What is the Eternal Slumber and Elixir of Life in Solo Leveling Episode 7?

Sung Jinwoo goes into the Demon King's Castle and fights Cerberus.

Solo Leveling anime episode 7 referred to the Elixir of Life, which is inherently linked with the Eternal Slumber. While the latter is a comatose condition, the former is the cure for it. Sung Jinwoo’s raid into Hell and his battle against Hell’s gatekeeper Cerberus takes center stage in the episode, while it also teases the Demon Castle arc of the story in the early stages of the anime.

In this article, we shall look at Solo Leveling episode 7 and how it mentions and refers to the Elixir of Life and the Eternal Slumber.

The Eternal Slumber is a sleep unto death

Sung Jinwoo and his mother as seen in Solo Leveling anime episode 7
Jinwoo and his mother in episode 7 of Solo Leveling anime. (Image credit goes to Studio A-1 Pictures)
  • The supernatural sleeping condition known as Eternal Slumber, or Eternal Sleep Disease in the anime, initially surfaced when humanity was made aware that Magic Beasts existed. Because the individuals who acquire this sickness are intolerant to mana, symptoms usually appear after prolonged exposure to a mana-radiating individual.
  • Before completely giving in to the effects of the illness and going into a coma, the sufferer will initially start to pass out against their will for a significantly longer period than usual.
  • This not only causes its victims to lose consciousness permanently, but it also rapidly depletes their life energy.

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The Elixir of Life in Solo Leveling is Destiny’s Dealbreaker

System notifies Jinwoo about Elixir of Life in Solo Leveling whose ingredients could be found in the Demon King's Castle
The “Elixir of Life” as mentioned by the System in Solo Leveling episode 7. (Image credit goes to Studio A-1 Pictures)
  • The Elixir of Life in Solo Leveling is a supernatural potion that can cure any sickness when ingested. It is therefore the only known treatment for Eternal Sleep Disease. As Jinwoo sets off on his mission to save his mother, it ends up being his salvation.
  • Unfortunately, Solo Leveling Season 1 will only give us a glimpse and a rough idea of this magical potion and will not be featuring Jinwoo’s acquisition of the potion this early in the series.
  • While we will refrain from spoiler territory and will not delve into the details, complexities, and constitution of the story apart from the anime, readers must know that we usually address such updates and theories without major spoilers in our newsletter regularly.

How can Sung Jin-woo acquire the magical elixir in Solo Leveling anime?

Jinwoo as seen in Solo Leveling episode 7
A scene from Solo Leveling anime episode 7. (Image credit goes to Studio A-1 Pictures)

Sung Jinwoo engaged himself in a desperate battle against the Gatekeeper of Hell, Cerberus in Solo Leveling Episode 7. Defying odds and fate, Jinwoo somehow managed to escape the clutches of death. However, many other sub-plots now threaten Jinwoo’s life. On one hand, he is in a state of conflict and is constantly questioning the changes in his life.

Moreover, he attempts to find a cure for his family’s condition and even goes on to think about considering a thirty billion offer from Yoo Jinhoo. On the other hand, he is targeted by the Hunter’s Association and Dongsoo, the former for the sake of intrigue and investigation while the latter for revenge and retribution. Also, this may interest you: Will Thomas Andre Appear by the end of Season 1 of Solo Leveling Anime?

Jinwoo is the rebel who must live

Solo Leveling anime episode 7 - Jinwoo tries to obtain the ingredients for the Elixir of Life
Jinwoo decides to go to the S-Rank Dungeon. (Image credit goes to Studio A-1 Pictures)

In all of this chaos, Sung Jinwoo must find a way to escape from these clutches, acquire the Elixir of Life, and defeat the boss at the Demon Castle. Upon defeating Cerberus, Jinwoo is rewarded with a cryptic document that contains the recipe for the elixir, but he must enter the Demon Castle and defeat the boss within to acquire the three secret ingredients that make up the potion. While this is a fairly direct mission and a straightforward solution to his problems, Jinwoo understands and acknowledges his limitations and chooses to retreat for now promising to return in the future.


While discussions surrounding the elixir could’ve been done more extensively, we do not intend to ruin the suspense for the anime fans. There are changes that the Solo Leveling anime has adapted and it deviates from the originality of the manhwa.

Therefore, without the ability to predict what would happen in the future and how certain theories would unfold otherwise, we must refrain from erasing the line between the anime and the manhwa. Lastly, now that the anime has already hinted at the Demon Castle arc, get ready for your favorite hunter to level up like crazy in the upcoming storyline!

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