Top 5 Ways in which Dragon Ball Kakumei Anime could fix the problems of Dragon Ball Super

Top 5 Ways in which Dragon Ball Kakumei Anime could fix the problems of Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super was a long-awaited revival of the classic anime franchise but had some shortcomings in the eyes of fans. The fan-made doujinshi adaptation Dragon Ball Kakumei aims to course-correct and improve upon the original series. Let’s look at the Top 5 Ways in which Dragon Ball Kakumei Anime could fix the problems of Dragon Ball Super.

Top 5 Ways in which Dragon Ball Kakumei Anime could fix the problems of Dragon Ball Super

5. The Destroyed Universes

As a non-canon spinoff unbound by continuity restrictions, Dragon Ball Kakumei has the creative license to explore “what if” scenarios and alternate timelines the main series couldn’t. For example, seeing how Android 17’s wish to restore erased universes would radically impact the cosmos.

One fan theory suggests that 17s Wish might’ve restored the Universes previously destroyed by Zeno, setting up the foundations for quite an interesting saga.

4. Revisit and Expand Fan-Favorite Characters

Goku and Vegeta Artwork From Dragon Ball Super Manga
Image Courtesy of Viz Media

Certain characters like Future Trunks and Android 17 became surprise fan-favorites during Dragon Ball Super’s run. Kakumei could bring back and further develop these characters who strongly resonated with fans, instead of introducing underdeveloped new characters that failed to stick. Kakumei has room to deliver satisfying continuation and depth for those fan favorites.

3. Improve Pacing and Story Arcs

Dragon Ball Super struggled with uneven pacing at times, quickly rushing through major tournament arcs like the Universe 6 face-off while dragging out other arc portions.

Kakumei has the chance to smooth out the pacing and spend more time properly developing interesting narrative story arcs and events that felt cut short. It could also find the right balance and give appropriate screen time to do so.

2. Establish Clearer Power Scaling

Dragon Ball Super Top 5 Fighters in the Tournament of Power
Image Courtesy of Toei Animation

One common criticism of Dragon Ball Super was the inconsistent power scaling, with mortal fighters like Krillin inexplicably able to spar against Goku in his Super Saiyan Blue form. Dragon Ball Kakumei could establish firmer metrics and coherent rankings for the realms of godly ki versus regular mortal ki.

This would prevent jarring power-level inconsistencies that took fans out of the story’s tension and stakes. More defined power tiers would help the series avoid power scaling problems that plagued the original. Kakumei could even turn this into a plot point, adding a layer of uniqueness to the narrative.

1. Fully Develop All 12 Universes

Dragon Ball Super primarily focused on exploring Universe 6 and 7 of the total 12 parallel universes revealed in the series. With this vast cosmic mythology established, Kakumei has an opportunity to thoroughly flesh out and showcase the distinct origins, cultures, histories, warriors, and kaioshins of each individual universe.

Fans could finally see how the other universes functioned and their roles in the larger cosmology. This would significantly expand the world-building scope beyond the limited pair of universes featured before.


As an unofficial fan project, Kakumei is not restrained by canon and has the potential to realize the improvements fans wanted from Dragon Ball Super. While following its doujinshi roots, Kakumei could refine power scaling, pacing, world-building, and character growth to present an advanced Dragon Ball universe.

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