Top 5 Ragna Crimson Characters who are way too strong

Top 5 Ragna Crimson Characters who are way too strong

Ragna Crimson came in with a banger and continued to shatter expectations with each episode. Amidst the battle shonen-esque setting, the power hierarchy seems to always be a question. Who’s stronger? Will Ragna win the next fight? Well, time to quell your curiosity. Here are the Top 5 Ragna Crimson Characters who are way too strong. Buckle up for a power-scaling ranking, which will make you think, “Can he beat Goku tho?”

Top 5 Ragna Crimson Characters who are way too strong

5. Starlia Lese

Top 5 Ragna Crimson Characters who are way too strong
Starlia Lese | Courtesy of SILVER LINK

Starlia Lese is the second princess of the Lese Kingdom and a powerful figure who leads the Royal Army Special Squad, the Argentum Corps. She was born with the ability to sense and manipulate Aura, the energy that surrounds their entire world. This allowed her to identify truth from lies, by sensing the aura around her target. She could see the color of their aura, blue being truth and red being lies.

Her ability to sense and manipulate Aura allowed her to manipulate Silverine with ease and gave her the ability to create weapons with high Silverine density making it extremely fatal against the dragons. These abilities allow her to rank higher than most of the Winged Bloodline.

4. Crimson

Top 5 Ragna Crimson Characters who are way too strong
Crimson | Courtesy of SILVER LINK

Crimson is the previous Winged Monarch who betrayed the Dragons to kill the Dragon God. He ended up being exiled by his peers and slowly began to mobilize troops to one day accomplish his goal. He is an extremely powerful superior dragon who has bestowed the authority of the Dragon Monarch. As such, he can utilize Space-Time Magic allowing him to move freely and exploit the flow of time.

However, his main ability is psychological manipulation which allows him to gain the upper hand in any situation. Paired with Memory and Mind Manipulation he can almost make any target aid him in a situation without much resistance. Despite being portrayed as weak, he is strong enough to defeat any of the Winged Bloodline. His immortality also allows him to regain the advantage in battle.

3. Ultimatia

Top 5 Ragna Crimson Characters who are way too strong
Ultimatia | Courtesy of SILVER LINK

Ultimatia is the Dragon Monarch of the last Winged Bloodline and the current primary antagonist in Ragna Crimson. She has vast mana reserves which compensate for her weaker body, which isn’t that weak considering she’s a Superior Dragon. It’s weak compared to the other monarchs. Any normal human or dragon would not be able to put a scratch on her body. She has an excellent grasp over her Time Magic, which paired with her immense mana reserves acts as a deadly combination against anyone facing her.

She can reverse any specific target’s time to return it to a previous state or she could simply reverse the entire time flow of the universe to a previous state. She can also pause time allowing only those who are her bloodline and those who can use time magic to act in that phase. This instantaneous and paramount control over time allows her to deal with her targets swiftly.

2. Woltekamui

Top 5 Ragna Crimson Characters who are way too strong
Woltekamui | Courtesy of SILVER LINK

Woltekamui is the 2nd in Rank in the Winged Bloodline under the Dragon Monarch, Ultimatia. He has a humongous mana reserve and is considered an anomaly of strength even among the Superior Dragons. He has impeccable regenerative skills, far ahead of his peers in the Winged Bloodline. His strength is nothing to scowl at either. All of his abilities are in a league of their own, with enhanced speed that even trained eyes fail to capture, fortified constitution and offense capable of breaking the hardest of diamonds, and absolute precision in controlling Mana.

His Lightning Combat Arts can be considered a Peak Technique that is second to none. Its destructive capabilities are beyond Godly and very few have survived the catastrophic impact it has on the target. He is ranked above Ultimatia because he excels in both offensive and defensive capabilities, while she has a superior ability, which would fall short in a battle against a superior combatant like Ragna.

1. Ragna

Top 5 Ragna Crimson Characters who are way too strong
Ragna | Courtesy of SILVER LINK

Ragna is the protagonist of the show and is currently the strongest Dragon Hunter in the story. In a different timeline, he trained to the point that his Silverine Sword merged with his body, allowing him a constitution that oozed with the Silverine Aura, deadly to the Dragons. Passing it on to the current Ragna, he possesses heightened abilities honed through years and years of training.

He is able to create Silverine Swords at will by manipulating his Aura. His strike flows with Silverine, making even a punch to a dragon’s body a death blow. This makes him the most dangerous person in the world for the Dragons. All of his strikes are guaranteed kills, making him the ultimate predator in this world.


The list is according to the current progress of the story, however, this should not be considered as the complete and final list. Characters like Nebulim and Leonica have immense potential waiting to be explored, along with characters far stronger than Ragna simply waiting to be introduced. Don’t miss out when the updated list is out by subscribing to Spiel Anime’s Newsletter.

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