Top 5 Toxic Anime Fandoms

Top 5 Toxic Anime Fandoms

Anime fandoms are not a one-directional uniform mass of people. It has a lot of layers and the most vocal of them all represents the fandom. Keeping an account of that every anime fandom can make it to the list of the Top 5 toxic anime fandoms. But some fans like to go to extremes to express their love for their favorite anime or manga and vehemently so.

Top 5 Toxic Anime Fandoms 

5. One piece

The one-piece fandom is mostly wholesome and devoted to the anime with some problematic factions.  The hate spewers between characters such as Zoro and Sanji. It’s very apparent that the two characters share a healthy rivalry but it’s nowhere close to hate. Fans put these characters against each other to put them above their counterpart.

Top 5 Toxic Anime Fandoms (3)
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The fans who think One Piece is perfect wouldn’t shut up about it. Again nobody is denying how good One Piece is but you don’t need to put other anime down to prove how good One Piece is.

4. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 

It’s very well known that the fans of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood make sure that their favorite anime remains on the top of my anime list. Whenever any anime has overtaken Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood on my anime list, the fans are quick to review the other anime negatively to drag them back down.

Though it’s a mystery how it’s done, did one person start it and the rest of the fans just followed them or is it a group of fans coordinating their moves? How do so many people coordinate to carry out the process? It’s all just ridiculous at the end of the day but the fans have succeeded to keep the anime on top for over a decade. 

3. Naruto 

Top 5 Toxic Anime Fandoms
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  • Naruto fans draw parallels between every new Shounen anime and Naruto to conclude that every anime is a rip-off of Naruto. This happened with Black Clover, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Demon Slayer.
  • While all Shounen anime follow similar patterns the fans go out of their way to make the similarities between Naruto and other anime obvious. This helps them establish the superiority of Naruto or something.

2. Attack on Titan

Top 5 Toxic Anime Fandoms
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There’s no denying that Attack on Titan is a very good anime with well-written characters. However, the fans would go to any lengths to express their approval or disapproval over anything that happens in the manga or anime. Isayama was excessively criticized and threatened for the ending of Attack on Titan.

Criticism is fine but it should be done respectfully while acknowledging that the story belongs to him at the end of the day. He wrote it a certain way and you’re free to like or dislike it. There are also plenty of fans who go around defending mass genocide unironically. 

1. My Hero Academia

Top 5 Toxic Anime Fandoms (3)
Image Courtesy of Crunchyroll

The fandom is notorious for shipping characters and harassing the creator and the animators. Shipping is done by every fandom, but MHA fans take it one step further by shipping whoever they feel like, you’ll come across bizarre ships such as All Might and Deku, who is well, underage. This is extremely problematic.


Every popular anime has its fair share of troublesome fans. It’s fun to interact with people who love the same things as you do, but the sort of fans mentioned in this list makes it hard to do so. In the end, there is also a good deal of respectful fans combating the negativity of the fandom, making the interactions fun.


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