Ghost in the Shell Actor Naoki Makishima passed away at 61, agency reveals a year later

Naoki Makishima death confirmed in latest obituary

Yesterday on the 3rd of June, 2024, it was revealed that Naoki Makishima, a veteran support voice actor contributing in many of the old classics such as Ghost in The Shell, Detective Conan, etc, passed away at the age of 61.

Although Naoki Makishima’s obituary was only released the day prior to the writing of this article, he had actually left for heavenly abode back in 2023 on September 29th, reads the official statement of his then-affiliated agency Office Kaoru.

Naoki Makishima was born on 23 August 1962 in Ibaraki and seemed to have indulged in the Anime industry beyond just voice acting, having delved into the game-produces of the franchises as well.

Yesterday, Naoki Makishima’s agency, Office Kaoru revealed the following statement:

“Naoki Makishima has passed away.” The statement reported, “Our company’s actor, Naoki Makishima, passed away at the age of 61 on September 29th of last year (Reiwa 5). We apologize for the delay in notifying you due to various circumstances.”

Naoki Makishima was not a front-lead in the anime industry, however, oftentimes the contribution of support voice actors that dub side-characters is impaired due to the spotlight being taken by other major figures. Yet noting his work history allows one to see just how many ‘Murabito-B’ ( むらびとB) characters his voice has been a part of.

  • “Dirty Pair” (Mugi, Nanmo)
  • “Golden Brave Goldran” (Sora Kage)
  • “The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird” (Guard Fire)
  • “The Legendary Hero Da-Garn” (Drill Lander, computer)
  • “Brave Exkaiser” (Thunder Geist, Mario)
  • “Brave Police J-Decker” (Gunmax)
  • “Brave Express Might Gaine” (Battle Bomber, Jiro Osaka)
  • 『暗殺教室』 (校長)
  • “Oishinbo”
  • “Gurazeni” (Ogiwara)
  • “CLANNAD” (Rakugo Club Member)
  • “Crayon Shin-chan”
  • “Sgt. Frog”
  • “Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion”
  • “SAMURAI7” (Manzo)
  • “Beast Warrior Galkiba” (Galiel)
  • “SPEED GRAPHER” (Ekoda)
  • “Shiny Bald Maru-kun” (PES)
  • “Dororonpa!” (by Enma)
  • “Full Metal Alchemist”
  • “Pichi Pichi Shizuku-chan” (Terry)
  • “Popolocrois Story” (King Paul)
  • “Detective Conan”
  • “YAWARA!” (Tomioka)
  • “You’re being called, Azazel-san. Z” (Reika’s ex-boyfriend)
  • “LAST EXILE” (Costavi)
  • “Little Charo 4” (Rudolph)
  • “Rozen Maiden” (Cat Inspector)
  • “Rozen Maiden Traumend” (Chief Nekobu)

Dubbed Movies

  • “Ultimate Battle: Ninja vs. Shaolin” (Tseng)
  • “Houdini: The Mysterious Fantasy” (McDavish)
  • “May 18th, Gwangju” (Inbong)
  • “Explosive Infection Level 5” (Vicente)
  • “League of Legends: Battle Through Time and Space” (Ishmael)
  • “Mr. Vampire 3: The Seven Wonders of the Jiangshi”

Dubbed Drama

  • Criminal Minds Season 2
  • Cold Case Season 6
  • “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody”
  • Burn Notice Season 2

Anime movie

  • “The AURORA: Aurora of the Sea” (Ueda Hitoshi)
  • “Violence Wars” (Kenny)
  • “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion I: Initiation”
  • “Jungle Emperor” (Karl)
  • “Spriggan” (Tanaka)
  • “Slayers Great”
  • “Dirty Pair” (Mugi)
  • Detective Conan: The Magician of the Silver Wing
  • “Megumi no Daigo: The Foolish Man in the Fire” (Inomata)
  • “MEMORIES: The Stinkiest Weapon” (Pilot)


  • “Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 STARDUST MEMORY” (William Morris)
  • “Crusher Joe”
  • “Battle Fairy Yukikaze” (Ishikawa)
  • “Souryuuden”
  • “Dirty Pair’s Big Battle: The Mystery of Norlandia” (Mugi)
  • “Yagami-kun’s Family Circumstances”
  • “King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL”
  • “Moekan THE ANIMATION” (Iijima)


  • “H2O Plus” (Kohinata’s father)
  • “Sunrise Heroic Tale” (Galiel)
  • Nintendo Switch/PS4/PSVita “Super Robot Wars V” (Battle Bomber)
  • Nintendo Switch/PS4/PSVita “Super Robot Wars X” (Battle Bomber)
  • Nintendo Switch/PS4 “Super Robot Wars T” (Battle Bomber)
  • Tales of the Abyss (Urshy)
  • PS4/PS5 “Tales of Arise”
  • “Fist of the North Star: Typing Overlord 3” (Heart)
  • “Rozen Maiden Duelvalza” (Chief Nekobu)
  • “Rozen Maiden Gebetgarten” (Chief Cat)


  • TBS “Morning Eye”
  • TBS “Big Morning”
  • Yomiuri TV “Instant! Bright Remodeling Plan”
  • Kumamoto Broadcasting “RKK Wide Evening First”

The above data has been pulled from his agency’s official data. As the data entails, perhaps Naoki’s greatest lead was in Brave Exkaiser, where he dubbed Thunder Geist for over 20 episodes.

Names such as Final Fantasy, Full Metal Alchemist, Ghost in The Shell, Mobile Suit Victory Gundam, Ranma, Decetive Conan, Cowboy Bebop, etc shows the esteemed voice actor’s heavy indulgent contributions in the industry for over two decades.

SOURCES: Oricorn, Office Kaoru

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