eren’s mother’s death by breaching the wall, which is why this twist acts as a domino effect for every future event occurring in Attack on Titan.


Anime has the remarkable ability to surprise and thrill its audience with unexpected plot twists that are shocking and thrilling. These five moments, from Itachi’s selfless sacrifice to Reiner’s shocking revelation, demonstrate how a well-executed plot twist can redefine characters and change the complete storyline.

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