Trash Taste x HSR Collab 2024: What It Means for Fans, Event Details, and How to Join

Hoyoverse Multiverse Vistas, featuring Trash Taste X HSR collab

HoYoverse has released the trailer for their annual creator’s event, and this year’s collaboration is sure to excite anime fans and Honkai Star Rail players alike. The judges panel features some big names, including animation director John Kafka, the talented cosplayer Kleiner Pixel, and the special guest judges – the Trash Taste podcast crew!

For those unfamiliar, Trash Taste is one of the most popular anime podcasts on the internet right now. Their involvement makes this year’s HoYoverse creator event a can’t-miss opportunity for fans of their content.

This Trash Taste x HSR collab event is basically like earning your black belt in pop culture, because not only can you walk away with insane cash prizes and a mountain of Stellar Jade currency, but exclusive merch sets and props from the judges themselves are also up for grabs.

We’ll cover all the key details about what the Trash Taste x Honkai Star Rail collaboration entails, the different activities and challenges involved, as well as how to sign up and participate.

Trash Taste x Honkai Star Rail Collab – Gateway for Future

Trash Taste members Joey Bizinger, Garnt Maneetapho, and Connor Colquhoun discussing the HSR Creators event 2024
Joey Bizinger, Garnt Maneetapho and Connor Colquhoun in the HSR Event Announcement Video | Image via Honkai Star Rail YouTube

This Trash Taste x Honkai Star Rail collaboration represents an exciting convergence of two worlds that have been steadily intersecting in recent years. The anime community has been expanding its relevance into other sectors beyond just TV shows and movies. Meanwhile, HoYoverse has solidified itself as a major name in the JRPG and mobile gaming spheres.

  • For anime fans, having Trash Taste – arguably the biggest and best anime podcast right now – involved as judges is a huge milestone.
  • It showcases how prominent and mainstream anime has become in popular culture. Trash Taste’s presence validates the art form’s widespread appeal and influence.

Potential for Future Anime Themed Rewards for HSR players

A still from Honkai Star Rail Acheron Character trailer
Acheron in Your Color Trailer | Image via Honkai Star Rail YouTube

While gaming franchises crossing over is common, an actual partnership with celebrated anime personalities is novel. This could pave the way for future in-game crossover events themed around popular anime series.

  • Much like the Aloy crossover event in Genshin Impact, an anime related collab means that in future, HoYoverse may implement gameplay tie-ins, special rewards, or themed activities relating to certain animes!

For HSR’s loyal fan base, these small bonuses would provide an exciting blend of their favorite game with the ever-growing world of anime media.

For fans of both Honkai Star Rail and anime, this collaboration event is truly a celebration of both worlds colliding. And if you’re looking to dive deeper into all things anime, be sure to check out our bi-weekly anime newsletter. This original editorial newsletter provides niche recommendations, fun facts, and thought-provoking editorials – everything an avid anime fan could want.

HoYoverse Multiverse Vistas Event – How to Participate + Submission Guidelines


The HoYoverse Creator’s Event is an annual competition that allows fans of the Honkai game series to showcase their creativity by producing fan-made media. This year, the event categories include art, music, video, and cosplay, each divided into sub-topics for participants to choose from.

Art Submissions:

  • Manga
  • Sticker Pack
  • Illustrations

Music Submissions:

  • Original Songs
  • Covers

Video Submissions:

  • Original Animations
  • Animated Music Videos (AMVs)


  • No sub-topics

Prizes and Rewards


The top prizes across all categories include cash rewards, valuable in-game currencies like Stellar Jades, figurines, and the unique opportunity to receive personal feedback from the judges themselves, including the special guests from Trash Taste.

How to Participate

  • Submissions for the 2024 event opened on April 3rd and will remain open until June 1st. After that, a public voting period will allow the Honkai community to support their favorite entries, while the judges deliberate on the overall category winners.
  • To participate, creators must share their work publicly on social media using the hashtag “Multiverse Vistas.” HoYoverse has stated that direct submissions will not be accepted, as they want to encourage creativity and inspiration through open sharing. Both individual and team entries are welcomed across all categories.

Full rules, guidelines, and FAQs are available on the official HoYoverse Creator’s Event website. Whether you’re a veteran artist or trying your hand at Honkai fan creations for the first time, this event provides an exciting way to celebrate your passion (and win some good cash while doing so)!

Trash Taste x HSR Collab is a perfect Anniversary Gift

The Trash Taste x HSR collaboration for Honkai Star Rail anniversary is an exciting crossover that highlights the increasing overlap between the anime and gaming worlds. For long-time fans of either community, this event symbolizes just how mainstream and influential both mediums have become in recent years. The creator’s event itself provides a unique opportunity for Honkai fans to flex their creative skills across art, music, video, and cosplay while potentially winning big prizes judged by internet celebrities like Trash Taste!

Whether you’re keen to participate or simply eager to witness this unprecedented collaboration, the 2024 HoYoverse Creator’s Event is shaping up to be a must-follow experience blending pop culture fandoms.

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