Top 5 similarities between Naruto and Black Clover

Top 5 similarities between Naruto and Black Clover

Yuki Tabata, the creator of Black Clover has been vocal about his sources of inspiration since day one. He has mentioned various titles in his interviews over the years such as Bleach and Yu Yu Hakusho.

One Shonen manga he has never mentioned is Naruto and the recent developments in Black Clover will make you question, how come? The latest chapters of Black Clover make it hard to deny the similarities between Naruto and Black Clover. 

Top 5 similarities between Naruto and Black Clover

Liebe and Asta
A still from Black Clover anime | Image Courtesy via IMDb

If you’ve been up to date with Black Clover, you must have come across the countless references the manga has made from Dio’s walk to the moment Nero calls out for Asta like Sakura does. All these references have become more obvious than ever in the final arc. Let’s trace back to chapter one to find out the similarities between Naruto and Black Clover. 

5. Asta’s Anti-Magic and Naruto’s Kurama Chakra Mode

Naruto Manga
Naruto shares his Chakra with the Shinobi Alliance | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

Asta’s new power-up screams dattebayo. For the final fight against Lucius, he trained in the Sun Kingdom. In the recent chapter, it was revealed that he can now transmit his anti-magic to with those whom he shares a close connection.

If you read the chapter it’ll instantly remind you of Naruto’s Kurama Chakra mode. Naruto shares Kurama’s Chakra with the Shinobi alliance. It was a key power-up for the entire shinobi world. 

4. Talk no Jutsu 


Asta and Naruto have similar personalities. While all Shonen MCs resemble each other in some way or another, Asta and Naruto have similar ways of doing things. Naruto’s mantra has always been to talk things out with his enemies or as fans like to call it, the ‘talk no jutsu’. Asta has followed a similar trajectory with the Black Bulls.

This ability to change people’s hearts by talking sense into them shined the most when both Naruto and Asta tried to win over the demons inside them. In Naruto’s case, it was Kurama. Whereas for Asta, it was Liebe. 

3. Licht and Kurama’s assault

The Nine-tailed Beast in Naruto anime | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Licht turned into a magic demon and attacked the Clover Kingdom. While this isn’t exactly similar to anything that happened in Naruto, the events that followed were reminiscent of Kurama’s assault on the Leaf Village. When Kurama attacked Leaf Village, the Hokage came to defeat him.

Similarly, Licht’s attack was stopped by the First wizard king, Lemiel. In both cases, the Wizard King and the Hokage had some history with the demons. 

2. Setup/Introduction

Black Clover Manga
First Chapter of Black Clover Manga | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

All shonen follow the same formula to an extent. The initial chapters of Naruto and Black Clover aren’t one-on-one copies of each other, but the way the story has been set up gives off similar energy. The main characters are the rivals, the power structure, and the mentor. Even the way Naruto and Asta are looked down upon will give you a similar heart-wrenching feeling. 

1. Sharingan and Yami flashback

Itachi and his Sharingan | Image Courtesy via IMDb 

Sharingan is indispensable to Naruto. An ability wielded by the strongest characters. It was one of the first powers introduced in the anime. In the recent chapters, the Shogun of the Sun Kingdom has a similar ability as the Sharingan. An eye that can look into the future. Even besides his powers, there have been other elements in the final arc that will remind you of Naruto.

Yami’s flashback is the perfect example of this. His flashback is identical to Itachi’s flashback. They both have younger siblings who despise them for the ‘sins’ they have committed. Even the sins are identical. 


Asta and Yuno
Asta and Yuno in Black Clover manga | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

Naruto and Black Clover in the same sentence is the perfect recipe to get the fans riled up. When Black Clover came out in 2015, Naruto fans were quick to point out the similarities between the two manga, as they usually are. Black Clover fans didn’t take it well and since then there’s been a cold war going on between the two fandoms.

None of that diminishes what the two titles stand for. While Naruto has left behind a legacy, Black Clover has established itself as a competent new-gen anime and manga. 

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