Undead Unluck Anime: Where to Watch?

Undead Unluck anime: Where to watch?

Undead Unluck has had an extremely rocky run starting from the questionable debut chapters to marking off new achievements. This includes the anime announcement as well. A year after the initial announcement, the Undead Unluck anime is finally here for the world to review. But for that we need to watch it and how do you do that? Let’s answer this question today, Undead Unluck anime: Where to watch?

Undead Unluck Anime: What is it about?

Undead Unluck anime
Andy and Fuuko | Image Courtesy via Crunchyroll

Fuuko Izumo has spent her life in seclusion as a result of her ‘Unluck Ability’. This ability brings misfortune to those who come in contact with her flesh. The seclusion and the guilty conscience drive her to make a significant decision—a decision to take her life once she reads the last chapter of her favorite manga. The day arrives and as she’s about to do it, she gets saved by a man. 

A man with the ‘Undead Ability’. No matter how bad or grave his injuries get, his regenerative abilities make death a phenomenon next to impossible for him. This leads him to decide to die the best death possible. Fuuko names this man Andy, forming the Undead Unluck duo with him as they start working together.

Piquing the interest of an organization namely the Union, the Undead Unluck duo becomes their target. And this is when the game of chase begins!

Undead Unluck Anime: Where to watch?

Undead Unluck anime
A still from the Undead Unluck anime trailer | Image Courtesy of David Production and TMS Entertainment
  • In Japan, Undead Unluck anime will air on the MBS/TBS network during the Super Animeism block.
  • Outside of Japan, the only platform streaming Undead Unluck is Hulu. Hulu is exclusive to the United States in terms of regional availability.
  • Other streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll, Disney Plus, and Netflix haven’t confirmed or announced the availability of the anime yet.
  • Fans outside of the US will have to patiently wait for quite some time before they can legally stream the anime on any of these platforms. 

The Undead Unluck anime is going to make us wait, unlike the Spiel Anime newsletter. It comes out twice every week, the perfect bi-weekly source of enjoyment for you.  

Undead Unluck Anime Episode 1: Impressions and Reactions

Andy from Undead Unluck
Andy and his regenerative powers | Image Courtesy of David Production and TMS Entertainment

The association of David Production with the anime was a bright ray of hope guiding the fans to the anime. Most viewers had nice things to say about the animation after watching the first episode. Besides the animation and the banger of an opening theme, what stands out is how the anime deals with the problematic physical humor from the earlier stages of the story. This brings in a new audience as well as gives those who dropped the manga an alternative. 


Andy from Undead Unluck
The man with the Undead Ability, Andy | Image Courtesy of David Production and TMS Entertainment

While waiting for the anime to become available on different streaming platforms, maybe you can browse through the other new titles from the Shueisha library. Even better, pick or re-read Undead Unluck Manga, if you haven’t already. In the first few chapters, the mangaka has made some questionable choices. But the sort of content that makes these chapters unbearable soon starts to fade and eventually disappear.

The manga evolves into something much better and different from its initial impression. Regarding the updates regarding the availability of the anime, we’ll keep you updated on that front. Till then, good luck waiting!

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