Top 5 Shoujo manga that deserves an anime adaptation

Shoujo Manga that deserve an anime

The world of Shoujo, for the most part, is a territory unknown and unexplored. Very few shoujo manga get the recognition that they deserve. In recent times, the landscape has observed a slight shift with more shoujo manga getting good anime adaptations. And here we are riding that wave with a list of some shoujo manga that deserves an anime adaptation.

Shoujo Manga that deserves an anime adaptation 

5) Namaikizakari

Namaikizakari Shoujo Manga
Naruse and Machida from Namaikizakari | Image Courtesy of Yen Press

Machida Yuki is the manager of the basketball club. Her crush on the team captain is her secret until Naruse Shou finds out. Naruse is the annoying first year but declares her love for Yuki and a lifetime of fun banter unfolds. 

Namaikizakari has a great progression where we get ample time to warm up to the main characters. Yuki’s transition into a college student accounts for some interesting plot developments. Their romance is extremely fun to follow because of the continuous banters and playful dynamics. Although in the later chapters, the manga loses its charm which makes it perfect for the incomplete shoujo trend, we get to experience all the good without any of the bad. 

4) Honey Lemon Soda

Honey Lemon Soda Shoujo manga
Uka and Kai | Image Courtesy of Yen Press


Honey Lemon Soda by Mayu Murata is one of the most renowned shojo manga of recent years. Years of bullying in her younger years moulded Uka into an overly quiet individual. Her interactions with the boy who reminds her of Honey Lemon Soda push her to slowly break out of her shell. 

Most of the defining shoujo tropes have become outdated. Honey Lemon Soda is a modernized take on those tropes, it dials down the drama in the plot but pushes it through the art style. In the fluff moments, there are sparkles and epiphanies accompanied by beautifully drawn panels. It can be a good gateway for someone who wants to tap into the world of older shojo anime. 

3) Daytime Shooting Star (Hirunaka No Ryuusei)

Yosano from Hirunaka no Ryuusei
Suzume Yosano | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

After her parents transfer, country girl Suzume Yosano moves to Tokyo to live with her uncle. Upon her arrival in Tokyo, she gets saved by a stranger who turns out to be her teacher. Yosano’s high school life in this new city turns out to be full of lovely surprises. 

Daytime Shooting Star is quite contentious for the age gap angle, but the author acknowledges the issue quite well. The art style of the manga is breathtaking, extremely clean, and elegant, having all that beauty transitioning to anime will be a dream come true. It’s a great slice-of-life high school romance with a lively cast of characters that invigorate every plot line with their personalities. 

2) Waiting for Spring (Haru Matsu Bokura)

Haru Matsu Bokura Shoujo Manga
Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA

One day, the shy and quiet Mitsuki gets acquainted with the handsome boys from her school’s basketball team. This surprising encounter accelerates her luck with friendship and romance.

The main attraction of Waiting for Spring is the characters. From friends to the love rival, everyone makes you want to root for them. The central couple are the sweetest high-schoolers trying their best with their first romance. The sprinkle of sports-element adds to the enjoyment by introducing competition in different ways. 

1) Queen’s Quality

Queen's Quality Shoujo Manga
Kyutaro and Fumi | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

In a world where negative emotions take up the souls of humans in the form of bug infestations, some sweepers cleanse the affected individuals. The Horikita family, a family of sweepers, takes in Fumi Nishioka, a young girl suffering from amnesia. Fumi turns out to be a Queen capable of controlling minds, but she needs to gain control of her powers before evil takes over. 

Queen’s Quality deserves an anime adaptation for its good blend of supernatural and romance. The manga features some horrifying imagery to communicate the roots of bug infestations, which is phenomenal. There are beautiful panels of the queen. Even through the black and white pages, you can feel the person’s life getting brighter after some sweeping. Kyutaro’s dedication towards Fumi and their relationship takes great care of the romance front as well.


With this list, we have brought to you some of the most beloved manga from Shoujo Sphere. There’s a plethora of hidden gems that will fill your heart with moe from all the wholesomeness, and having anime adaptations will just multiply the enjoyment!

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