Here’s every upcoming arc that Solo Leveling Season 2 might cover

Sung Jinwoo as seen in Solo Leveling anime

The announcement of Solo Leveling Season 2 right after the first season culminated has made rounds across various platforms and has been the center of discussion for the fandom. While Solo Leveling Season 1 did wind up the first seven arcs of the manhwa, these sections only made up for forty-five chapters in total.

Moreover, recent announcements and speculations suggest that the anime will likely have five to six more seasons, and given the assumption that these will be equally distributed over the course of the total number of available material, we can expect each season to cover roughly 25 chapters in total. That being said, the manhwa arcs in Solo Leveling Season 2 will start with the Red Gate Arc and likely lead up to the Retesting Rank Arc.

  • However, if we are to closely look at the nature of the anime, we will realize that season 1 terminated in a moment of suspense and moreover in a state of apprehension, wherein the job change of Sung Jinwoo into Shadow Monarch brings in a sense of dread and fear.
  • This implies the fact that the Retesting Rank Arc doesn’t end with such a feeling and if the anime were to also take into consideration the temperament of the series, it should end with with the Return to Demon Castle Arc, something that imitates the nature and feeling associated with the end of the first season.

All upcoming Manhwa arcs in Solo Leveling Season 2 – a look into Sung Jinwoo’s upcoming journey

There are two major possibilities associated with Solo Leveling Season 2 arcs, and we shall be exploring both in detail. While we dive into the journey through the next three arcs from the manhwa, we have to remember that two additional arcs which comprise of another twenty five chapters in total would likely be a part of the upcoming season.

Igris in Solo Leveling anime Episode 11
Igris in Solo Leveling Season 1. (Image credit goes to A-1 Pictures)

Moreover, we have to understand that during the first season of the anime each episode covered roughly three to four manhwa chapters. That means either the upcoming season will also follow the same trend and cover a minimum of forty five chapters leading up to the Return to Demon Castle Arc, or it will heavily be dependent on fillers and epilogues to suffice for the content.

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1. Red Gate Arc

Baruka in Solo Leveling manhwa chapter 53.
Baruka – an Ice Elf equivalent to an S-Rank who is also the primary antagonist of the Red Gate Arc . (Image credit goes to D&C Media)

Manhwa Chapters: 46 – 55
Light Novel Chapters: 56 – 64

The Red Gate Arc in Solo Leveling is one of the most important parts of the series. Right after acquiring the title of the Shadow Monarch in Job Change Arc, it is for the first time that Jinwoo uses his shadow army. The arc begins with Han Song Yi and Jinwoo trying to settle a debate over the risks involved in their profession. In an attempt to make her realize the facts that she is overlooking, Jinwoo decides to go on an exploration of a dungeon along with Song Yi along with the White Tigers Guild.

However, things go horribly wrong when they are trapped inside a Red Gate. A Red Gate is a one-of-a-kind gate that confines the folks within it and prevents them from entering unless the gate’s core monster is defeated. The arc featured multiple hard-fought conflicts between monsters and humans, allowing readers to witness intense fights and sensational developments.

2. Demon Castle Arc

Vulcan - Boss of the 50th floor and King of the lower floors in the Demon Castle
Vulcan – the Lord of the lower levels and the Boss of the 50th floor in the Demon Castle. (Image credit goes to D&C Media)

Manhwa Chapters: 56 – 61
Light Novel Chapters: 65 – 75

The Demon Castle Arc is the ninth story arc of the series. This is the arc where Sung Jinwoo decides to explore the Demon Castle and acquire the secret formula to make the Elixir of Life in order to treat his terminally ill mother. While Jinwoo is still recovering from the Red Gate incident, it will be admirable to see how he feels more confident now more than ever to enter the mysterious Demon Castle.

  • The Demon Castle is nothing but a part of a simulation. It is basically a S-Rank dungeon created by the system to train Jinwoo and help him find a cure to his tragedy.
  • The castle consists of one hundred floors and on the seventy fifth floor resides the Lich King who holds a part of the formula to make the potion known as the Holy Water of Life or Elixir of Life.
  • Moreover, as Jinwoo clears one floor after the other, he realizes that the Demon Castle is an amalgamation of various tribes of demons and also that the dungeon boss is at the top of it all.

3. Retesting Rank Arc

Sung Jinwoo during the Retesting Rank Arc in Solo Leveling Manhwa Chapter 62
Sung Jinwoo acquiring S-Rank. (Image credit goes to D&C Media)

Manhwa Chapters: 61 – 64
Light Novel Chapters: 76 – 79

Jinwoo comes to the Hunter’s Association to retest and to obtain a new ranking, realizing that he is clearly above the level of an S-Rank and desires to take on higher-level raids to earn more money. He is eventually revealed as South Korea’s tenth S-Rank Hunter, although his official ranking cannot be disclosed for three days. During this period, Jinwoo meets with Gunhee Go of the Hunters Association, who offers him a position. Jinwoo declines, knowing that it will hinder him from continuing to raid dungeons and level up.

4. Hunters Guild Gate Arc

Kargalgan - Boss of Hunters Guild Gate as seen in chapter 71 of Solo Leveling Manhwa will be a major villain in Solo Leveling Season 2
Kargalgan – the primary antagonist of the Hunters Guild Gate Arc. (Image credit goes to D&C Media)

Manhwa Chapters: 65- 75
Light Novel Chapters: 80 – 92

The Hunters Guild Gate Arc is undoubtedly one of the most adorable and admirable arcs of the series. It is during this arc that Cha Hae In meets Sung Jinwoo for the first time, something which later transforms and evolves into a beautiful story. Keeping that aside to avoid any spoiler territory, this arc begins right after Jinwoo’s new rank has been discovered. While his rank still hasn’t been announced, he decides to take on a raid mission to see how higher-ranked gates function and operate.

In this quest, he decides to disguise himself as a magic crystal miner to keep a low profile. Moreover, Cha Hae In who joins the raid party is instantly suspicious of Jinwoo’s presence and feels that something is off about the whole situation. In all of this chaos, Jinwoo returns the next day for another raid, one that doesn’t go as smoothly.

  • The second raid pushed the raid party inside a gate which is infested with Orcs. Once they were in, the Orcs surround them and bring them to their group leader who also happens to be a powerful Orc Mage.
  • This is when Jinwoo decides to go up against him along with his Shadow Army. Jinwoo is able to overpower the Orcs and their leader and eventually uses Arise to add them to his inventory.
  • He renames the Orc Leader Tusk, who eventually becomes one of his most trusted soldiers.

5. Return to Demon Castle Arc

Baran - The King of Demons as seen in Chapter 85 of Solo Leveling Manhwa
Baran – The King of Demons and the main antagonist of the Return to Demon Castle Arc. (Image credit goes to D&C Media)

Manhwa Chapters: 76 – 89
Light Novel Chapters: 93 – 110

The Return to Demon Castle Arc is supposedly going to be the last arc of the series up to which the Solo Leveling season 2 anime can adapt. If the anime were to adapt anything beyond or further, it would result in the compression of a lot of material and eventually ruin the viewing experience. Upon speculative research, we can be confident that Solo Leveling Season 2 arcs would suffice with this arc positively.

Now, this particular arc features Jinwoo’s re-entry into the Demon Castle where he decides to conquer the remaining floors and acquire the final ingredient to the Elixir of Life. It is in this castle that he meets Esil, a demon girl who he befriends. She guides him through the floors of the castle and he eventually reaches the 100th floor.

It is in the hundredth floor of the Demon Castle where Jinwoo meets the King of Demons, Baran. After an intense battle with the Demon Lord, Jinwoo eventually defeats him and adds Baran to his Shadow Army. He also acquires the final ingredient to make the Elixir of Life and it eventually cures his mother’s illness.

Will Solo Leveling Season 2 be better than the first season?

Solo Leveling Season 2 will be covering sections of the story that will shape Jinwoo’s reputation and fate. While the first season was fairly meant to introduce the workings of this world and familiarize the viewers with the nature of magic realism that the show manifests, the second season will be heavily focused on materializing this idea. Jinwoo will be facing three powerful opponents in this series, unlike the one named Igris at the end of season 1.

Sung Jinwoo checking out his inventory in Chapter 105 of the Solo Leveling Manhwa
Sung Jinwoo during the Jeju Island Arc in Solo Leveling. (Image credit goes to D&C Media)

The upcoming season will also reintroduce Jinwoo in the world of hunters where he reclaims a better position in the hierarchy. Upon being ranked as an S-Rank hunter during one of the arcs, Jinwoo’s social position and status is instantly altered and he gains the attention of all major hunter guilds across the country. Jinwoo is also burdened with the responsibility of acquiring the Holy Water of Life, and amidst all of the raids and relapses, he visits the Demon Castle twice in order to fulfill his ultimate objective.

  • In a way, we can be certain that Solo Leveling Season 2 anime will be better in quality and action than the first season.
  • The plot also features a lot of critical world building and character development, all of which are going to be more crucial for Jinwoo than what happened in the first season.
  • In addition to all of this, Jinwoo is furthermore shouldered with an S-Rank, something that will change and alter a lot of things for him henceforth. While these are spoilers that we would like to avoid, we can assure that if season 2 of the anime were to adapt the five arcs mentioned in this article, it will garner a lot more love and attention than the first season.

Solo Leveling Season 2 – is the Jeju Island Arc a possibility?

Beru as part of Sung Jinwoo's shadow army in Solo Leveling manhwa Chapter 105
Beru in Solo Leveling manhwa. (Image credit goes to D&C Media)

We have to remember that season 1 of the anime failed to live up to the hype and expectations. In such a scenario, we can hope that if the anime’s second season manages to cover up till the Return to Demon Castle arc, it will set a suitable tone for the Jeju Island Arc which can be covered extensively in Solo Leveling season 3.

However, if Solo Leveling Season 2 were to give glimpses of the Jeju Island Arc, it is possible that we might get introduced to Beru as well. All in all, we can be certain that the upcoming second season of Solo Leveling that is expected to release during the later half of 2024 will bring in a lot of newer plot twists and tales that will shape the nature of the anime by revealing the true intent and purpose of the story.

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