Ghost Stories Anime English Dub is Fire and here are top 5 anime like it that you should watch

A still from Ghost Stories anime

Listening to the title “Ghost Stories anime” might give you an initial impression of horror anime filled with terrifying characters. However,  this 2000 era anime took the original Japanese horror series “Gakkō no Kaidan” and flipped it on its head, injecting it with a hilarious dose of self-aware humor, pop culture references, and downright absurd situations.

The result? A cult classic that’s more meme than anime, and a must-watch for anyone who appreciates a good laugh (and maybe a jump scare or two). 

The following article is divided into two parts, firstly my take on why Ghost Stories Anime English Dub is about the littest dub ever, and the second part follows five recommendations that are similar to Ghost Stories.

What makes the Ghost Stories anime English dub so fire?

Abridged Dubbing

A still from Ghost Stories anime
A still from Ghost Stories anime (Image via Studio Pierrot)

The kind of dubbing Ghost Stories anime called is pretty common within the anime community, however it is usually done by fans and content creators to create a parody of original anime. Abridged dub provides creative freedom to the Voice Actors allowing them to improvise each dialogue on their own. The Ghost Stories anime received its popularity due to adopting the parody dubbing in the official English dub of the show. It completely changed the genre from Children’s horror show to dark comedy targeted towards adults.

Hilariously Inappropriate Humor

Homophobic Jokes in Ghost Stories anime
Homophobic Jokes in Ghost Stories anime (Image via Studio Pierrot)

The dub writers took some serious liberties with the original script, injecting it with tons of adult humour, pop culture references, and even some meta-jokes that poke fun at anime tropes themselves. The dubbed version is so highly inappropriate, that it would not take it even a second to be cancelled on the internet if it actually received the recognition it deserves. The jokes are racist, anti-Christian, homophobic and all the things that go against the woke ideology. 

But hey, this is a parody! It’s not meant to be taken seriously. It’s like watching a horror movie with your friends, cracking jokes and poking fun.

Characters with crank-upgraded personalities

Biblical references in Ghost Stories anime
Biblical references in Ghost Stories anime (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Improvisation allowed the voice actors to convert bland and simple characters into absurd personalities which breathed life into them. Momoko, the bland, ever-smiling medium is turned into a Jesus-loving, narrow-minded riot.

She is the no-nonsense leader who’s secretly a devout Christian with a penchant for holy water puns. Keiichirou, the whiny kid, becomes a scream-talking, gibberish-spouting goofball thanks to Greg Ayres’ energetic performance, earns himself the nickname Mentally Retarded (yes, they went there). 

Professional Delivery, Hilarious Intent

Making fun of anime Cliches in Ghost Stories anime
Making fun of anime Cliches in Ghost Stories anime (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Despite the crazy script, the voice actors are top-notch. They deliver their lines with perfect comedic timing which makes even the most nonsensical jokes land. Rob Mungle’s portrayal of the demon Amanojaku (who is actually the possessed cat with a surfer dude attitude perfectly) is particularly noteworthy, for making the early 2000’s shitposting humor succeed.  

So bad it’s good

The dub is completely based on offensive humour, with casual racist and homophobic jokes peppering the script. Words considered slurs today were tossed around freely. While some view this as part of its “so-bad-it’s-good” charm, it undoubtedly leaves a bitter taste for others. Remember, this was 2005, a different time in terms of societal allergies. Ghost Stories dub is a comedic anomaly. It’s undeniably funny, pushing boundaries in ways few shows dare. But its humour is deeply rooted in offensiveness, making it an extremely dark time capsule.

If you loved the Ghost Stories anime for its absurdity, hilarious dub and randomness, here is the list of anime with similar reputations, you can also subscribe to the Spielanime Newsletter for similar recommendations. 

Top Anime like Ghost Stories 

5. Hellsing Ultimate

A still from the Hellsing Ultimate anime
A still from the Hellsing Ultimate anime (Image via Studio Gonzo)

Looking for something with a bit more action alongside the humour? Hellsing Ultimate offers a dark and stylish blend of gothic horror, vampire action, and surprisingly funny moments. The dub isn’t quite as outlandish as Ghost Stories anime, but it still delivers witty dialogue and some truly laugh-out-loud moments amidst the bloodshed.

The anime follows Integra Hellsing who is the leader of a secret organization that battles supernatural threats. Integra has vampire butler Alucard, who’s both powerful and hilariously sardonic. The animation is top-notch, the action sequences are intense, and the humour, while dark and sometimes crude, is perfectly placed to balance the show’s darker themes. 

4. Crayon Shin-Chan

A still from Crayon Shin-Chan
A still from Crayon Shin-Chan (Image via Shin-Ei Animation)

This little five-year-old hellion is a walking, talking hurricane of inappropriate humour. From mooning strangers to picking wedgies, Shin-chan takes aim at social norms with a gleeful disregard for consequences. It’s not for the easily offended, but if you can handle toilet humour and subversive wit, Shin-chan’s antics are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone. Think of it as Ghost Stories’ pint-sized predecessor, but way less subtle (and way more likely to get you banned from public spaces).

3. High School DxD

A still from High School DxD
A still from High School DxD (Image via TNK Studios)

If you’re looking for something with a bit more…ecchiness, High School DxD delivers. Issei Hyoudou, our perverted protagonist, dies protecting a cute girl, only to be revived as a Devil and forced to join her Occult Research Club. Expect boob jokes, fan service galore, and supernatural battles that are more about cleavage than combat. While the plot is thin and the characters archetypal, DxD’s humor lies in its shameless embrace of its genre’s clichés. Think of it as Ghost Stories’ R-rated cousin, cranking the lewdness up to eleven while still throwing in some monster-bashing action. Just remember, this one’s not for the kiddos. 

2. Sgt. Frog

A Still from Sgt. Frog anime
A Still from Sgt. Frog anime (Image via Sunrise Studio)

This wacky parody series throws everything from mecha anime to fairy tales into a blender and hits puree. Keroro, an alien frog prince crash-lands on Earth, forcing the Hinata family to deal with his intergalactic shenanigans. The anime will give you the most absurdist humour, nonsensical plots, and characters so over-the-top they’d make even Ghost Stories blush. The only downside is about Sgt. Frog’s is that only 78 episodes have been dubbed in English until now and the dubbing was discarded later. However, we are hoping that one day we might get 358 episodes dubbed in a similar way.

1. Gintama

A still from Gintama anime
A still from Gintama anime (Image via Sunrise Studio)
  • IMDb Rating: 8.7/10
  • Genre: Comedy, Science Fiction, Action, Parody
  • Where to watch: Crunchyroll, Netflix, Hulu

Imagine a world where aliens rule feudal Japan, samurai wield laser swords, and the main character is a lazy, silver-haired slacker named Gintoki. That’s Gintama in a nutshell. What’s worse is the homonym of Gintama i.e. Kintama literally translates to Golden Balls (Yep, it is slang for whatever you are thinking). This anime throws everything at the wall: historical references, pop culture parodies (from Will Smith to Dragon Ball), and enough vulgar humor to make your sides hurt. 

This anime has legendary characters who break the fourth wall like it’s made of rice paper. But beneath the surface, Gintama hides surprisingly heartfelt moments and deep characters. Despite not having a complete dubbed version yet, its ability to reference every anime to ever exist within its often absurd plot earns it the number one place in this list.


While the Ghost Stories anime may be downright offensive in today’s liberal era, it is important to know that humour is subjective. What one considers a fire dubbing may not be loved in a similar way by the others. As long as the humour is not taken seriously, Ghost Stories’ dubbed version will always be an example of what masterpiece creative freedom can result in.  

Ultimately, the best way to find anime that tickles your funny bone is to explore and experiment.  However, if you’re looking for anime that embraces the ridiculous, the outrageous, and the downright offensive, these aforementioned 5 shows might just be your cup of (highly caffeinated) tea

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