Top 3 Memes like COLORs

Top 3 Memes like COLORs

COLORs meme had the homeboys doing anything for 20$, imagine what people would start doing if something as trendy as this popped up. In the course of time on the internet, there have been quite a few memes that really popped out in the anime community, many establishing themselves in the Hall of Fame. While future trending memes are hard to predict, here are the top 3 equally trendy memes.

Top 3 Memes like COLORs

1. “There’s nothing we can do”

Currently topping the internet, the “there’s nothing we can do” meme emerged out of the recent sneak peek titled “Vignette – Unique Genius”. It is a teaser for the upcoming movie ‘Napoleon’, starring Joaquin Phoenix as the famous French Emperor.

Fans were quick to make a meme about the Historical Figure, its dawn marked in countless comments under the video. The meme features Napoleon saying the said quote in various different prompts. The meme features images that include painting depictions of his time of exile to the Island of St. Helena.

2. Specialist Dance


A fan-favorite meme in the anime community, Specialist Dance has made its mark in the Hall of Fame for memes. The meme originates from the Franchise Persona 4. Starring the protagonist of Persona 4, Yu Narukami, the meme had him dancing on a rearrangement of the “Specialist” theme by the Atlus Sound Team.

The meme soon exploded to have many characters dancing to the rhythm in place of Yu. Its popularity explosion occurred during Lockdown when the Genshin Impact community made videos of their characters as Good Luck charms. These memes were played when they would roll for their favorite, quickly becoming an essential part of the gaccha ritual.

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3. “I have no Enemies”

With the popularity of manga like Vinland Saga, Berserk, and Vagabond, a certain philosophy soon veiled the community. “I have no enemies” is a meme that spreads positivity and kindness in the community. Mainly used for self-improvement and motivational videos, the meme is about being kind toward others and holding no hate inside.

The meme is as influential as it is, only due to the characters that are associated with it. The protagonists of Vinland Saga, Berserk, and Vagabond, each go through immeasurable pain and yet, they decide to be kind and hopeful toward the future.

Thorfinn's famous quote
Thorfinn | Courtesy of MAPPA
  • Thorfinn, despite losing his father and having spent his childhood in a field of utter madness, decides to grow kinder. Truly understanding what his father wished to depart him with, he realizes that nobody in this world has enemies or people to hate.
Guts staring into the horizon, finally resting
Guts | Courtesy of Miura Kentarou
  • Guts has truly been an inspirational character. Along with this meme, he has been a role model for all who aspire to become a better version of themselves. Having lost everyone he ever loved, Guts continued to be kind toward others and offer help. Many in the community have taken him as a goal to accomplish as they hit the gym. While they break their body to look as great as him, they strengthen their mind to become as strong as him.
Soho quoting one of the most remarkable line in Vagabond
Soho | Courtesy of Inoue Takehiko
  • Musashi Miyamoto, on the other hand, longed for battle. However, he was sentenced to death when he was framed for his friend’s death. Finding another chance at life due to a monk, Musashi continued to follow the path of the sword. As he grew more proficient in the ways of the sword, he found peace in himself. The sword, a tool of violence, took him away from violence. His path of self-improvement and self-reflection is truly inspiring for all to see.


Memes do not only spread laughter, but they also spread information. Becoming a great source of preserving history, memes have become something we cannot live without. As we continue to experience and watch countless other means of entertainment, we will come about countless other memes, that might one day be as trendy as these.

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