What changes were made in the Attack on Titan’s anime ending?

What changes were made in the Attack on Titan's anime ending

Attack on Titan anime has ended with the release of the last three episodes put under the final edition of the show titled ‘Attack on Titan: The Final Chapters’. This marks a keystone moment in the 10-year-long history of the show, as it significantly had a very social duty to perform.

It became a notable event because fans were hoping that the final edition of the anime would redeem the manga’s end, and so it did. In this article, we will look at the changes that the Attack on Titan anime made in the finale, while also examining them at the same time.

Why was the Attack on Titan manga’s Chapter 139 harshly critiqued by fans and critics?

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 was primarily hated for the choice of narrative buildup and the eventual fallout. The finale of the manga had a lot of built-up tension, which the anime failed to overcome and release. The post-time skip story divided the readers into two sides – Eren and everyone else.

This duality constructed a lot of opinions and when the majority-induced justice was not delivered, they were left disappointed.

What changes were made in the Attack on Titan's anime ending
Eren and Armin. (Image credit goes to Studio MAPPA)
  • The finale of AoT manga did grant Eren freedom and the rest of the world a chance to live without Titans. It was filled with the greatest loss, but the loss of the antagonist was the greatest of them all.
  • Therefore, we can say that even though Eren caused the rumbling and the death of thousands, the fact that he was able to convince an entire fandom that his actions were necessary was in fact the greatest controversy according to me.

The manga was ruthless and reckless, justifying Eren’s actions as self-defense, and was at times fascist in nature. It promoted militarization and conflict as an end, and the necessary means to bring in peace was to promote a wipe out of entire civilization. The manga also promoted right-wing politics and hateful actions, making an entire fandom sympathize with a mass murderer.

What changes did the Attack on Titan anime make in the finale?

What changes were made in the Attack on Titan's anime ending
Mikasa reminisces about her childhood with Eren. (Image credit goes to Studio MAPPA)

Attack on Titan: The Final Chapters was highly faithful to the original script. However, minor changes were made to take it a long way forward. The Alliance stopped Eren by killing him as Mikasa beheaded him during their battle. Moreover, Eldia was wiped out in a future war, much like the manga’s narrative. However, small yet significant changes were made to subvert the actual tragedy of the manga, and the anime actually excelled at this.

  • In the Attack on Titan anime’s finale, we could see the survivors helping in post-Rumbling relief actions, Levi entertaining refugee children, Gabi and Falco planting trees, and Yelena helping Onyakopon deliver aid.
  • The manga only showed them as tourists after the time skip, however, the anime actually brought them together in the end. However, the biggest change that was made to the plot was the conversation between Eren and Armin in The Paths.
What changes were made in the Attack on Titan's anime ending
A scene from Attack on Titan: The Final Season. (Image credit goes to Studio MAPPA)

Eren called himself an idiot for opting for the path to genocide, while Armin called out his friend’s immaturity. Armin knew Eren was beyond forgiveness and redemption and this made him think about a lot of things. Finally, he chose to thank Eren for inspiring the Eldians to dream of a world beyond and promised to shoulder all bearings together with Eren.

Were the changes in the Attack on Titan anime ending helpful in improving the original ending?

Attack on Titan anime’s ending didn’t alter the storyline but it did alter the theme and the message that the ending propagated. Rather than opting for a nihilistic approach, the ending greatly helped domesticate the complexities and the problems by means of Eren admitting his monstrosity.

The anime redeemed the story by making Eren take responsibility for his actions and how his monstrosity was a factor in the eventual fallout of the world.

What changes were made in the Attack on Titan's anime ending
Mikasa encounters a bird during the ending of Attack on Titan’s last episode. (Image credit goes to Studio MAPPA)

The ending of the Attack on Titan anime finale greatly shaped the entire vision of the story. Mikasa’s undying love and Eren’s monstrous actions were put in the open and it helped the fans greatly sympathize with Mikasa in the end. Moreover, Armin’s appeal to Eren in the anime’s end gave the finale a meaningful subplot.


Attack on Titan anime’s finale redeemed the manga and even the most hateful fans were drawn towards it. The sympathetic appeal and the subversion of the controversy were great manipulative tools for making the story a suitable fit with the conclusion. The remarks and the changes were necessary to fulfill the mangaka’s vision and the anime greatly delivered this task in a very effortless manner.

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