Top 5 Scientific Ninja Tools in Boruto

Top 5 Scientific Ninja Tools in Boruto - Boruto Gets Disqualified for Using a Scientific Ninja Tool

Gone are the days when Chakra and Ninjutsu were at the forefront of the Shinobi World. After the Fourth Great Ninja War, science and technology started to gradually develop.

By the time Boruto takes place, these developments have made it possible to store and release chakra in various forms through science, although most are still prototypes. Here are the Top 5 Scientific Ninja Tools in Boruto.

Top 5 Scientific Ninja Tools in Boruto

5. Ninjutu Summoning Scrolls

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Tenten from Naruto. (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Usually, scrolls allow users to seal various ninja tools and weapons inside and summon them instantly during battle. It eliminates the need to carry heavy equipment and provides quick access to an arsenal of attacks.

A scientific ninja tool variant of this enables the storage of fully conjured Ninjutsu abilities. These scrolls often act as a pre-requisite for other Scientific Ninja Tools.

4. Drones

Miniature drones equipped with cameras and sensors to scout and surveil areas. They can stealthily provide intelligence on enemy movements and numbers without putting ninjas at risk. So far such drones have been used by both the Leaf Shinobi and their adversaries alike, especially Kara when Amado was on their side.

These drones could play a huge role in the future given that the Leaf is very vulnerable right now and surveillance and security would be one of their major concerns.

3. Chakra Saber

Specially designed chakra blades enhanced with various scientific ninja technologies. These swords combine ninja skills with advanced tech, essentially behaving like a lightsaber.

However, the currently available model consumes astronomical amounts of chakra and thus a normal shinobi can’t practically put it to use yet. Still, we might see this weapon return in the future.

2. Shinobi Gauntlet

This wrist-mounted device allows the user to store and utilize various ninjutsu techniques. By inputting a specific scroll within which a particular jutsu would be stored, the user can instantly unleash powerful Jutsus without needing chakra or training.

This was the same tool that Boruto used in the chunin exams which led to him getting disqualified, consequently making him loathe all kinds of scientific ninja tools.

1. Cyborg Bodies

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Kawaki kills Boruto, Courtesy of Studio Pierrot

Characters like Delta have modified their bodies with ninja tech implants that enhance their abilities. These cyborg bodies grant superhuman strength, speed, and stamina and even let users regrow limbs or substitute body parts for weapons.

Delta could reshape her arms into energy cannons for long-range attacks. Through means unknown so far, Amado is able to create these powerful Cyborgs and even give them Otsutsuki-level abilities.


Scientific ninja tools clearly provide a huge tactical edge but also raise ethical concerns about over-reliance on technology over true shinobi skills. However, they have become a core part of the Boruto series, shaping the future of the ninja world.

When the manga finally returns from its hiatus, whatever emerges next will likely integrate science with Chakra, eventually creating a new type of shinobi who primarily use Scientific Ninja Tools.

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