Top 5 JC Staff Anime that give us the confidence that One Punch Man Season 3 will be great again

Ayuzawa and Saiki K

With the recent news of JC Staff animating One Punch Man Season 3, we have had quite some opportunities to look back at few of their works that are most appreciated by the fans. Surely while the second season of One Punch Man was almost unanimously termed a failure, the following list provides some justification to why the third season could be a banger.

These anime series are known for their wide range of subjects and themes that they address with precision and ease. Some of their greatest works range from hearty comedies to soul-touching slice-of-life series. With a list that includes and signifies a tremendously successful franchise, JC Staff anime represents a robust collection of stories that have been appreciated time and again.

Top 5 JC Staff anime series ranked

In this section, we shall be looking at the top JC Staff anime while taking into consideration various user reviews, rating parameters, and critical views. While this list is purely subjective and is based on deductive reasoning, readers’ viewpoints might differ. Feel free to interact in our comment section and recommend your favourite JC Staff anime series.

5. Maid Sama!

Takumi Usui and Ayuzawa Misaki in Maid Sama.
Maid Sama anime. (Image credit goes to J.C.Staff)

Release Year: 2010
Total Episodes: 26
IMDb Rating: 7.9/10
MAL Rating: 8/10

Maid Sama anime, also known by its Japanese name Kaichou wa Maid Sama,  has been regarded as one of the most well-appreciated Anime series, particularly when in the context of a large crowd of female audience, given its rom-com setting

  • The narrative centers on Ayuzawa Misaki, a student at a school where there is a conspicuously high male-to-female ratio, who has worked hard to become president of the student council.
  • Even so, Misaki manages to establish a strong, authoritative persona that solidifies her position in the school government—a quality that is frequently exaggerated in anime shows.
  • But when Usui Takumi, the ladykiller, finds out about Misaki’s part-time work at a maid café, everything is at risk.

Maid Sama! is undoubtedly one of the finest JC Staff anime series out there and has time and again proved itself as a hearty watch even though it was canceled abruptly. For fans who are looking for a short series to binge and take in a heart full of comedy, this is the show for you!

4. Toradora!

Aisaka Taiga and Ryuuji in Toradora anime.
Toradora anime. (Image credit goes to J.C.Staff)

Release Year: 2008
Total Episodes: 25
IMDb Rating: 8/10
MAL Rating: 8.07/10

  • Toradora anime is a romantic comedy that follows the life of Ryuuji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka on a rollercoaster journey of love and friendship.
  • Ryuuji is a kind-hearted high school student who enjoys housekeeping; nonetheless, his frightening appearance often leads to him being labelled as a delinquent.
  • Taiga, on the other hand, is a petite, doll-like student who is far from delicate. With a wooden katana in her possession and a fiery disposition, Taiga is referred to as the “Palmtop Tiger” by everyone at the school.

The two pupils cross paths one day due to an awkward oversight. Ryuuji finds out that Taiga is not all that bad; she has a thing for Yuusaku Kitamura, the vice president, and his best buddy. But when Ryuuji admits that he has a crush on Taiga’s closest friend Minori, things only become wilder!

3. Food Wars

Soma Yukihira in Food Wars
Food Wars anime. (Image credit goes to J.C.Staff)

Release Year: 2015
Total Episodes: 92
IMDb Rating: 8.1/10
MAL Rating: 8.14/10

Food Wars anime, also known as Shokugeki no Souma, is among J.C. Staff’s most well-liked and prosperous anime for a variety of reasons outside of its meticulous and heightened portrayal of the food world. In addition to Yukihira Souma, the protagonist, overcoming elitism only through talent and diligence, the series offers a sometimes contentious but masterfully blended perspective on the experience of eating.

  • The basic plot of Shokugeki no Souma is centered primarily around the adventures of Souma at the Totsuki Culinary Academy. For as long as he can remember, Souma Yukihira has been cooking with his father Jouichirou.
  • He has spent years honing his culinary skills and creating new meals to wow his patrons as a sous chef at his father’s restaurant.
  • He hopes to surpass his father’s abilities and eventually take over the restaurant, but he is horrified to hear that Jouichirou is shutting down to accept a position in New York.

Instead of following in his father’s footsteps, Souma ends up enrolling in the esteemed TCA, from which only ten percent, and at times even a few, of students graduate. The school is well-known for its “Shokugeki” events, which are competitive culinary contests among students that are frequently used to resolve conflicts. Souma personifies talent with ease and creates dishes that are so good that they have everyone’s clothing falling apart as he fights his way through one culinary challenge after another at TCA.

2. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

Kusuo Saiki - the psychic MC of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K anime.
The Disastrous Life of Saiki K anime. (Image credit goes to J.C.Staff)

Release Year: 2016
Total Episodes: 146
IMDb Rating: 8.3/10
MAL Rating: 8.41/10

  • The Disastrous Life of Saiki K is an underappreciated comedy anime that features crazy ideas that keep coming up as the plot chronicles the turbulent life of high school psychic Saiki Kusuo.
  • Kusuo only wants an easy existence, one in which ignorance is bliss, as the hassles his powers bring him are endless but the people he encounters at school and the environment he lives in only make his issues worse.
  • But Saiki’s tendency to address these issues with such seriousness that they lack nuance makes for the ideal counterpoint for never-ending humor.

Although psychic powers can appear like a benefit to the normal person, Kusuo Saiki could not be further from the truth in this regard. Possessing an extensive range of psychic skills, such as telepathy and x-ray vision, he believes that this supposed boon is actually a burden.

Although Kusuo tries to avoid the spotlight by keeping his abilities a secret from his peers, he unintentionally draws the attention of a number of strange personalities, including the naive Riki Nendou and the idiotic Shun Kaidou. If you are also a fan of Mob Psycho 100, you might also want to have a look at this: Saiki K vs Mob: Who’s the better psychic?

1. Prison School

A scene from the Prison School anime.
Prison School anime. (Image credit goes to J.C.Staff)

Release Year: 2015
Total Episodes: 12
IMDb Rating: 7.6/10
MAL Rating: 7.60/10

Hachimitsu Private Academy, located on the outskirts of Tokyo, is a distinguished all-girls boarding school known for providing a high-quality education to dedicated pupils. However, all of this is about to change as a result of a review of the school’s most prominent policy, which allows males to enrol.

Akira Hiramoto’s Prison School is an ecchi-comedy anime about a group of male students who enrol in an all-female boarding school owing to policy changes. However, as a result of their acts, the boys have been imprisoned in the school jail.

Despite its unexpected discontinuation, Prison School is widely regarded as one of the best comedy anime to have aired in the last couple of years, according to several critics. Prison School is undeniably unforgettable, with its raunchy, adult-like humor.

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Although anime fans continue to debate whether JC Staff is one of the best anime studios out there, it is evident from their enormous contributions to numerous anime shows and movies over their 30 years in the industry that they are arguably one of the best studios out there. This listicle is based on popular reviews, but there are undoubtedly many more shows and movies with an impressive plot and amazing animation. For more anime updates, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter on Spiel Anime!

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