Wezaemon is the most unique boss in Shangri-La’s Colossi: Sunraku’s worst nightmare

Who is Wezaemon, the New Power in Shangri-la Frontier?

In the vibrant world of Shangri-la Frontier, a new power stirs, cloaked in shadows and ancient sorrow. He is Wezaemon, the Tombguard, a formidable Colossus guarding a secret grave and harboring a tale as deep as the dungeons he inhabits.

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Who is Wezaemon, the Tombguard?

Who is Wezaemon, the New Power in Shangri-la Frontier?
Wezaemon | Image via Kodansha

Forget your run-of-the-mill monster. Wezaemon, clad in his imposing armor, stands vigil over Setsuna’s eternal slumber. But this isn’t your typical graveyard shift. Wezaemon, in a twist of fate and fleeting whimsy, played a part in Setsuna’s demise during the age of Divinity. Driven by guilt and loyalty that transcends death, he swore to eternally guard her final resting place.

Reaching Wezaemon is no stroll through the park. Brave adventurers must embark on the “From the Living World, With Love” scenario, flipping the script on Shangri-la’s “Hidden Garden” and bracing for a level squish. Prepare to shed those hard-earned post-50 levels gear, because the difference between the players and the boss will be around 150, leaving raw skill and strategy as your only weapons.

A Dance of Death in Three Acts

Who is Wezaemon, the New Power in Shangri-la Frontier?
Wezaemon | Image via Kodansha

The fight against Wezaemon is a symphony of despair and desperation, unfolding in three distinct movements:

  • Act I: Impenetrable Bastion: Forget cheese tactics. Wezaemon’s Super Armor and magic resistance render most attacks futile. He’s a one-man wrecking crew, prioritizing those who dare tread near Setsuna’s grave. So, dodge that initial head-splitting blow by mastering the art of the crouch, adventurer.
  • Act II: A Mount Makes Mayhem: The ten-minute timer ticks as Wezaemon summons Kirin, his golem steed. Don’t let them reunite! Keep Kirin occupied, for their unholy merging spells disaster.
  • Act III: A Desperate Waltz with Death: Finally, Wezaemon’s armor crumbles, revealing a vulnerability as fleeting as hope. Unleash your most potent attacks, but tread carefully. He ignores minor jabs, focusing his rage on crushing your fragile bones. The key? Tenki Yohou, an interruptible attack fueled by his undead nature. Seize the chance to deal massive damage, but remember, he bleeds life force constantly. Don’t be fooled by his dwindling health; true victory lies in all players surviving Seiten Taisei, a final slash that demands flawless teamwork.

Abilities and Powerplays

Who is Wezaemon, the New Power in Shangri-la Frontier?
Wezaemon | Image via Kodansha
  • Tachikaze is a lethal guard-breaking strike, said to last 1 frame (1/60 sec). Players must read its “tell” in advance, but it’s too short to spot on the first try.
  • Nyudo-Gumo after charging, unleashes a “cloud” hand that razes the area and kills on contact. The safest is above it or close to Wezaemon. With enough agility, you can outrun it.
  • Raisho rains five lethal lightning bolts per second for five seconds. These home in on players to some extent and can bunch together, wiping out a whole party at once.
  • Ohshike is a grabbing move for when Wezaemon loses his sword. The smash damage hits harder the more the target weights, so tanks and heavies take serious damage. The attack comes straight at the target, so dodging isn’t too tough. The move can also be parried. Wezaemon can also use it while wielding the sword.
Who is Wezaemon, the New Power in Shangri-la Frontier?
Wezaemon | Image via Kodansha
  • Kasairyu is used only when Wezaemon’s “Attack Focus” is targeted at three or more people. Planting his blade into the ground, he chooses an “Attack Focus” target at random and summons a pillar of flame from the ground where he stands. Dodging isn’t difficult, but it’s usually paired with Hai-Fubuki, and at worst can wipe out entire parties.
  • Hai-Fubuki is used in tandem with Kasairyu, the flame pillars are turned into a dark smoke high above, coating a 5-yard radius around the area where Kasairyu was cast in a choking fog. As a suffocation move, it’s far harder to take than being slashed down.
  • Tenki Yohou is a wide shockwave unleashed when entering Phase 3. Wezaemon is an “undead” type in Phase 3, thus a high-level purification item or magic can cancel it. It penetrates armor, so it kills instantly if it fully hits.
  • Seiten Taisei is a “Berserk Mode” triggered ten minutes into Phase 3. Unleashes a near-flurry of special moves for 30 seconds, which are picked at random. It can potentially leave Wezaemon open to attack if for example unleashes several Tachikaze strikes in a row. “Tensei” triggers after 30 seconds if he has his sword.
  • Tensei is a vertical slash with every effect you can think of – insta-death, armor-piercing, armor-breaking, magic-piercing, skill-piercing, no-evade, etc. If you are hit, you are dead. Those effects only apply to his sword’s blade, and if it doesn’t hit it’s no different form of a high-strength slash.


Who is Wezaemon, the New Power in Shangri-la Frontier?
Wezaemon | Image via Kodansha

While Wezaemon may not boast the earth-shattering might of other Colossi, his true strength lies in a far more insidious weapon: the shackles of circumstance. Stripped of their hard-earned levels and potent buffs, even the most seasoned adventurers become fledglings facing a seasoned predator. He may not crack continents with a single blow, but his arena transforms seasoned heroes into whimpering rookies.

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