Versatile Mage Anime – is it worth your time?

Versatile Mage Anime - is it worth your time?

When it comes to the world of magic and fantasy, the Versatile Mage Anime also known as Full-time Magister aims to captivate its viewers with an intriguing plot and the promise of thrilling adventures. In this review, we’ll delve into whether this anime is truly worth your time. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of the Versatile Mage Anime.


A still from Versatile Mage Anime
A still from Versatile Mage Anime (Image via Tencent Penguin Pictures)

Versatile Mage Anime takes us to a universe where magic has replaced science as the driving force of society. Mo Fan, a high school student, dreams of attending a prestigious magic school to become a respected magician.

However, his poverty and lack of magical ability make him the target of ridicule and doubt among his peers. Despite these challenges, Mo Fan discovers that he possesses not just one, but two powerful elements: fire and the rare lightning element. Equipped with these versatile abilities, he sets out to face dangerous encounters and carve his own path.

What is it about?

Ye Xin Xia from Versatile Mage Anime
Ye Xin Xia from Versatile Mage Anime (Image via Tencent Penguin Pictures)

The series takes place in a world that experienced a dramatic shift, going from a society dependent on science to one where magic governs every aspect of existence. The inclusion of magic has resulted in a clear social division, where one’s magical abilities determine their status and opportunities. The series effectively delves into this division, emphasizing the need for magic in various professions, especially those involving combat against monstrous creatures.

In this world, magic is divided into different elements, with some being more uncommon and potent than others. The rarity of certain elements creates a hierarchy among mages, with factions actively recruiting individuals who possess these rare types. One intriguing aspect subtly introduced in the series is the notion of a second element, which is rarely mentioned and holds an air of mystery. This addition brings an element of curiosity and exhilaration to the narrative.


Mo Fan from Versatile Mage Anime
Mo Fan from Versatile Mage Anime (Image via Tencent Penguin Pictures)

The highly anticipated “Versatile Mage Anime” had the potential to captivate viewers with its intriguing premise and magical world. However, it falls short of expectations, leaving many disappointed. Released in 2016, the series carries a dated feel that detracts from its overall appeal. 

From sub-par animation quality to lackluster sound design and voice acting, the show fails to deliver a visually and audibly immersive experience. Moreover, it seems to check off every cliché from old fantasy anime. Although some aspects may not meet modern standards, the animation succeeds in creating a captivating atmosphere that draws viewers into the magical realm.


A still from Versatile Mage anime season 1 episode 5
A still from Versatile Mage anime season 1 episode 5 (Image via Tencent Penguin Pictures)

One of the drawbacks lies in the characterization. The characters in Versatile Mage anime come across as generic and unremarkable, with only minor differences in hair color or clothing to distinguish them. The exception to this is the main character’s rival, who stands out from the crowd.

The lack of distinctiveness among side characters makes it hard for viewers to remember and differentiate them, leading to the need to rewind and replay scenes. However, some viewers may still appreciate the show’s premise and the determined underdog protagonist. The main character’s hidden potential and possession of rare abilities contribute intrigue to the story.

Storytelling and pacing

A still from Versatile Mage anime
A still from Versatile Mage anime (Image via Tencent Penguin Pictures)
  • The storyline presents a unique twist on a world where magic takes center stage, transporting viewers to a realm where the extraordinary becomes ordinary. However, one major flaw of the series lies in its pacing. 
  • This extended exposition in the first episode feels tedious and detracts from the potential visual storytelling opportunities that animation offers. The pacing issues persist throughout the series, leaving viewers confused about the passage of time both within and between episodes. The abrupt jumps in the narrative make it difficult to grasp the progression of events. The dialogues can often be considered as cringe-worthy, however the pace and story telling gets better as the show progresses. 

Notably, the main character’s rapid ascent from a worthless kid to the top-ranked student in the school is glossed over, robbing the story of an essential and engaging arc. There is not much time spent on the character development of the main protagonist, instead we directly get to see the developed character.


In terms of power dynamics, Versatile Mage Anime employs a leveling system that may initially be confusing due to translation issues. The show touches upon different levels of magic, though it doesn’t explicitly clarify their significance. However, as the story progresses, viewers become familiar with these levels. While some characters display impressive abilities, it becomes apparent that the power disparity across elements can make comparisons challenging.

Nevertheless, the series successfully portrays the growth of characters and the awe-inspiring impact of higher-tier magic. While certain details about his past and motivations remain unexplained, they do not significantly hinder the overall enjoyment of the show. Although the series does not provide sufficient explanations or delve into certain aspects, these omissions do not entirely detract from the overall experience.


Versatile Mage anime offers a captivating and immersive experience. Mo Fan’s journey of self-discovery and growth serves as the driving force behind the narrative, captivating audiences with his determination and resilience. The animation quality, while not reaching the heights of more recent productions, effectively brings the magical elements to life. Overall, Versatile Mage anime is a one-time-watchable anime and a snack for the cliche lovers. 

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