Top 10 Most Beloved Transformations in Dragon Ball Z & GT

as one of the most beloved Super Saiyan Forms in Dragon Ball Z & GT

Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT have been coming up with new plotlines and characters for decades with their epic battles and transformations. The pinnacle of Saiyan power lies in the Super Saiyan forms, each a unique display of raw might and visual spectacle.

Ranking the Most Beloved Transformations in Dragon Ball Z & GT

This list explores the top 10 most beloved Super Saiyan forms, diving deeper into the minute details and understanding what makes them so iconic. Want to stay Super Saiyan powered-up on all things Dragon Ball? Sign up for our newsletter and never miss a Dragon Ball debate, theory, or power-level analysis.

10. In-Between Super Saiyan Stages (Cell Saga)

goku vs. perfect cell in what is regarded as one of the most beloved transformations in Dragon Ball Z & GT
Dragon Ball Z & GT | Image via IMDb

The Cell Saga introduced a fascinating exploration of the Super Saiyan form’s potential, showcasing the strategic thinking and individuality of the Saiyan characters.

  • Vegeta: The Prince’s Calculated Risk: Emerging from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Vegeta unveils Super Saiyan Grade 2. This bulkier form boasts a significant power increase, evident in his veins pulsing with raw energy. However, Vegeta recognizes the limitations of Grade 3, a hulking form sacrificing speed for brute strength.

  • Trunks: The Future Warrior’s Miscalculation: Future Trunks, burdened by the bleak future of his timeline, embraces Super Saiyan Grade 3. Initially impressed by the immense power surge, he soon realizes his mistake. His movements become sluggish, his attacks lose precision, and his aura crackles with instability. This highlights the importance of balance between raw power and combat effectiveness.

  • Goku: The Mastermind’s Efficiency: While aware of the other grades, Goku seeks a more refined transformation. He undergoes rigorous mental and physical training within the Time Chamber, achieving “Full Power Super Saiyan.” This state maximizes his strength without sacrificing speed. His golden hair retains a slight sheen, and his aura is a steady, controlled glow. This signifies Goku’s mastery of the base Super Saiyan form.

  • Gohan: The Rage Unleashed: Witnessing Cell’s brutality, particularly the near-fatal attack on Android 16, ignites a rage within Gohan unlike anything seen before. This emotional trigger transcends the limitations of the graded transformations, propelling him into Super Saiyan 2. His golden hair explodes in sharp spikes, and his aura crackles with a fierce intensity, a perfect visual representation of his inner turmoil.

9. Super Saiyan 2

gohan's form in what is regarded as one of the most beloved transformations in Dragon Ball Z & GT
Dragon Ball Z & GT | Image via IMDb

Building upon the base Super Saiyan form, Super Saiyan 2 offers a significant power increase. However, it’s the emotional triggers that truly elevate this transformation. Gohan’s rage against Cell exemplifies this, showcasing the raw power unleashed by a Saiyan warrior pushed to the edge. The design changes further emphasize this emotional intensity. His spiky hair stands on end like a crown of defiance, and his aura crackles with electric blue energy, a visual representation of the raw power coursing through him.

8. Vegito

vegito's form in what is regarded as one of the most beloved transformations in Dragon Ball Z & GT
Dragon Ball Z & GT | Image via IMDb

Vegito, also known as Vegerot by the name-fusion enthusiasts (we see you, Viz English manga!), is the ultimate warrior born from the Potara fusion of Goku and Vegeta. Like his Fusion Dance counterpart, Gogeta, Vegito’s might is legendary, placing him among the strongest warriors in the entire Dragon Ball multiverse.

Vegito’s debut was a showstopper. He burst onto the scene at the tail end of “Union of Rivals,” ready to throw down with Super Buu. His first full appearance in “Meet Vegito” solidified him as a force to be reckoned with, dominating the episode with his incredible power. Years later, Dragon Ball Super saw Vegito return to face the formidable Fused Zamasu. While their clash was epic, overexertion led to a swift (and slightly deflating) defusion.

7. Gogeta

Gogeta's form often regarded as one of the most beloved transformations in Dragon Ball Z & GT
Dragon Ball Z & GT | Image via IMDb

Born from the Fusion Dance flawlessly executed by Goku and Vegeta, Gogeta boasts immense power and dazzling techniques. The concept of fusion and the overwhelming dominance Gogeta displays on the battlefield capture fans’ imaginations.

Unlike Vegito’s flamboyant personality, Gogeta exudes an aura of cool confidence. His fighting style is a blend of Goku’s brawling finesse and Vegeta’s technical mastery. He effortlessly dodges enemy attacks and delivers swift, powerful counterblows. His aura is a vibrant crimson, a unique visual representation of the power achieved through the Fusion Dance.

6. Gohan Mystic (Ultimate Gohan)

ultimate gohan form often regarded as one of the most beloved transformations in Dragon Ball Z & GT
Dragon Ball Z & GT | Image via IMDb

Gohan Mystic presents a unique transformation compared to other Super Saiyan forms. Unlike the dramatic hair color changes and explosive auras, Gohan Mystic undergoes subtle physical alterations. His eyes turn a sharp blue, his hair retains its base black color with a few highlighted strands, and his overall physique becomes more toned. This transformation unlocks Gohan’s full potential, drawing out the hidden power that resided within him all along.

While the lack of a flashy visual spectacle might initially underwhelm some viewers, the underlying mystery surrounding this transformation adds to its intrigue. The Elder Kai’s ritual awakens a dormant power within Gohan, hinting at a deeper understanding of Saiyan biology and potential. Additionally, the sheer power boost Gohan receives allows him to surpass even Super Saiyan 3 in his base form, showcasing the immense potential unleashed by this transformation.

5. Trunks Buffed Up Super Saiyan (Super Saiyan 1.5)

Super Saiyan 1.5 often regarded as one of the most beloved transformations in Dragon Ball Z & GT
Dragon Ball Z & GT | Image via IMDb

This unnamed transformation, achieved by Trunks through rigorous training, showcases the potential for Saiyans to refine the base Super Saiyan form. His physique becomes noticeably bulkier, with well-defined muscles. However, unlike the bulky Grade 3 form from the Cell Saga, Trunks retains his agility and speed. His golden hair retains the style of the base Super Saiyan form but with a slight increase in volume. Fans often refer to this as Super Saiyan 1.5 due to its position between the standard Super Saiyan and the more dramatic transformations.

4. Super Saiyan 3

Super Saiyan 3 often regarded as one of the most beloved transformations in Dragon Ball Z & GT
Dragon Ball Z & GT | Image via IMDb

Introduced in the Buu arc, Super Saiyan 3 offers a spectacular visual transformation. Goku’s hair grows tremendously long, defying gravity and reaching down to his waist. His eyebrows disappear, and his facial features become sharper. His aura becomes a raging storm of golden energy, crackling with immense power. This transformation is a true spectacle, a display of raw Saiyan might unlike anything seen before.

However, Super Saiyan 3 comes with a significant drawback – rapid stamina drain. Maintaining this form takes a heavy toll on the user’s energy reserves. This adds a layer of strategic depth to its use. Goku can only utilize Super Saiyan 3 for short bursts in battle, forcing him to choose the right moment to unleash its immense power.

3. First Super Saiyan Goku 

First Super Saiyan Goku  vs. Freiza often regarded as one of the most beloved transformations in Dragon Ball Z & GT
Dragon Ball Z & GT | Image via IMDb

While the impact of the first Super Saiyan transformation might seem like a given, it deserves its own place on this list. Witnessing Krillin’s death ignites a rage within Goku unlike anything seen before. This emotional trigger shatters the limits of his Saiyan potential, transforming him into the first Super Saiyan. The sheer contrast between Goku’s base form and the golden-haired Super Saiyan form left a lasting impression on viewers.

This transformation marked a turning point in the Dragon Ball Z series. It showcased the immense potential of the Saiyan race and the warrior spirit that resides within them. The golden aura and spiky hair became synonymous with incredible power, forever etching themselves into the minds of fans.

2. Super Saiyan 4

Super Saiyan 4 often regarded as one of the most beloved transformations in Dragon Ball Z & GT
Dragon Ball Z & GT | Image via IMDb

Debuting in Dragon Ball GT, Super Saiyan 4 presents a radical departure from the golden-haired forms seen in Dragon Ball Z. It combines the power of a Super Saiyan with the primal might of a Great Ape, resulting in a fur-clad, red-haired warrior. The design is a unique blend of Saiyan and ape aesthetics, with red fur covering his body and a powerful tail re-emerging. His eyes turn crimson, and his eyebrows become prominent. This form exudes a sense of raw, untamed power that resonates with fans.

Super Saiyan 4 boasts incredible strength, speed, and durability. However, it’s exclusive to Dragon Ball GT, which isn’t considered canon by all fans. Additionally, the transformation process involves a degree of Saiyan biology not fully explored in Dragon Ball Z. This lack of explanation creates a sense of mystery surrounding Super Saiyan 4, but it also raises questions about its place within the established Saiyan power hierarchy.

1. Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan

Broly's The Legendary Super Saiyan often regarded as one of the most beloved Super Saiyan Forms in Dragon Ball Z & GT
Dragon Ball Z & GT | Image via IMDb

Broly transcends the concept of a numbered Super Saiyan form. He embodies a legendary transformation rooted in Saiyan folklore – a being of immense power appearing every thousand years. Unlike the standard Super Saiyan forms achieved through training or emotional triggers, Broly’s transformation is fueled by rage and destruction.

  1. Unlike other Saiyans, Broly lacks the standard Saiyan armor, a testament to his detachment from the Saiyan army. His power level is monstrous, exceeding even Vegeta’s wildest dreams as a child. This raw, untamed power makes Broly a force of nature, a destroyer rather than a strategic fighter.
  2. Broly’s Legendary Super Saiyan form is a chilling spectacle. His green hair stands on end, his muscles swell, and his aura crackles with immense energy. The lack of pupils in his transformed state adds to his menacing presence. While some fans might debate its visual appeal compared to other Super Saiyan forms, there’s no denying the sheer intimidation factor Broly’s form exudes.

So what is it about Broly that captures our imaginations?

  • Broly represents the untamed potential of the Saiyan race. His power is raw and unrefined, a stark contrast to the more controlled transformations achieved by Goku and Vegeta
  • Despite his destructive tendencies, a sense of tragedy surrounds Broly. His traumatic childhood fuels his rage, making him a complex and somewhat sympathetic character.
  • Unlike calculating villains like Frieza, Broly is a force of nature, a relentless opponent driven by primal rage. This makes him a unique and exciting challenge for Goku and the Z Fighters.


These are just ten of the many beloved Super Saiyan forms that have graced the Dragon Ball universe. Each transformation brings something unique to the table, whether it’s a surge in power, a visual spectacle, or a character’s inner struggles. The constant evolution of these forms and the ways Akira made them tie into the characters’ journeys are what keep Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT so engaging.

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