Tower of God Season 2 Cast Reveal confirms what we were dreading

Tower of God Season 2 cast

While everyone was busy watching all the new anime premiering this season, Tower of God quietly revealed some hype visuals for its second season. The Crunchyroll original turned heads when it first adapted SIU’s Korean webtoon back in 2020, delivering a dense, unique fantasy world full of devious power struggles and lore.

Now, years after leaving fans on one doozy of a cliffhanger, Tower of God season 2 looks to be inching closer – and it just confirmed something every fan dreaded.

Tower Of God Season 2 Just Dropped A New Poster & Cast List (Yes, Rachel Is Back)

Recapping Tower of God’s story so far, the first season followed Bam as he started scaling the tower in pursuit of Rachel.

Here, he forms an unlikely team with the clever Khun and the fierce Rak, joining other new Tower “Regulars” as they undergo a series of brutal tests to prove their worth to continue climbing.

At the heart of season 1’s narrative is Bam’s relationship with Rachel. Despite her betraying him, he desperately wants to reunite with his childhood friend and sole companion. This driven quest leads to a dramatic confrontation between them during the tests, where it becomes clear Rachel has darker motivations that remain ambiguous.

Tower of God Season 2 Cast

ToG Season 2 cast list
Bam and Khun in Tower of God Season 1 | Image via Telecom Animation Film

With Bam and Rachel’s complex bond central to the story, it was expected their relationship would continue to play a significant role in season 2. The newly announced cast list all but confirms this, revealing some interesting new additions.

  • The official Tower of God website announced the new voice actors joining the series, including Yūma Uchida as Ja Wangnan, and Sayumi Watabe voicing Yeon Yihwa.
  • Notably, Saori Hayami will also be returning to reprise her role as the devious Rachel, while Taichi Ichikawa will return as Jyu Viole Grace (Bam’s new name).

Hayami’s continued involvement suggests she may cross paths with Bam again after the shocking events of season 1.

Didn’t Read the Webtoon? Tower of God Season 2 Is Still a Must-Watch

  • If you’re wondering whether to commit to Tower of God season 2 despite being an anime-only fan, here’s the short answer: Absolutely, yes.

While season 1 hooked viewers with its richly crafted fantasy world and mind-bending set-up, it merely scratched the surface of the depths this series has to offer.

Ja Wangnan in ToG Season 2

Ja Wangnan in Tower of God season 2 trailer
Ja Wangnan [Image credits to Crunchyroll]
Among the major new storylines and figures season 2 will introduce Ja Wangnan. Fueled by sheer willpower and determination above all else, Wangnan is hellbent on becoming the king of the entire Tower itself by climbing to the true top of the Tower’s levels – a feat that even the Tower’s ruling families have failed to achieve after eons of stagnation.

  • Officially, the powerful Zahard Family has no acknowledged prince to continue their line. However, Wangnan’s exact relationship to Zahard is shrouded in mystery, with rampant fan speculation that he could be the unrecognized “Prince of Zahard.”
  • Adding to the intrigue, characters like Hwa Ryun have referred to Wangnan as Zahard and the 10 Great Families’ biggest “mistake” – a “fatal weak point” they tried in vain to hide away.

Bam’s alter ego: Jue Viole Grace

Bam as Jue Viole Grace in ToG Season 2
Jue Viole Grace in ToG S2 [Image credits to Crunchyroll]
  • Beyond unraveling Wangnan’s true nature and motivations, season 2 will also explore never-before-seen facets of our little Bam.
  • Now operating under the alias “Jue Viole Grace,” a drastic shift looks to be in store for the once-naive boy who scaled the Tower solely to reunite with Rachel. Bam’s character growth promises to surprise viewers in an exciting new direction.

Tower of God Season 2 is slated for July 2024, exclusively on Crunchyroll. We’re expecting to get a release date in the next few weeks, so stay tuned! In the meantime, check out of anime newsletter for more ToG theories and other recommendations!


Bam and Rachel in Tower of God season 1
Tower of God Season 1 finale | Image via Telecom Animation FilmMmm


Tower of God season 2 promises an exhilarating ride with new player Ja Wangnan, Bam’s transformation into Jue Viole Grace, deeper world-building, power clashes, and unveiling the Tower’s mysteries.

After season 1’s game-changing events, all bets are off as this uncompromising fantasy reaches dramatic new heights. Don’t miss it when it premieres July 2024, only on Crunchyroll.

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