Welcome to the Ballroom: Why is it so good?

Welcome to the Ballroom anime

Welcome to the Ballroom manga by Tomo Takeuchi was adapted into an anime in 2017. The anime turned Ballroom dancing, the supposed pastime for the rich into a competitive sports anime. All while preserving and portraying the elegance of the sport and the struggles of the professional performers.

The anime got fairly popular with an MAL rating of 8.2. But is that all to Welcome to the Ballroom? What makes the anime so good? Let’s take a dive into the anime and understand why the anime is so hyped among sports anime enthusiasts. 

What makes Welcome to the Ballroom so good?

Welcome to the Ballroom
A still from Welcome to the Ballroom anime | Image Courtesy of Productions I.G.

Welcome to the Ballroom is a sports anime and has all the necessary tropes to make it a good one. The anime is both hilarious and emotional. The characters will keep you engaged, convincing you of their actions whether they’re worthy of praise or hate. The animation front leaves room for improvement but serves well in crucial moments.

The Well-Written plot

Tatara Fujita in Welcome to the Ballroom anime
Akagi and Tatara | Image Courtesy of Productions I.G.

The story of Welcome to the Ballroom starts like any other sports anime; Tatara is a novice who gets attracted to the world of Ballroom Dancing and aims to be a pro.

  • Even so the way it’s alleviated using the other elements like characters and the aesthetics is commendable.
  • The story will bring out emotions similar to the characters in you. The plot holds the power to get you motivated.
  • The dynamics between the characters; the patience and the attention to professional ballroom dancing will help you understand the intricacies of the sport.

You see a genuine progression in the storyline with good pacing. The plot will build up tension by giving necessary details and unleashing it all during the competitions. 


Dance performance in Welcome to the Ballroom anime
Sengoku, Tatara’s mentor, performing on the dance floor | Image Courtesy of Productions I.G.

There is an evident difference in the distribution of screen time among the main characters and the side characters. This doesn’t cast aside what every character stands for. Welcome to the Ballroom introduces you to a bunch of fun and lively characters who’ll keep you hooked to the story. 

  • Tatara Fujita is the main character, his dedication stems from the need to exhibit his talents in front of the world. He improves with those around him. Even as a viewer, you’ll be convinced to strive forward to make the most out of the potential you’ve got. 
Ballroom e Youkoso
Chinatsu and Tatara performing together | Image Courtesy of Productions I.G.
  • Chinatsu is headstrong and is an expert at ballroom dancing. She doesn’t shy away from putting forward her dislike for Tatara’s way of doing things. Her character sounds annoying but the story sells it in the best way possible by explaining her motivations. 
  • Shizuku is skillful and helps the MC grow. She is the first source of inspiration for Tatara

Mako, Sengoku, Akagi, Kiyoharu, and all the other characters are an invaluable addition to the anime.

Visuals Aspects

Shizuku and Akagi in Ballroom e Youkoso
Shizuku and Akagi practicing at the Studio | Image Courtesy of Productions I.G.

The visuals including the animation and the character designs aren’t famous for being the best. Still, they do a stellar job of portraying the elegance of ballroom dancing. The long necks and the stature of the characters might look weird. However, the exaggerated character designs push forward the importance of posture in dancing.

The use of CGI could’ve been better for sure, but the aesthetics transmit the beauty of the graceful movements. Even with the lackluster animation, the story doesn’t fail to display the compensation efforts of the crew. 


Welcome to the Ballroom Why is it so good
Tatara and his mentor Sengoku | Image Courtesy of Productions I.G.

Welcome to the Ballroom doesn’t come without its flaws, but it’ll be an immersive experience in the world of dancing. Educating and inspiring the viewers with fun characters. The anime doesn’t fail to impress with the plot and the character development.

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