What is Helck anime all about?

The Helck anime, which is based on the well-known Japanese manga series created by Nanao Nanaki

The Helck anime, which is based on the well-known Japanese manga series created by Nanao Nanaki, has drawn attention from fans all over the world. This enthralling show debuted on 12 July 2023. Under the expert leadership of Tatsuo Sato, Satellite Studios brings the Helck anime adaptation to life. The plot centers on the exploits of Helck, a formidable warrior who sneaks inside the Demon King’s castle by pretending to be a person. Helck’s true identity and objectives are revealed as the tale develops, which causes unforeseen turns.

The anime adaptation has received quite a good response from the fandom after its release. Helck anime has a rating of 7.1 in MAL and 7.3 on IMDb. Let’s take a closer look at what the anime is about!

What is the story of Helck manga?

N-Nanaki, a female mangaka specializing in Shounen fantasy tales, wrote and illustrated the Helck manga. Her pen name is Nanaki Nanao. Between 2014 and 2017, Helck was serialized in 12 volumes in the Japanese magazine Ura Sunday.

  • Sadly, the original manga by Helck was not licensed for US release, but the anime is undoubtedly one opportunity to reinvigorate interest in it for localization.
  • Viz Media announced in June 2022 that the series would be available in English. In July 2023, Shogakukan Asia declared they would publish the series in South East Asia.
The Helck anime, which is based on the well-known Japanese manga series created by Nanao Nanaki
Helck anime. (Image credit goes to IMDb)

The Helck manga is unique, inspiring, and a terrific read mixing comedy and drama in a particularly well-built fantasy universe. It has a somewhat unusual premise and an odd pair of heroes. Helck is set in a fantasy world in which the Demon King has been defeated and the Demon World is staging a tournament to determine a successor.

Helck, our hulking hero, enters the fray and declares his desire to wipe out the human race despite the fact that he himself is a human. Likewise, Red Vamirio, our second protagonist, is always keeping an eye on Helck. She is one of the Four Heavenly Kings and believes Helck can’t really be looking to aid the demon species and must have some ulterior intentions.

Helck manga has finally received an anime adaptation

The recent wave of perplexing manga adaptations includes Helck as another example. The manga concluded in 2017 after 12 volumes, despite not appearing to be particularly popular. On February 14 JST, just after midnight, Nanaki Nanao made the announcement about Helck’s anime adaptation through Twitter. Following this announcement, the first episode of Helck anime aired in Japan on 12th July 2023.

The Helck anime, which is based on the well-known Japanese manga series created by Nanao Nanaki
Azudora in Helck.(Image credit goes to IMDb)
  • The Helck anime’s plot majorly sticks to the source material and it shows a universe in which a human hero has defeated the Demon Lord.
  • The demon world organizes a competition to choose the upcoming Demon Lord amid celebrations of their victory.
  • In the midst of this fierce rivalry, Helck, a human hero harboring hatred for his own kind, starts to rise through the ranks. Vermilio the Red, one of the Four Elite Lords watching this tough event, has concerns about his progress.

The Helck anime delves into the events in the human realm and introduces intriguing winged soldiers who threaten the demon realm in order to examine the reasons behind Helck’s decision to compete in the tournament. The Helck anime, with its intriguing tale and intricately de­veloped characters, ensures an immersive and exhilarating viewing experience.

Where to watch the Helck anime?

For Japanese fans, “Helck” was streamed on NTV and other television networks in addition to streaming sites. This broadcast allowed anifans in Japan to watch the series as it aired, creating a shared viewing experience and increasing interest in the local anime community.

The Helck anime, which is based on the well-known Japanese manga series created by Nanao Nanaki
A scene from the Helck anime. (Image credit goes to IMDb)

“Helck” is now available for streaming on services such as Crunchyroll, allowing fans all around the world to see the anime adaptation of the series. The availability of Helck anime on various streaming platforms has boosted its reach and appeal by making it more accessible to a bigger audience.


Manga and anime fans alike have developed a sizable fan base for the Helck anime. The Helck anime guarantees an exciting and engaging viewing experience with its riveting storyline, well-crafted characters, and talented production team. Fans may look forward to seeing the Helck anime on popular streaming services such as HIDIVE and Crunchyroll. All in all, the Helck anime is worth a watch, as it features a compelling plot replete with intrigue, thrilling combat, and interesting characters.

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