Top 5 Studio Ghibli Quotes

Top 5 Studio Ghibli Quotes

Studio Ghibli has been a hallmark of the picturesque and aesthetically enchanting world of animated cinema. The various Studio Ghibli quotes further add to the impeccable nature of the films and the strong messages that they attempt to convey through a very human approach.

The world of Studio Ghibli quotes is further dictated by the necessity of its meaning to be associated with the individual and the society, which clearly brings out a distinction between the fantastical reimagination of things in its cinema and the realness of its dialogues in the process of storytelling.

In this article, we will look at the Top 5 Studio Ghibli quotes and try to express and elaborate them accordingly to understand the nature of things in this certain cinematic approach.

Top 5 Studio Ghibli quotes (ranked)

5. Howl’s Moving Castle

Top 5 Studio Ghibli Quotes
Howl’s Moving Castle (2004). (Image credit goes to Studio Ghibli)

“They say the best blaze burns brightest when circumstances are at their worst.”

Howl’s Moving Castle is based on Diana Wynne Jones’s book of the same name and some of the sequences were tough to adapt, yet they successfully convey the book’s theme of bravery, love, and courage. The book revolves around the central character Sophie and her adventures with the wizard Howl. In search of a cure, Sophie, a young lady cursed to age, winds up working for this strange wizard named Howl.

  • These lines in Howl’s Moving Castle reiterate the undying courage that has been portrayed in the movie and additionally bring up the central theme of perseverance and dedication amidst misadventures and fear.
  • When the fire demon Calicfer questions his skills, Sophie defends herself against him and exhibits her benevolence, as well as her sharp perception and capacity to inspire people around her.

4. Princess Mononoke

Top 5 Studio Ghibli Quotes
Princess Mononoke (1997). (Image credit goes to Studio Ghibli)

“Life is suffering, it is hard. The world is cursed, but still, you find your reasons to keep on living.”

Princess Mononoke, one of Studio Ghibli’s most rigorous and deep films emphasizes strongly on the themes of environmentalism and non-violence, employing mythologically based characters and the breakdown of a primitive social structure to further its message. In the story, the forest and the human world are in conflict because of rapid deforestation and industrialization arising out of human greed and ignorance.

  • The way Princess Mononoke narrates its tale depicts all sides as nuanced and that majorly contributes to the striking imagery it portrays in the ongoing conflict of civilizations.
  • These lines are spoken by a minor character in the story named Osa who is a leprous human male.
  • It highlights the desperate nature of the movie’s main conflict and how fear has driven both parties to do risky actions, yet the narrative remains hopeful of a resolution of human conflict and the establishment of peace in the end.

3. Ponyo

Top 5 Studio Ghibli Quotes
Ponyo (2008). (Image credit goes to Studio Ghibli)

“I love Ponyo whether she is a fish, a human, or something in between.”

Ponyo is the story of Sosuke, a human boy, and the little goldfish princess who befriends him after having her wish momentarily realized. Unfortunately, things are not always easy for the duo as challenges arise out of desperation for the reinforcement and reestablishment of norms in the story.

  • These lines in Ponyo express the unconditional and selfless love for a non-human which Sosuke sees as more human than anybody else.
  • Sosuke expresses the unwavering love he has come to feel for Ponyo, which is representative of their ongoing existential crisis and the absurdity of thought behind it for the common man.
  • The film further tries to explore the bigger concepts of identity and the unbridled existentialism behind the thought.

2. The Secret World of Arrietty

Top 5 Studio Ghibli Quotes
The Secret World of Arrietty (2010). (Image credit goes to Studio Ghibli)

“My heart is stronger now that you’re in it.”

The titular character of The Secret World of Arrietty struggles to strike a balance between independence and maintaining a strong network of loved ones nearby to assist her in difficult times. Being an adventurous young lady, Arrietty the Borrower becomes friends with the human Sho via her natural curiosity. However, this link also puts her family, whom she loves dearly, in danger.

  • The link between the new companions is strengthened by this quotation, which also describes Arrietty’s love in a broader sense.
  • It is a selfless and hopeful kind of love that has an undertone of courage in it.
  • The character is deeply engrossed in the relationship and remains hopefully attached to the fact that a reality with differences could also be a pleasant possibility with the right person.

1. Spirited Away

Top 5 Studio Ghibli Quotes
Spirited Away (2001). (Image credit goes to Studio Ghibli)

“Once you’ve met someone, you never really forget them”

Spirited Away is the absolute gem by Studio Ghibli, which is also responsible for putting the studio and the industry on the international stage. It centers on a little girl named Chihiro who becomes imprisoned in the domain of spirits and must figure out how to escape with her abducted parents.

  • In Spirited Away, names and memories play a significant role. The lines mentioned above strongly play with the idea of memory and the formation of one’s reality and the perception of it through those memories.
  • The owner of the bathhouse, Yubaba, records the identities of her employees so she may manage them, which may cause memory loss. Zeniba, the kind twin sister of Yubaba, supports Chihiro in her mission by encouraging her to always remember who she truly is and to encourage others, like Haku, to do the same.


The listicle with the top 5 Studio Ghibli quotes is a coverage of the timeless thoughts and messages that the Ghibli movies have conveyed for such large audiences spanning generations. It is the symbolism of a diffusion of culture and philosophy into the realm of fantasy and what emerges out of it is a phantasmagorical experience of truth and tranquility.

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