Top 5 Weakest Heroes in MHA

Top 5 weakest Heroes in MHA

The weakest Heroes in MHA are not weak in their strength and power but in their purpose and the larger contribution that they hold in the constant conflict between Heroes and Villains. It is not necessary that all pro Heroes in MHA are suited for combat.

Some of them also hold a contributory role in aiding other heroes during situations of emergency and responding to public emergencies. Their role and their title of a Hero comes from their unique role which might even add in the littlest percentage towards complementing the larger purpose of the Hero society.

Top 5 Weakest Heroes in MHA – Ranked

5. Manual

Going by the Hero name Manual, Masaki Mizushima possesses the quirk to control water. He is the no. 222 pro Hero and is a very attentive person. Manual is very kind, compassionate, and helpful towards everyone. He dreams of becoming a role model for all other heroes in My Hero Academia but his ordinary quirk in an extraordinary conflict of the Hero-Villain society doesn’t allow him to stand out as unique.

Top 5 weakest Heroes in MHA
Manual in MHA anime. (Image courtesy of Studio Bones)
  • Manual doesn’t hold any exceptional skill aside from his quirk, which also deems him useless in situations of heavy conflict.
  • He is not suited for combat and doesn’t have a battle intellect like Deku or other pro heroes of his stature.
  • That makes him one of the weakest heroes in MHA, and considerably the most ordinary.

4. Mr. Principal

Nezu, or Mr. Principal, is the head of the U.A. High School. He is an extremely intelligent being and holds the position due to his intellect which surpasses even a normal human’s. Nezu is an animal who manifested a quirk that allows him to have better senses and an ability to talk. He also possesses a combination of various animals, making him a Chimera.

Top 5 weakest Heroes in MHA
Mr. Principal. (Image courtesy of Studio Bones)

But, Nezu is highly unsuitable for battle. He has a fragile build and is extremely short and stout for facing battle. He is an excellent strategist and planner and plays that role very justifiably in the series. Mr. Principal is among the weakest heroes in MHA due to his inability to face battle situations, making him entirely useless in that process.

3. Lunch Rush

Top 5 weakest Heroes in MHA
Lunch Rush (Image credit goes to illustrator Kลhei Horikoshi)
  • Lunch Rush is the pro hero who is the chef in charge at the U.A. High School cafeteria.
  • He does not hold a major role in the series and can always be seen in a chef’s attire.

He rarely speaks but his personality is very cheerful and active. Lunch Rush is not a combat Hero and has no physical attributes that are suitable for combat. Even during the Final War arc, his role was to provide a constant supply of food to Yaoyorozu. His responsibility is a significant one but he is among the weakest Heroes in MHA due to his unsuitability with combat.

2. Backdraft

Backdraft is a firefighter hero at the Musutafu Fire Department. Like Manual, he is also a hero with the water quirk, but unlike Manual, he is a rescue Hero. He holds the quirk of controlling water through his hoses in place of his hands. He has an impressive control over his quirk and is an excellent firefighter.

Top 5 weakest Heroes in MHA
Backdraft. (Image courtesy of Studio Bones)

Backdraft might be a good firefighter but he is not a combat hero. His forte is search and rescue, but he can hardly face any villain in combat. Backdraft’s most significant role was his trying to stop the Sludge Villain during the Entrance Examination arc. He has weak physical features for a hero as well. This makes Backdraft not just an ordinary hero, but also one of the weakest Heroes in MHA.

1. Recovery Girl

Chiyo Shuzenji, known by her hero name Recovery Girl, is a frail old woman who is a nurse at the U.A. High School. She is known for her kisses (creeping out a lot of her patients), which are supposedly a healing touch for injured heroes. Her ‘quirky kisses’ speed up the healing process of an injured hero by multiple folds.

Top 5 weakest Heroes in MHA
Recovery Girl (Image courtesy of Studio Bones)

Despite her significant role in the series, Recovery Girl doesn’t possess any notable physical attributes and is highly unsuitable for battle.

  • Moreover, Recovery Girl cannot cure severe injuries and fatal wounds. She can only recover the ones with a few broken bones and wounds.
  • Recovery Girl also proves to be useless for the public domain as she can only recover Heroes with ‘minor injuries’. This makes her the weakest of all heroes in MHA.


The top 5 weakest Heroes in MHA are comprised of heroes who do not possess any combat abilities. The most integral role played by any hero is to rescue the citizens and eliminate the threat posed by the villain. But these certain heroes are only useful when it comes to minor contributions and do not see the face of the battlefield, making them incongruous with the existence of the Hero society.

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