Top 5 Swords in Sword Art Online

Top 5 Swords in Sword Art Online

In the virtual worlds of Sword Art Online, personal weapons play a pivotal role, often signifying the difference between triumph and tragedy. Among the myriad arms available, rare signature swords have etched their legacies through famous deeds, becoming emblematic of their legendary owners. Let’s look at the Top 5 Swords in Sword Art Online.

Top 5 Swords in Sword Art Online

5. Blue Rose Sword

Eugeo’s divine longsword, the Blue Rose Sword, is a testament to the power of intellect over sheer force. Forged from the mythical ice housing an eternal blue rose, the blade’s “Armament Full Control Art” conjures devastating icy fields, entrapping foes with its chilling might.

The slender design belies its exceptional cutting power, as seen when Eugeo successfully felled the colossal Gigas Cedar. The sword exemplifies Cardinal’s ingenuity, crafting unique weapons perfectly attuned to their wielders’ spirits.

4. Fragrant Olive Sword

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The ornate golden holy sword, wielded by Integrity Knight Alice Synthesis Thirty, represents the pinnacle of authority in the Underworld. With the gift of eternal immortality, the Fragrant Olive Sword unleashes a lethal swarm of petal blades harder than steel itself, wielded with masterful skill by Alice, clashing blades at blinding speed.

Its dazzling decorations and divine craftsmanship befit Alice’s speed, power, and prestige, solidifying her status as an indomitable knight.

3. Elucidator

Kirito’s signature pitch-black longsword, Elucidator, was forged from ultra-rare demonic boss drop metals. Renowned for its high damage, durability, and priority, the blade perfectly complements Kirito’s “Vorpal Strike” sword skill build.

It has proven its mettle by slaying floor bosses and standing toe-to-toe with legendary weapons. Elucidator stands as a symbol of Kirito’s unwavering resolve and cements his legacy as the formidable Black Swordsman.

2. Dark Repulser

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Crafted by Lisbeth, the slender aqua-hued Dark Repulser complements Kirito’s dual-wielding mastery, forged from a rare quest mineral that “repulses the darkness” with holy light. Lisbeth poured her heart and soul into its creation, making the Dark Repulser instrumental in Kirito’s journey to clear SAO.

The blade also reflects the bonds of trust that players formed within the virtual world, emphasizing the importance of camaraderie in the face of adversity.

1. Night Sky Sword

Above all others stands Kirito’s unbreakable black longsword, the Night Sky Sword, meticulously crafted from the sacred wood of the Gigas Cedar by the master Sadore. Surpassing even Eugeo’s Blue Rose Sword in priority class, it embodies Kirito’s unparalleled tenacity and determination.

But the true power of the Night Sky Sword lies in its representation of the unbreakable bond between Kirito and Eugeo, transcending mere friendship to something deeper and everlasting.


In the world of Sword Art Online, each exceptional personal blade carries a piece of its owner’s spirit. These legendary arms have left indelible marks on Aincrad and all other Virtual Worlds in SAO, forged with loyalty, courage, and tenacity. They will forever endure as eternal symbols of the heroes they enabled their fated masters to become, reminding us of the enduring power of friendship and the strength found in unity.

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