Top 5 Truck-kun Moments in Anime

Top 5 Truck-kun Moments in Anime

“Truck-kun” is a fun term used by the anime community to describe the recurring trope where a character gets hit or killed by a truck and dies in their original world before being reincarnated to another world. This is referred to as the “isekai” genre where the protagonist gets transported to another world, often set in a fantasy lore storyline, in a parallel universe or virtual reality.

Here are five iconic “Truck-kun” moments in anime that left an impression on the audience-


5. Angel Beats!

Top 5 Truck-kun Moments in Anime
Angel Beats! (Courtesy of P.A. Works)

“Angel Beats!” is a series that takes place in the afterlife, where a group of deceased students finds themselves in a high school-like setting known as the “Afterlife Battlefront.” Otonashi, the protagonist, awakens on this planet with no knowledge of his past life.  He joins the Afterlife Battlefront, a group that opposes Tenshi, the celestial student council president.

Truck-kun makes an appearance when the main protagonists attempt to devise a strategy to beat Tenshi. They realize that Tenshi is immune to conventional weaponry, so they devise a plan to use a truck as a weapon. Their objective is to distract Tenshi and then strike her with a speeding vehicle to momentarily incapacitate her.

4. Another

Top 5 Truck-kun Moments in Anime
Another (Image via IMDb)

“Another” is a psychological horror anime set in Yomiyama North Middle School, where a strange curse appears to be haunting a certain class. The curse causes a sequence of mysterious deaths, starting a search for the source of the curse.

  • The truck scene appears in the eighth episode of the series when one of the major protagonists, Mei Misaki, is crossing the street when a vehicle heads straight for her, seemingly out of control. She freezes up in fear and miraculously, the truck misses her by a hair’s breadth.
  • Truck-kun in this anime serves a different purpose altogether. It’s one thing to get hit by a truck and wake up in another world, it’s another to live with the trauma and fear of having a near-death experience.

3. Zombie Land Saga

Top 5 Truck-kun Moments in Anime
Zombieland Saga (Image courtesy of MAPPA)

“Zombie Land Saga,” tells the story of a group of girls who are reborn as zombies and entrusted with forming a popular idol group in order to revitalize the Saga Prefecture. Sakura Minamoto is one of the major protagonists, a high school student who dreams of becoming an idol before her unexpected demise because of a truck not once but twice.

When Sakura is late for an audition, she encounters Truck-Kun for the first time in the first episode. In her haste to reach a bus, she fails to detect an incoming truck and is killed as a result. The second time, Sakura is attempting to save her fellow zombie idols and she bravely stands in the way of a truck to protect them just before they are about to be hit. Instead of getting wounded, she humorously stops the vehicle with her own hands, demonstrating her super-strong zombie powers.

2. Re: Zero

Top 5 Truck-kun Moments in Anime
Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World
(Image courtesy of White Fox)

In the anime series “Re: Zero − Starting Life in Another World,” Subaru Natsuki is a regular high school student who is unexpectedly taken to a parallel universe after being hit by a truck outside of a convenience store. In this new universe, he unluckily gets tangled in a risky situation and is killed brutally.

  • He accepts his darned fate and succumbs to death only to replay the truck accident and wake up in the fantasy realm again in the exact same spot.
  • This makes him realize that he has the capacity to return to a precise moment in time, referred to as “Return by Death.”

The truck scene is just the first page of a series of adventures that Subaru takes to prevent his death and unravel the mysteries of the new world.

1. Konosuba

Top 5 Truck-kun Moments in Anime
Konosuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! (Image via IMDb)

Ranking in the first place would make one think that the protagonist gets hit by the truck in a heroic manner, but reduce your expectations to zero as it’s anything but that. In the series “Konosuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!” the main character Kazuma dies an embarrassing death by getting hit by a tractor while trying to save a girl from being hit by a passing truck.

In that instant, he suffers from a heart attack and passes away due to shock. This sets off the comedic isekai adventure where a goddess named Aqua gives him the opportunity to be reincarnated in a fantasy world and defeat the Demon King.


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