Top 10 Characters to look forward in upcoming Solo Leveling Anime episodes

Characters that might appear in the season one of the Solo Leveling anime

As we anticipate each episode of Solo Leveling anime with plenty of curiosity, there are many more characters and plot twists to come that are going to blow your mind. While the spotlight may shine brightly on Sung Jinwoo, the World’s Weakest Hunter turned badass hero, there are numerous other powerful individuals waiting to steal the show. So, get ready to level up your excitement as we explore the top 10 characters that you absolutely cannot miss in the upcoming episodes of Solo Leveling anime.

But how do we measure how much of the Manhwa will appear in the Anime?

  • Keep in mind that as of now, there are only 12 confirmed Solo Leveling Anime Episodes, which we believe will cover til the point when Sung Jin-woo gets Igris as a shadow army.
  • But there have been potential discussions of a second cour, as well as a potential second season.

Attest this with the fact that Solo Leveling Anime had a tremendously successful run in its international audience, hugely increasing producers’ inclination towards the production of a second season. Considering all that in mind, we will be suggesting top characters that appear in manhwa chapters to 81, whom we feel will be a tremendous entry in the Anime.

(Keeping in line the fact that Solo Leveling Manhwa reigns over 190+ chapters, 80 chapters and below felt like a reasonable deal for how much of the Manhwa could practically be adapted in the first place. )

Potential Upcoming Characters in Solo Leveling Anime Season 1

10. Iron

Iron in Solo Leveling Manhwa
Iron in Solo Leveling Manhwa (Image via KakaoPage)

First appearance in Manhwa: Chapter 54

Iron is a boisterous shadow knight who embodies chaos in a suit of armour. He charges headfirst into battle, causing a ruckus with his oversized ax. He taunts enemies, boasts of his kills, and might even be a bit of a dunce, as Jinwoo sees it.

He is also one of the most controversial shadows of Jinwoo. Despite being a fool, Iron is an extremely valuable asset to Jinwoo, thanks to his raw power and his utmost loyalty to him. His appearances do offer some comedic relief and explosive action scenes due to his arbitrary nature. 

9. Blood-Red Commander Igris

Blood-Red Commander Igris in Solo Leveling Manhwa
Blood-Red Commander Igris in Solo Leveling Manhwa (Image via KakaoPage)

First appearance in Manhwa: Chapter 38

Towering in blood-red armor, Igris commands respect with his unwavering loyalty. This noble knight once served the legendary Shadow Monarch, and his dedication to his master shines through. But don’t mistake his chivalry for weakness – Igris wields a massive red sword which is literally as big as him, as seen in the manhwa during his epic duel with Jinwoo.

This knight refuses to serve without a purpose, but once Jinwoo earns his respect, Igris becomes a dedicated protector and the very first shadow of Jinwoo. Igris is perhaps so far the most awaited and anticipated character appearance in Solo Levelling Anime for the fandom at large.

8. Igris

Igris in Solo Leveling Manhwa
Igris in Solo Leveling Manhwa (Image via KakaoPage)

First appearance in Manhwa: Chapter 38

  • Yes, another Igris! But this one’s covered in black and purple, serving as Jinwoo’s loyal shadow knight.
  • Unlike his blood-red counterpart, this Igris is stoic and respectful, kneeling before his master after every victory.
  • While the previous one appeared as an enemy, this Igris is post Sung Jin-woo turning his enemy into a shadow army.

He’s a master swordsman, often presenting Jinwoo with the heads of vanquished enemies (much to Iron’s amusement). He is even able to face-off Jinwoo’s one of the strongest shadow warriors: Beru. He might be appearing anytime sooner in the anime, that too in an epic battle against the protagonist.

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7. Esil Radiru

Esil Radiru n Solo Leveling Manhwa
Esil Radiru n Solo Leveling Manhwa (Image via KakaoPage)

First appearance in Manhwa: Chapter 81

Esil is a fiery demon girl, might be pint-sized, but her personality packs a punch. Despite being an S-rank demon, she looks a lot like a human. With vibrant purple hair and piercing red eyes, she possesses a surprising honesty and charm. However, her youthful look may be deceiving as Esil is a cunning survivor.

Her personality swings between charming openness and shameless self-preservation, even pleading for her life while her knights fall. While her appearance in the first season of Solo Leveling anime isn’t actually guaranteed, whenever she comes we might get to see some of the shocking twists in the series.

If the rumors are true, and Solo Leveling anime is actually extended till episode 24, we can expect more of such characters to be animated for our amusement. whatever the case may be, you can stay up-to-date with the latest information by subscribing to the Spielanime Newsletter.

6. Baruka

Baruka in Solo Leveling Manhwa
Baruka in Solo Leveling Manhwa (Image via KakaoPage)

First appearance in Manhwa: Chapter 52

This ice elf exudes an air of icy arrogance. With snow-white hair, piercing blue skin, and a cruel grin, he looks like a icy-fied version of Madara Uchiha. He embodies pure sadism, taking pleasure in human suffering. But don’t underestimate him as a mere sadistic demon– Baruka’s intellect surpasses most magic beasts, and his magical prowess can be devastating. This icy foe quickly realizes Jinwoo is not quite human and offers a chilling deal: sacrifice your friends for your life. Talk about a tough choice!  


5. Vulcan

Vulcan in Solo Leveling Manhwa
Vulcan in Solo Leveling Manhwa (Image via KakaoPage)

First appearance in Manhwa: Chapter 58

Looking for pure, unadulterated strength? Look no further than Vulcan. This morbidly obese demon is an S-rank magic beast who packs a punch (or rather, a club) like no other. He is a three-eyed beast, with a gluttonous demon-like appearance. Just like he looks, he is immensely massive and his raw power is enough to make him a nearly undefeatable opponent.

For some scenes, he looks as if he is capable of keeping even the mighty Jinwoo on his toes. Despite his size, the beast fuels his own anger. When pushed to the limit, Vulcan enters a berserker mode, amplifying his strength and pain tolerance. There are certainly some earth-shattering clashes as Jinwoo faces off against this behemoth.

4. Architect

Architect and his creation in Solo Leveling Manhwa
Architect and his creation in Solo Leveling Manhwa (Image via KakaoPage)

First appearance in Manhwa: Chapter 6

The Architect, a monstrous statue with glowing eyes and a twisted grin, is the embodiment of pure evil. He’s a powerful player in the Hunter world, manipulating events from behind the scenes. This sadistic being, loyal to the Monarchs, derives pleasure from manipulating humans and orchestrating their downfall.

Just when you think that Sung Jinwoo has finally won against the ultimate boss, the architect brings out something bigger to defeat. His chilling presence and psychotic personality are sure to send shivers down your spine. His appearance in the anime will be as chilling as that chilling scene where he revealed his true face after Jinwoo’s punch in the Solo Leveling Manhwa. 

3. Hwang Dongsoo

Hwang Dongsoo in Solo Leveling
Hwang Dongsoo in Solo Leveling (Image via KakaoPage)

First appearance in Manhwa: Chapter 24

Love to hate him? Then Hwang Dongsoo is your guy. This A-rank hunter embodies everything despicable: arrogance, cruelty, and whatnot. Even though he is a human himself, he has a complete disregard for human life.  His overconfidence, often leading him to underestimate stronger opponents like Jinwoo, serves as a constant source of amusement and, sometimes, frustration. Though he may be a cruel person with murderous tendencies, he is a villain with morals. He always respects power. We can expect him to appear in the next episode of Solo Leveling anime.

2. Yoo Myunghan

Yoo Myunghan in Solo Leveling Manhwa
Yoo Myunghan in Solo Leveling Manhwa (Image via KakaoPage)

First appearance in Manhwa: Chapter 57

What’s a show without an arrogant and strict business tycoon who loves pushing the protagonist’s buttons? Yoo Myunghan fills that position, he is a big industrialist in Korea and also the father of a D-rank Hunter, Jinho.

He is also Chairman of the Yoojin Constructions (A company that owns the Yoojin Guild). As per him, he created the guild not for the profit motive but to protect his family. Despite his initial ego, Yoo Myunghan goes through considerable character development that we would love to witness on our screens. 

1. Sung Il-Hwan

Sung Il-Hwan in Solo Leveling Manhwa
Sung Il-Hwan in Solo Leveling Manhwa (Image via KakaoPage)

First appearance in Manhwa: Chapter 56

Jinwoo’s stoic, no-nonsense father might seem like a background character at first, but there’s more to him than meets the eye. As an S-rank Hunter himself, Il-Hwan harbours a mysterious past riddled with untold battles and sacrifices. Sung II-Hwan is just like he looks, he possesses extreme strength and the ability to camouflage within the surroundings.

He can even perform Star Wars-like techniques where he can move things through telekinesis. Besides his powers,  his quiet strength and support for Jinwoo plays a supporting role for Jin Woo’s character development. In later episodes, we might be able to witness more of Il-Hwan’s interactions with his son Jin-woo.


So, there you have it! These are just 10 of the many powerful characters waiting to steal the show in the Solo Leveling anime. Each one brings their own abilities, and story to the table, ensuring a watch-worthy battle that we cannot help but be excited for. Just when we think that we have our favourite character besides the protagonists decided, Solo Leveling anime will introduce us to the better ones. When will these characters appear? Only time will tell. Till then, Adios.

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