Hello World Anime: Top 5 streaming sites to use (Region Wise Guide)

A still of Ruri Ichigou during their date from Hello World anime movie

The Hello World Anime movie gained popularity due to its visually appealing style and successfully blending 2D and 3D animating styles together. And if you’re eager to experience it for yourself, you might be wondering where to watch it, hence, we have prepared a guide to top 5 streaming services where you can enjoy the movie. However, there are only a few regions that have managed to get the licensing rights for providing the services: Japan, Russia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Indonesia. 

Note: If you are not from any of the above regions, worry not; we will keep track of these streaming platforms and others to provide you with future updates. They are very likely to offer the anime in additional regions for rental or purchase services once they acquire the license.

Hello World Anime Where to Watch

Ruri and Naomi at the fireworks festival | Hello World where to watch guide
Ruri and Naomi at the fireworks festival | Courtesy of Graphinica

The licensing rights affect where you can stream/download certain anime and it is quite unfortunate that the Hello World anime is not officially available in many countries. Yet, we have compiled the data of a few OTT platforms that do provide streaming/rental services for Hello World.

5) Apple Tv

Apple TV offers a large library of movies and TV shows available for rent or purchase, Hello World is available for purchase in Japan, Russia, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. You can access it through the Apple TV app on various devices, including iPhones, iPads, Macs, and smart TVs. Rentals typically last for 48 hours after you start watching and the pricing may vary depending on the region.

4) Google Play

Ruri Ichigou right before Naomi's confession in Hello World anime
Ruri Ichigou right before Naomi’s confession | Courtesy of Graphinica

Similar to Apple TV, Google Play also provides rental services for Hello World. Accessible through the Google Play Movies & TV app, it works on Android devices, iOS devices, and smart TVs with Google Play support. Rentals are generally good for 48 hours.

3) Prime Video

Through Amazon Prime Video, you can access a collection of movies included with your Prime membership (subscription required). Additionally, there’s a large selection of movies available for rent or purchase. Rentals are generally good for 48 hours.

2) Rakuten Tv

Ruri with Future Naomi (Sensei)
Ruri with Future Naomi (Sensei) | Courtesy of Graphinica

This platform offers a mix of free ad-supported content and premium movies available for rent or purchase and as for Hello World, its available for purchase. You can access it on various devices, including computers, smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. Rakuten TV tends to have competitive pricing for rentals and purchases compared to other services. Note: Rakuten Tv provides rental services for Hello World anime exclusively in Switzerland.

1) Amazon

Even without a Prime membership, the Amazon app can still be your hub for movie rentals and purchases. Here’s the process:

Within the app, navigate to the Prime Video section (often labeled “Movies & TV”). There, you’ll find a dedicated category for “Rent or Buy” titles. Browse this section or use the search bar to find ‘Hello World’.

What is Hello World anime all about?

Future Ruri and Naomi in Hello World Ending scene
Future Ruri and Naomi in Hello World Ending scene | Courtesy of Graphinica

It follows the story of Naomi Katagaki, an indecisive high school student who encounters a strange man who claims to be himself from 10 years in the future.

This future Naomi reveals a shocking plan: to use Alltale to travel back in time and prevent a tragedy. The target? Ruri Ichigyo, Naomi’s classmate and future girlfriend, who is destined to fall into a coma after being struck by lightning at a fireworks festival.

Another World: Prequel series

In the prequel series of Hello World, the series is set 10 years after the movie’s timeline, high school students Naomi Katagaki and Ruri Ichigyou appear to be complete opposites. While Naomi is shy and timid, Ruri is known for her cold and outspoken nature, which intimidates her classmates. However, despite their differences, both Naomi and Ruri share a strong passion for reading, which brings them closer together.


Streaming availability can change, so it’s always wise to check the platform’s library before subscribing or purchasing. Also, to enter a world of anime insights and reviews, just like the layers of ‘Hello World’, subscribe to our newsletter now for anime content that will take you to new dimensions! <3

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